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Dwarven Treasury

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Dwarven Treasury event is available at 56 lvl of your character.


Everyday you have 10 free moves. You can use '10 moves forward' button to do it at once. Free attempts reset every night at midnight.

Each additional attempt costs 20 Diamonds. If you press '10 moves forward' you will spend the same amount of Diamonds as for 10 attempts.


The number which you get in the roulette is the number of cells your wagon will pass. Hero receives his reward according to the cell, where his wagon stopped. The cell may contain Gold Bars, Garnets and Dwarven Treasures, which gives you one of the following prizes:

  • Escort coupon x1
  • Zirconia x50
  • Enhancement Potion Set x1
  • Progress Crystal Gift x1
  • Progress Book Gift x1

Moving forward you come up the floors till 50th floor. You can get additional rewards for reaching certain floors:

Fl.5 - Garnets x50, Gold Bars 50

Fl.10 - Garnets x150, Gold Bars x150

Fl.20 - Garnets x250

Fl.30 - Garnets x400

Fl.40 - Garnets x500

Fl.50 - Garnets x800

To get your reward you need to click on the active chest.

Your progress resets once a week on Monday 00:00.

You can exchange your Gold Bars and Garnets for the following items:

Gold Bar

  • 50,000 Gold Wallet x1 for 50 bars
  • Magic Card XP x1 for 100 bars
  • Soul Skill Book II x1 for 200 bars
  • Enhancement Potion Chest x1 for 300 bars
  • Weapon Evolution Stone (Best) x1 for 1000 bars
  • Armor Evolution Stone (Best) x1 for 1000 bars
  • Jewelry Evolution Stone (Best) x1 for 1000 bars
  • [Greece] Cards (blue) x1 for 500 bars
  • [Greece] Cards (purple) x1 for 1500 bars
  • [Greece] Cards (orange) x1 for 4000 bars


  • Luck Potion Chest x1 for 200 garnets
  • Jewelry Evolution Stone (Epic) x1 for 600 garnets
  • Armor Evolution Stone (Epic) x1 for 600 garnets
  • Weapon Evolution Stone (Epic) x1 for 600 garnets
  • Soul Holiness Potion x1 for 2000 garnets
  • [Greece] Cards (red) x1 for 5000 garnets
  • [Arthur’s Grail] Fragment x1 for 100 garnets
  • Arthur’s Grail x1 for 40000 garnets
  • [Athena’s Sword] Fragment x1 for 100 garnets
  • Athena’s Sword x1 for 40000 garnets

There are also Daily goal rewards. According to the sum of all numbers dropped on roulette you can receive extra rewards.


50 - Shard Chest and 50 garnets

100 - Shard Chest x2 and 100 garnets

160 - Shard Chest x3 and 150 garnets

250 - Shard Chest x4 and 200 garnets

350 - Shard Chest x5 and 250 garnets


This guide was created on educational purposes and may change with future updates.

Best wishes, RoA Team

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