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  1. Ancient Cave

    Ancient cave is a dungeon consisting of Waves of Monsters and Bosses in which you have 60 seconds to defeat them. You will have stage rewards which include Zirconia, Enhancement stones and Boss cards to activate in Bestiary. 1: You will find Ancient Cave under Dungeon (Personal) 2: Click on challenge (mine says blitz as I've already completed all waves) 3: Your ranking will show on the right hand side. Ranking here works differently, when you complete all 380 waves you will be rank 1. As others complete all waves they will become 1. and then you will move back down the table as each person completes all. When you have completed all 380 waves you will be able to blitz them all collecting Exp and Enhancement stones. As a part of Ancient Cave you will come across Bosses at various stages. Again you must complete these in 60 seconds or less. Your stage rewards will be Zirconia, Enhancement stones and Boss cards which are activated in Bestiary. Bestiary can be found as an icon between Bag and store on the bottom of your screen. This shows the Bosses you can activate ( In this case Bosses between level 1 - 20). Is the BP of each boss. Over time when you have your character on Auto you will collect Star shards when you have enough you will begin to light the stars up in the Bestiary. As always any questions feel free to message me. Enjoy the game lovelies!! Gretta S6.