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Found 2 results

  1. in game marriage - Part 2.

    Once you have married there are things you can do to add to your BP. The first is the wedding dungeon, you can do this with your partner, or on your own, but you do gain more by doing this together. The dungeon will give you resources for your ring and your love tree as well as flowers you can continue sending to each other to build intimacy or as a nice gesture to a game friend. 1. Now the rings that you bought can now be upgraded and leveled up. to level up simply use the resources you get from the marriage dungeon, this will be familiar to you as its like leveling up your emblems. 2. wedding stones are used to increase the quality of your ring (blue to purple, then orange etc) for the stones you will need to hold banquets which you can hold each day for either zirconia or diamonds. The increase in quality provides a great deal of BP and stats to your character. Next is your love tree. again you will need to do the dungeons to get sweetness points, once these have accumulated to the required amount your tree will then level up. Divorce. Lets hope you don't have to do this but if you do when you divorce, your ring progress and bonuses will remain. As for the tree, it's progress will be "frozen" till you remarry, and after you marry again you will be able to upgrade it and get back your bonuses according to your and your couple's tree level. If in doubt about anything please let me know, I am never far away and with that... Enjoy the game Gretta S6.
  2. In game marriage - Part 1.

    As a player as well as being a moderator here, I'd like to guide you through an in game marriage. I have been lucky in game to have a great partner. An in game marriage can bring you both some extra stats and bonuses. To begin with you will need to build up intimacy between you both, this you can do by sending flowers to each other, you will also need to purchase a ring from the store. If in doubt go to Candia and talk to Aphrodite who can provide all the information you need. If you click on any of these icons in game it will also take you to Aphrodite. 1. is your preparation, getting the rings and intimacy level up. 2. Is your registration to be married. Both you and your partner will need to go to Aphrodite. 3. Once you have completed the previous steps you can then set your wedding date. 4. After marriage you can have banquets, you can have them each day for either zirconia or diamonds and invite your friends and clan buddies. You can find these under your character - Hotkey C Once you are married this will open up other options which I will post up in part 2 of this guide