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Mount Guide

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You will get your first Mount as soon as your character riches lvl 10.


Mount functional is available at lvl 20.

To increase your Mount’s star level and rank you need Mount Crystals. The amount of crystals needed depends on the rank.
Press Increase button to use one stone or you can press Auto button to increase the experience automatically until you rank up your mount or until you run out of crystals.


Mount Crystals are available:

  • In the Personal Dungeon (Progress challenge tab - Dungeon (Mount))
  • In the Game Shop (Diamonds, Zirconia and Arena tabs)
  • In the Profit Hall (Sign-ins tab, first day)
  • In quests and everyday activities.

Each rank gives your mount a new style. To look through all styles click on the Style icon.


When you mount reaches 3rd rank, you can increase its Attack, Defence and Health using Mount Enhancement Potion. You can get it in Personal Dungeon [Mount]. Mount Enhancement Potion gives 0,5% bonus to your Mount’s stats.


Mount has 4 passive skills:

  1. Health (2 rank)
  2. Defence (4 rank)
  3. Attack (7 rank)
  4. Mount bonus (8 rank)

To improve the skills you need Mount Skill Books. You can get them in Daily events and Dungeon.

When your Mount reaches 5 rank a new active skill Beast’s Fury opens.

Also you can improve your Mount with Equipment. You can find it in World Boss. To install it you need to reach a certain rank, designated in the Equipment’s description.

Mount Emblem can also be found in World Boss. It can be upgraded using Mount Emblem Books. These books can be received in Daily events.

Best wishes, RoA Team

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Players may wonder just as I did is Mount 10 the final level? After scrolling through to see which one is next. Well unless the devs decide to change this in the future then yes 10 is the highest level, but it does not end there. Once you have accomplished level 10 Mount, you will then see you can Enchant your mounts statistics. You will still need your Mount crystals available from:

1. Store purchase

2. Dungeon (progress) Mount

3. Dungeon (story) 

Each of the circles are a statistic to help improve your mount eg: Attack,  Defense, HP, dodge etc... 

The enchantment increases in 'floors' so when one is complete you move on to the next one. 


So your mount will always be gaining you extra statistics and BP. 


Good luck and enjoy the game! 




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