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  1. God's Armor

    Gods Armor God's armor is made up of 4 main sections: Set, Quality, Leader and Celestial. Let me tell you about each before breaking them down for you. Set: Your first set is available from level 1, next after that will be level 50 set. Quality :This takes you through various qualities of equipment. ( this also works in conjunction with upgrade, which I will explain later) Leader: This shows you who has the highest BP equipment on your server for each piece of individual gear. Celestial: This combines the total BP of equipment held and shows you who leads on your server. You will find the God's Armor icon between events and Gift of the God's at the top of your screen. Set: 1.Open the set tab. 2.These are the sets you collect at various levels in game, your first set being set 1, and set 50 after that. I am currently working on set 270 which is shown here. .Each piece you collect will be highlighted ( please note the stars on each new equipment, as each set requires a certain amount - 270 requires at least 5 stars to activate the corresponding equipment in set.) 3.At certain points within your sets ( every 3 pieces of equipment) You will see activation light up, this will add additional BP to your set and increases the stats. Quality: 1.Open quality tab. 2.Your gear quality moves through, Blue, Purple, Orange and the on to levels of red. Currently I am working on red quality VI (shown is completed Red V) 3.As you work through Dungeon Upgrade you will collect upgrade stones that will improve the quality of your equipment. Again after each 3 pieces you will be able to activate toward the complete set. Leader. 1.Open leader tab. 2.Leader is based on your own server. The leaders are listed for every piece collected. I am leading on 4 pieces of equipment currently. 3.Total BP is listed for combined equipment you have. Celestial. 1.Open celestial tab. This will show the overall leader in equipment on your server. 2.The leader claims the title 'Invincible' (when you receive this title it is permanent and you will always hold it) 3.Positions 1,2, and 3 will receive rewards for their rank each day they hold their positions. 4.You can view your position within God's Armor Celestial. Any questions feel free to ask, or send me a PM. And as always Enjoy the Game. Gretta S6.