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  1. In Game Notifications

    I am aware not all players like the in game pop up prompts, there are ways you can shut off the prompts in certain bosses as well as the Gifts of Odin prompts. Lets start with that one. unlike the bosses there is nothing in game such as settings that can change this, however if you do the following you will stop these pop ups. So when you see this notification on your screen open up your bag (Hotkey B) From your bag open storage, the star (circled) drag and drop into your storage, it really is as simple as that, once in storage you will see no other prompts until the next time you acquire stars and then simply repeat this. Next are the pop ups you get for the various bosses in game such as Equipment, Absolute etc.. For these the Game does provide you with a way to turn of these notifications. Open Fierce Boss and you will notice a little cog icon up beside the Boss levels, click the Cog and a tab will open up, work your way through them ticking the boxes which when done will stop the notifications. Please note this does not work for World boss, Elite or Chaos. I hope this helps and as always any questions feel free to message me. Enjoy the game folks ... Gretta
  2. turn of the pop ups for gifts of odin

    To stop the pop ups for the gifts of Odin, store the stars in your storage when you get them and the pop ups will stop, also for monsters you can go into your game settings and mark them up to stop them from showing too. Let me know if you need screen shots on how to do this.
  3. Facebook page Events

    For any of you who visit us on the forums and are not already aware, come check out the Rise of Angels Facebook page, there are some awesome weekend events to take part in for some awesome gifts and prizes, as well as keeping up to date with announcements, and of course see some of your in game friends. Come find us https://www.facebook.com/CreaRoAeng/
  4. Time Needs To Be Changed

    Hey lovely, sorry for the delay in answering, what I tend to do and others also is to do the three ranking bosses (safe zone) and then on to the main big boss in PvP. it is the same timing on all servers, so it up to the player to make a choice. This is me just speaking of my experience i'm from an early server (S6) and this tends to be what happens, it's rare for the game devs to ever come on here, so it is only myself and Thomas here as mods, but we are both players to. Sorry I can not be any more help than that.
  5. Bos savaşları

    hello Player. I'm not sure if you speak or understand English, but this is the English speaking Forum, you need to find one in your language or use english here.
  6. Moderation - from Player to staff

    Hello Lovely.. the support/ tech team are aware of the problem and are taking steps to fix it. Thanks for letting us know.
  7. These Forums and what can be done.

    I have broached this in the past, asking players for various input about what they like best in game as well as what the game could add to keep players interested.. I do some may rply on this thread.
  8. King's Treasurers

    It's an odd situation, I lead in Gods Armor Celestial I'm number 1. It shows me in the 310 gear but I still need 3 310 pieces so I don't have the set, yet it shows me wearing it, now unfortunately, it's us mods who are on here the most, and we are just regular players so are limited to what we can tell other players as we just don't have that info, The main game staff don't seem to come here very often. All I can suggest really is if you are on FB. ( I think you are?) send them a message on the game page and maybe they will answer you directly.
  9. S47 MySQL error

    Hey lovely, sorry you are having such problems... have you also cleared your browser history and cleared cache?
  10. Reading Forums

    I'm interested to see who reads the forums and why? Are you willing to say how you enjoy the game? what are your favourite parts/ events?
  11. King's Treasurers

    You can use the point trade to buy low level equipment that you can then reforge. Point trade is directly under the gems.
  12. Sudden Damage Immunity in Star Seal?

    same server as me lol
  13. I was wondering if we are going to get something to use our bound diamonds on? All my stuff is at level 10 apart from Arsenal and Soul and they don't use them. So really for me its only Goddess worship that uses them, and that's only 270 each day. I have 568415084 gold with nothing to spend it on Also arena points are at 324960 So really guys we need something to spend them on in the various shops, more resources and less restrictions ... as being only allowed say 2 items to buy is nowhere near enough.... what say you guys!
  14. Sudden Damage Immunity in Star Seal?

    I'm not sure what to say lovely, I have very rarely been able to get to Star Seal simply because it's on in the middle of the night here.. So unless someone else has experienced this or can offer you an explanation i'm at a loss too.
  15. Labyrinth Part 1.

    I've not had this issue on mine, so try the usual first, clear browsing history and cache, after that if the problem persists contact the support staff so tech team can look into it, any screen shots if you can get them will be of help.