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In Game Notifications

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I am aware not all players like the in game pop up prompts, there are ways you can shut off the prompts in certain bosses as well as the Gifts of Odin prompts.

Lets start with that one. unlike the bosses there is nothing in game such as settings that can change this, however if you do the following you will stop these pop ups.


So when you see this notification on your screen open up your bag (Hotkey B)


From your bag open storage, the star (circled) drag and drop into your storage, it really is as simple as that, once in storage you will see no other prompts until the next time you acquire stars and then simply repeat this. 


Next are the pop ups you get for the various bosses in game such as Equipment, Absolute etc.. For these the Game does provide you with a way to turn of these notifications.

Open Fierce Boss and you will notice a little cog icon up beside the Boss levels, click the Cog and a tab will open up, work your way through them ticking the boxes which when done will stop the notifications. Please note this does not work for World boss, Elite or Chaos. 



I hope this helps and as always any questions feel free to message me.


Enjoy the game folks ... Gretta :D

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