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  1. Arsenal skills

    Tom, Thank you and I will just have to try this, did not know you can socket more than 1 of the same skill.
  2. Arsenal skills

    Hello Gretta and all, I was just needing to know, "how do I upgrade the skills from level I to level II and so forth because I have one socket blinking needing me to put a skill in it". Everything I have in my bag I already have socketed in my skill list. Thank You Arian / Jim
  3. Lvl 310 Synthesis

    That's what I kinda figured. Thank You Ruby S(9) and player199031..
  4. Lvl 310 Synthesis

    I was just wondering if and how many others are getting a "Build Configuration Error" when trying to synthesize Lvl 310 Gear and if this is just a game wide glitch / bug ??
  5. Game Tabs

    Thomas, I tried all the resolution changes and still ended up with the same thing. Thank You
  6. Game Tabs

    i have refreshed the page numerous times, cleared out the cache a couple times and even rebooted my system 2 times, all to no avail, the bottom tabs still remain unmovable on the bottom right of page.
  7. Game Tabs

    Sorry again, I just came to realize that it is only the tabs on the bottom (above the skills) and not the top tabs that are showing up on the bottom right.
  8. Game Tabs

  9. Game Tabs

    Sorry, forgot to include screenshot. I cannot move the opened tab or anything.
  10. Game Tabs

    Hello All, I hope you all are having a good gaming day. I was just wondering if your game is acting weird?? On my game from time to time, every tab ( goddess, hall of war, dwarven treasure, celestial altar, dungeons, it doesn't matter which one ) I open, it opens in the bottom right of my screen to where I cannot utilize it to access anything.
  11. Title(s)

    Hello All, I have a question / problem that has been pissing me off for quite a while... My Character is Arian on Server S2 - Lamben, currently level 320 with 14.7 million BP and my issue is with Character Title(s), I know once you clear a stage boss and you get a Title, BUT, the problem I have is I just got my Level 4 Marshall Title and I cannot equip it or any other Title because it keeps showing 3 - Level 5 Commander Titles, and yes even if I "remove" all of them and try to equip my Level 4 Marshall Title, it will change back to Level 5 Commander. Has anyone else had or having this issue ??
  12. XP Sphere

    So, are you saying that when we can, to deposit XP into the sphere do it and say you deposited XP 10 times into the sphere, that when we withdraw the XP we can withdraw everything (the total of all 10 XP deposits) ?? Arian
  13. Artifact Seals

    Thomas, I take back my previous response because I was able to absorb the seals in my bag into the other seals in my bag and I went from a completely full bag to a bag with 1 seal in it. Thank You Again Arian
  14. Artifact Seals

    Thomas, Thank You for trying to assist me, BUT, I just tried using the steps you provided and all that happened was my "Fury 8 star" was replaced by a "Fury 3 star" and the 8 star was put in my bag. I then looked at the XP levels on each of my Seals and saw that all of them are at Max Level. Any other suggestions?? Arian
  15. XP Sphere

    I am level 320 (Arian) with max XP and I just tried using one and it said "Max Player Level", what does this mean ???