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  1. ETA on the server issues???

    is the game down
  2. Star Seal is still Bugged

    I couldn't get in to Star Seal yesterday can you do something about this please
  3. S18 Bugged

    still cant get into Star Seal
  4. elite boss bugged

    the whole game is bugged
  5. so I see the game devs don't care what there players do so ill have a talk with my lawyers about getting my money back from the game owners
  6. well it seems people just don't get it have fun in your game cause of bullies I just quit
  7. put a stop to people quitting in Duel

    yeah that gets very annoying
  8. server merge

    just wanted to know when its going to happen
  9. they should make to were you still get your drops for the boss you worked on no matter who kills you first hit on the boss gets the drops only