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  1. Assembly.

    Assembly. Recently added to the game is Assembly. Here you can use your reforge to get core needed to advance your equipment in Assembly. When you reforge equipment you will now get the materials to synthesise equipment. The Card fragments used in Bestiary and now Core materials. You can get equipment from these places. Dungeon Equipment, Absolute Bosses. Dungeon Tomb. Dungeon Upgrade, and cross server bosses as well as synthesising from the equipment materials gained in reforge. 1:Open the Assembly tab in Equipment (Hotkey K) 2:Shows the core needed to progress your equipment. You will notice as you progress your equipment in Assembly that the equipment will increase in class and stars. The Assembly core move through: Green, Blue, Purple, Orange and finally Red. From Green core I to Red Core IX being the highest. Shows that I need to have Blue cores to progress my weapon and the stars that I have now and what I have after I have upgraded it. At the bottom below it you will notice it tells you the current BP of your equipment and then what an increase in stars will give you in BP showing you exactly how much the BP rise will be. So having said where you can get the equipment needed to create the Core you will now need to go to your bag and into Reforge. 1:After selecting the items you wish to reforge and clicking the reforge button it will show you what you have received. As you progress through the core levels you will find you need to synthesise core, you can do this by opening the Synthesis tab (Hotkey P) 1:Open the Items in the tab. 2:You will see 3 options: Weapon, Armor and Jewellery. 1.You will see listed the range of Core you can synthesise. 2: this shows you how many cores you need to create the core you need. Any questions feel free to ask or send me a message. And as always enjoy the game. Gretta S6.
  2. Game Tips and Help

    There are certain things you can do in game that can boost your BP and you may be unaware of it. Here I will walk you through totems, and how to gain a wonderful BP boost. Totems can be found in Fierce Boss. They start at level 55 onward. 1. Find the level that you need. 2. Make sure you have boss coupons or you will not be able to inflict damage to the bosses. 3. The totem stones will be dropped when you have killed the boss. You may also pick up your levels equipment. 1. As you progress through the levels the Totem stones become higher graded ones. Your main tip with totems is that complete your totem sets before moving on, start with the green totems, when finished move on to blue, then purple, Orange and lastly red. Each set you finished gives you a significant BP boost. Of course you may wish to open a tomb at the current level that you are, but my biggest hint is to wait it out and finish them in order. I am currently working on the Orange set which is level 135 onward. You will find totems under the Equipment icon. you will watch your progress, through stars 1-3 when you have 3 stars on all your equipment you will receive the set bonus, which is a big jump in BP. Lastly you will notice a green tick on the gear, this will let you know which have been completed. Good Luck lovelies and enjoy gaming with us.