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  1. Server Merge

    Im on S6. Merging S1- S8 isnt so bad? LOL. Try getting Tombs done. Try getting Upgrade done. Unless you happen to be up very late at night, or early in the morning. Forget about Events on S6. Forget about Star Seal. Forget about Expansion. And even though I won Turf War against 3 other clans... it gave me nothing. Forget about doing anything Cross Server that other people can take part in. Its and unbalanced cluster frag. And the game said they cant change it back. So this hot mess of a game is here to stay. So isnt so bad? Hah.
  2. Server Merge

    Yeah, and the games reply was... it was a decision that cant be undone. Basically. So the merge is here to stay. I feel bad for all people that are say lvl 1-200. I think they will find it hard to progress with all of us lvl 320s ( myself included in that lot ) ... running around. But others think different. We shall see.
  3. silly merge

    Its not fair. Especially to new players. Ive been playing for a year + ... . at level 320 ... im having trouble in Events. Went from having 2 clans on S6 .... to 21 clans. I get the reason for a merge, but what they did is unbalance the game. People are gonna stop playing.
  4. Server Merge

    So S6 .... now has 21.................... Clans. Did you merge all the active and semi-active servers into one? Forget about Cross Server. Forget about most dungeons in fact. The game has just been utterly unbalanced.
  5. Server Merge

    So check the News part of the website for this game, they are going to bite the bullet and merge servers. But who knows how many they will merge together. 2? 4? 10? Thats the only thing i want to know.
  6. Lvl 310 Synthesis

    Everybody. Doesnt really do much good, other than to chat about it here, to bring up game issues on the form. Best thing to do is submit a ticket. They said they are aware of the problem, but cant give a time frame in which it will be fixed. But they said... soon lol
  7. Great Update. Not.

    Wonderful update. I was expecting this. But not that they would hose it up so bad. There isnt half of the content the update was supposed to come with. Plus, many people have lost BP in that update. I went from almost 49,000,000 ... down to 44,000,000. Its a drop of at least 5 million BP. Over on the facebook page for Rise of Angels people are reporting the same issue. Better some amazing compensation for this royal screw up.
  8. Reading Forums

    I read the forums. And as for why. Depends on what has been posted really. I've been enjoying the game less lately, with all the silly loading screens that are aimed at 15yr old boys, in regards to the boobs. Then there are the events that seem like a quick $$$ grab. Especially the Recharge Ranking button that appears now and then. Which requires that you spend a stupid amount of money on the game.
  9. King's Treasurers

    Id like to know why i have to click on the Participate button at least 10 times to get one item. I sent a ticket to the game, and as usually they werent helpful at all.
  10. Is this really necessary? An add reminding people to, dont forget to buy this... to get this item..... in the games, actual.... chat. Usually seen mostly in World Chat. Id -never- buy anything based on no more than an annoyingly placed prompt to do so. Quit it. I had just said months ago that this game wasnt money hungry like the rest. Is that the case anymore? Its swiftly becoming about the $$.
  11. Lost BP?

    This was before the update, and its happened before as well. But, and i know you love this statement " fixed itself on its own " ... fairly quick. without a re-log in, just when i was doing stuff in game. Update was on the 9th, i think.. and my issue was on the 5th. So.
  12. Arsenal and Temple of Light.

    Yeah, didnt get that dungeon reward. Its not in my inventory or mail. Another 'error' ... that came along with the most recent update?
  13. Lost BP?

    Well thanks for game-splaining.
  14. Lost BP?

    Yep. xD. It happened to me again this morning, but it fixed itself after a bit.
  15. Flame Elementals

    .....its not always 'cashers' that have good items. often its the people who have been playing the longest. and 'cashers' as many have dubbed them keep the game here. no money spent and the game goes away.