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S18 Bugged

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 so 2am sunday morning EST the game glitched because of daylight savings time. most events would not work and the one you could get into, world boss, spawned and died every 2 seconds for the 10 or 15 minutes that it runs for. resulting in all palyers present to get completion awards each time the boss died. In case you are wondering, that is a ton of prizes, bags full and email full to 13 pages. if you left cleared all out and got back you get the same... Then the best was later on i was told that people got 50 thousand zirconias. yes 50,000.. there are people on the new server with level 7 and level 6 mounts wings relics fairies and such on 1 character.. a bunch of people have this not to mention high level gems... You guys need to roll back the server to Saturday before midnight or I would like my money back.... thanks

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