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Labyrinth Part 2: Using your rewards.

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Open Gift of the Gods and Gift of Odin.






  1. Magic Crystals, these can massively boost your BP, these Crystals are gained each 5 waves in the Labyrinth as a part of the mystery chest choice.
  2. The game will guide you to place them into their sockets, or as replacements for previous ones, it will automatically change to each piece of Odins armor
  3. Highlighted is the crystal that can be replaced. 





You will also receive Processing stones and Processing seals, this is how you use them.


  1. In Gifts of Odin open the 2nd Upgrade tab.
  2. Highlighted is the Odins armor I have chosen to upgrade.
  3. Next chose the crystal you wish to upgrade.
  4. Will show you how many Processing Stones you have in total and how many of them are needed to upgrade the crystals stats.
  5. This shows how many Processing seals you have.
  6. When you click on Upgrade it will show you the new stats (Circled) if they are red you would lose that amount of BP and stats already collected on the crystal.
  7. When you have a stat showing in green, click the save button and it will update the stat for that crystal.


You can continue this process over each crystal in every piece of your Odins Armor.


  Game hint: If you do not wish to take the chance of increasing your gear if you do not have security stones, simply place your stars in storage and you will not receive the notification on your screen every 10 minutes.



As always enjoy the game and feel free to message me if you need help with anything. 

Gretta (S6)

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