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  1. 310 set?

    Hello! This armor will be added in future updates. Follow our news and you won't miss it
  2. More recharge options needed

    Hello! Unfortunately, we don't have many recharge options in the moment, but it's possible that new ones will be added in the future.
  3. Sacred City isnt working?

    Hello! We are aware of the problems with Sacred City event. Our specialists and the developers are doing their best to solve this problem as soon as possible.
  4. Spirit of Luck

    Spirit of Luck event appears at 83 lvl of your character. It grants a lot of spirit points to improve artifact talents. You can choose the roulette’s mode: Common, Special and Premium. (1) Simple takes 1 roulette point to give you 1 - 80 spirit points Special takes 3 roulette points to give you 2-320 spirit points Premium takes 10 roulette points to give you 4 - 1200 spirit points In the right part of the window you can see all combos and the amount of points they give. (2) Every day you receive 50 pts to spin the roulette. You can purchase additional roulette points by clicking “+” button. 10 pts cost 50 diamonds. (3) Depending on the number of roulette points spent on spinning the roulette, you can get an additional reward (4): 50 pts - 50 spirit points 80 pts - 100 spirit points 100 pts - 150 spirit points 150 pts - 200 spirit points 200 pts - 300 spirit points Use ‘Start’ button to spin the roulette once. ‘Auto start’ button will spin the roulette until your roulette points are over. You can skip the animation by checking the Skip box (5). When your roulette points are over you can go to the Talents window by clicking on the appropriate button (6). This guide was created on educational purposes and may change with future updates. Best wishes, RoA Team
  5. new server

    Hello! Maybe in the future your server will be merged, but it won't happen in a week for sure.
  6. More Things to do.

    Hello! New server launches today at 11 am (EST).
  7. More Things to do.

    Hello! Today the game was updated and some new features were added. You can find more information in our news https://www.creagames.com/en/news/
  8. Elemental Weapon "Water crystals"

    Thank you for the information! We will ask the devs to check this issue.
  9. game bug

    Hello! Please contact the technical support service here https://www.creagames.com/en/support/11 or send a direct email to this address - support@creagames.com
  10. Where is this game going?

    Hello! Of course, we want to make the game more comfortable and interesting for the players. We gather and process your suggestions , but the final decision is made by the developers. And making changes, unfortunately, is quite a long process. But we will do our best to make the game better and we are grateful that you share your opinion with us, it helps a lot.
  11. Star Seal is still Bugged

    Hello! We are aware of this issue and do our best to solve the problem as soon as possible. Sorry for the inconvenience.
  12. S18 Bugged

    Hello! Our specialists are working to solve the problem. Sorry for the inconvenience.
  13. elite boss bugged

    Hello! Our specialists are working to solve the problem. Sorry for the inconvenience.
  14. Arsenal skills

    Hello! You can get them from special events.
  15. Elemental Weapon "Water crystals"

    Developers are working to solve the problem.