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Palace is where you can use gold to level up your constellations to increase your statistics this will be Attack, Defence, Health points (HP), Accuracy, Dodge, Crit and Resistance.

You will find the Palace icon on the top right of your screen.





1.Choose which stat you would like to upgrade.

2.The points on the constellation will be highlighted and that's where the increase will begin.

3.Hit the 'Light All' button and it will automatically upgrade all the available points on the chosen constellation.

4.Expenses will tell you how much each individual point on the constellation will cost you in gold.

5.Constellations are also dependent on your level, you will only be able to light them up when you level is high enough to do so.  ( I am level 279 and I need to be level 284 before I can light any more points on this constellation)

6.Will show you what statistics you have built up over time, just above that will show the total BP of the combined Palace as a whole.

7.If the constellations failed to light you can claim some gold back from the Astral. This will light up when you are able to get gold back.


Constellations are a significant amount of BP to your character, it will seem to use a lot of gold in the beginning, but it is worth the cost to increase statistics in the game. Over time you will find as shown here that you will catch it up and then have to wait as you level up in the game, freeing up gold to concentrate on other things such as your Artifact Seals. 


As always I'm never far away, shoot me a message if you need help with anything. 

Enjoy the game! 

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