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Gifts of Odin - Part Two

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Part 2:

1.This will cover the Tabs found under Gifts of the Gods.

2.Gifts of Odin.






This shows your character The Odins gear you are currently wearing as well as the stats it gives you and BP.



Level Up:

1.You will see a red exclamation point if there is anything that needs levelling up to the next level set.

2.Shows which piece of gear can be levelled.

3.Confirms the item which you have selected to be upgraded providing you have the correct Blueprint.

4.This is the amount of BP gained from levelling up.

5.This shows the correct Blueprint needed for the next level.





1: Shows by red exclamation point if you have anything that can be increased.

2.Select the item that can be increased.

3.Once selected it will also show in the central section and above you will see the percentage (%) success chance.

4.You will need star that you collect from the Boss reward chests.

5.This will show the BP increase you will gain.




1.I currently have none I can upgrade but again I would have a red exclamation point it any were able to be upgraded.

2.Highlights the piece to be upgraded.

3.Shows the upgrade, in this case it would be from Basic to Great. (green to Blue)

4.Upgrade stone (weapon) I is needed for this upgrade. Upgrade stones are available from special events. (will be made available at a future event)

5.Shows the increase you will gain in BP.






1.Your first set will be level 90 Odins gear. To activate the set and each piece you will need to collect Exchange shards as mentioned in Reforge.

2.Shows the level where upgrade material is available. (shown level 90)

3.The level 90 set are activated by stones, it will show as available when you have enough Blueprint Shards.



Level 110 Onwards:

1.Same tab in Exchange, showing level 110

2.Highlighted level.

3.Shows price in Blueprint Shards needed to buy that item.

4.Available Blueprint Shards are listed here.



I hope this helps, as always I am never far away, feel free to message me, and in the meantime...

Enjoy the Game. 


Gretta S6.

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