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  1. Arsenal skills

    no Thomas they do not stack up I tried they just replace each other would be nice if they did or they allowed us to synth the hundreds that we have received doing temple of light LOL
  2. king's treasure

    when this happens just refresh your page it bugs out every so often happens to me quite often refreshing helps
  3. Lvl 310 Synthesis

    yep getting it here
  4. King's Treasurers

    what is seriously annoying about this king's treasure don't get me wrong I love it but when are we going to get god's armor opened up I have so much 310 gear I can activate my 310 gear but can't because we don't have it ;( can't synth the materials I have from reforging so much 310 gear Bag space is precious atm as you all know
  5. Elemental Weapon "Water crystals"

    and still not fixed big surprise NOT all ppl struggling to get the 1 boss in cs that still drops it 1 boss between 3 servers and everyone stuck on 210 you guys really didn't plan ahead or this would never have happened this game is doomed
  6. put a stop to people quitting in Duel

    tbh a way to stop this entirely is to punish the ppl who quit or let the person that they quit on have an automatic win they aren't the ones quitting why should they be punished
  7. Complaint section

    sick of all these bugs now new event started the first hour the whole thing resets because the game clock has yet to be fixed yet we were told it was. second ppl are doing these tasks and not getting their clovers come on enough is enough this clock mess up started sunday it is now Friday morning and it has yet to have been fixed amazed tbh if star seal has been fixed as it has been broken all week long. Fix your stuff I have seen simpler games that fixed their games faster than you guys have this is a shame,
  8. Complaint section

    I am with Fam3rey in this i know for a fact that many ppl have complained to you guys and sent screenshots videos of our bullies we have 4 of them and all we get from you guys is general replies it is a pvp area bs let me tell you searching someone for 4 minutes to kill them over and over again when they aren't attacking back isn't pvping it is just pure rage and harrassment these ppl steal bosses everytime they can made multiple alts to take into icy abode and now turf war, and what do we get from you guys a big NOTHING. Hope you guys like a dead game because this lack of action is going to cause all these servers to die and what will you be left with the bullies you wouldn't stop...almost forgot about the day 1 person accidently attacked them in escort so what did they decide to do kill everyone doing escort the whole day. ruby server 9
  9. S18 Bugged

    they aren't working on any server
  10. artifact problem

    email them I have the same error when trying to send the report and have to send them emails support@creagames.com
  11. elite boss bugged

    world boss is bugged also
  12. I agree Fam3rey we are having the same issue on server 9 with 4 ppl, we have had ppl sent several complaints photos, videos and things they have done and been completely ignored.. and we are also loosing ppl because of this. It is like they don't care if ppl leave and I would think being a game that wants to make money the last thing you would want to do is loose players esp cashers and I know for a fact you have lost cashers on server 9 and are about to loose alot more if you don't put an end to this... OMG I hope to goodness that he called the cops on Brenna that is really bad. Stop making the game harder for us make them pay for what they are doing it is them destroying the game not us good ppl.... Heck because of your changes i have ppl in my clan that can't even finish their gear sets have 1 person that has 2 gear sets he can't complete because the weapons he needs just won't drop or synth at the 5 stars and he wasn't getting enough weapons half the time to synth
  13. Elemental Weapon "Water crystals"

    still haven't seen one as of yet and yet you said nothing changed then something is wrong
  14. put a stop to people quitting in Duel

    you loose the ability to receive glory points so might as well just take points away from us because this does happen we loose the ability to get them when these ppl bail on us so yeah it still hurts us to have ppl quit dual
  15. put a stop to people quitting in Duel

    server 9 these 3 ppl are the server bullies who prey on the weak and team up with 1 other to take down the strongest players usually 4 on 1 person