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Arsenal and Temple of Light.

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You can now also level up your Arsenal and add skills to help boost character Stats. You can gain these through Temple of Light.



1: You will find Temple of Light in your Personal Dungeon.

2: I have completed Temple of Light but if your first time in it will say challenge, after that you will be able to blitz it up to a certain point each day and then you can enter to carry on challenging the waves of monsters.

3: There are 100 waves of monsters in Temple of Light, every 5 waves you complete you will receive an extra reward.

4: This will list the ranking showing how far you have completed in levels.

The rewards for Temple of Light are shown at the bottom.




1: Once you have finished in Temple of Light open the chests containing the arsenal crystals.

2:This shows you how many Arsenal Crystals you have.

3: Click on auto to use the crystals this will help you level up Arsenal.

4: Shows the skills you have in place.




1: These slots show you which skills you have on at present, you can change them for other skills once you have collected the ones you wish to use.

2: Shows you the skills you have collected, these can also be seen in your bag.


As always any question please feel free to message me,  and enjoy the game! 

Gretta S6. 

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