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Diego Мarivaldi

Tomb Guide

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Tomb becomes available after you complete story quest on 55 lvl. You may find the tomb in the Fierce Boss window, to open it you need to click on the Fierce Boss icon at the top right corner of the screen
In the Fierce Boss window, you need to select Tomb tab. Then you will find the following information.
  • Area list Access to the next areas open as you level up. Please note that there is a special scroller that allows you to see all available locations.
  • Options Here you may set up the notifications about certain bosses spawn:
Please note that there are several tabs in the settings window that allows you to select the comfortable settings for you
  • Floor Bosses In this window you will find information about active Bosses on the current Floot if the certain boss is death you will see the timer showing the time until its resurrect
  • Tomb description A Hero may attack the Boss [Tomb] by himself or with a party. The Boss [Tomb] belongs to the player who strikes that boss first, that status is indicated by temporary title “Boss Terror”. If the Boss Terror leaves the Boss area or dies in battle the Boss Terror title goes to the player that attacked it after the dead Boss Slayer. If a player kills Boss Terror the title goes to the Boss Terror killer. When the Boss dies all players in his area receive different rewards. To obtaining the reward you need to spend some Boss [Tomb] coupons. After the Boss death, the player that haven’t participated in the fight doesn't lose coupons. Players that don’t have coupons can’t make harm to Boss and take the rewards.
  • Boss coupon [Tomb] The game automatically count the number of coupons you need to spend. There are several ways to obtain Tomb Boss coupons: - 80 coupons for daily entrance in the game
By clicking on “+” the purchase window will appear where you can buy 20 additional coupons for 50 diamonds. You can buy 120 extra coupons daily.
  • Trophies.
By pointing on item with mouse cursor you will see its description. By killing Bosses you may get random equipment, random totem stones and gold with focus potions, card piece [Tomb] and some other rewards. Level of equipment, totem gems and other rewards depending on tomb level
  • Combat
This button sends your character directly to the Tomb After you’ve entered the tomb you can start a Boss fight for gold and glory
There are several information windows and functional buttons:
  • Boss with the HP bar
  • Boss Horror - character that will receive trophies after the Boss fall
  • The circle of light around the Boss is a Boss Area
  • Boss Refresh window shows active bosses and time for certain bosses to revise. If you will click on the kill button the here will automatically find the boss you need and enter the fight
  • Current Floor shows the following information:
    1. Possible loot
    2. Number of coupons available
    3. Number of coupons needed to deal damage to the Boss, Please note that the number of coupons needed depends on tomb level
  • By using the party button you may recruit other players to play with. Don’t forget when the Boss dies all party members in Boss aura get a reward
  • To exit the Tomb just click the Exit button
This guide was created on educational purposes and may change with future updates

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I'd just like to add this about the tombs also. 

You will find as you progress through the game, that certain sets will help boost your BP. One of these are your totems. You will start to collect totem stones from tomb drops (available from level 55+) the first set are green, try to complete full sets before moving on to higher levels and save yourself from having to go back at a later date. 

Each item of gear that you have has 3 stars to complete. (in the circled image) When you have all 3 stars on all your gear you will receive a further BP boost before moving on to the next level. So first green, then blue, purple, orange and red. 

The higher level you become the bigger the BP boost. 

Different floors offer different level totem stones,so make sure you are on the right floors for the totem stones you need. 

You will find your totems in Equipment (Hotkey K)


Good luck and enjoy the Tombs. 




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