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  1. Dreamworld

    Dreamworld is another of the newest additions to the game. You can gain Enhancement stones as well as Soul skill books and Soul crystals to further your soul in Mount tab (Hotkey N). You will see on the right hand side a Leader board of maximum scores. If this is your first time you will go straight into challenge, waves of monsters will come at you and you will need to fight them off. 1: If however you have already been into Dreamworld you will be given the blitz option which will take you to a certain wave and then you challenge from there. 2: A notification box will tell you what you have received from your blitz. 3: Your Dreamworld pack will also show on your screen to use and how many you have received from the blitz. 4: Shows the rewards available from Dreamworld. Once you have clicked on blitz, you will instantly be fighting your first wave of monsters. You will have your regular fighting skills in Dreamworld but you also have additional skills that will become unlocked the further into the waves you fight. 1: The Dream world skills are these starting from left to right. Cooldown Reset: Use it to cooldown on all skills. Cooldown for this skill is 15 seconds Summon: Use it to summon Bheg to help you in battle. Bheg inherits the characters stats and deals 100% damage of their attack. Cooldown 30 seconds. Wave of Rage: Use it to deal damage to all nearby enemies equal to 20% of their max HP. Cooldown 60 seconds. Blessing: Use it to increase damage by 50% Duration 5 seconds. Cooldown15 seconds. 2: Shows you the amount of monsters left in the current wave. 3: Shows you the current wave attacking. 4: Shows you how many points you have so far. A little tip for you.. I start using Nemesis Goddess as she damages monsters well. When I feel my HP is becoming low quickly I change to Aphrodite as she provides a shield, giving a little extra time for your health to regenerate.