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  1. Black Friday

    Dear Players! Special offers, discounts and await in the game starting from 2018.11.23 till 2018.11.26 during the Black Friday event. Don't miss the Crazy Sale! Sale conditions Starting discount for all items is 10% However, if you will complete all requirements conditions, you may increase the discount up to 70%. To increase the discount you need to add items to your cart on a total summ listed under the items list. If you will accomplish all requirements all upcoming purchases will have greater discount stage by stage. Buy more, pay less. I stage: by adding items on 500 diamonds, you will get 40% discount on purchase II stage: by adding items on 100 diamonds, you will get 50% discount on purchase III stage: by adding items on 2500 diamonds, you will get 60% discount on purchase IV stage: by adding items on 6000 diamonds, you will get 70% discount on purchase The list of items participating in the Crazy Sale shown in the Crazy Sale tab. Items refreshes automatically every 30 minutes after a purchase, You may also refresh items by spending 20 diamonds. If you will make a purchase on 250 diamonds or more the items in the list will refresh for free. There is also one additional refresh at the start of a new day. Here are the list of all items participating in the sale: Upgrade crystals: Mount, Wing, Relic, Shield, Track, Fairy, Aura, Soul and Arsenal 10 units for 180 diamonds. Goddes crystals: 10 blue crystals for 180 diamonds, 10 purple crystals for 540 diamons, 10 orange crystals for 900 diamonds, 10 red crystals for 1440 diamonds. Luck Potions: Wing, Aura, Shield, Fairy, Relic, Track, Soul, Mount, Arsenal potions 5 for 270 diamonds. Enchancement Potions: Wing, Aura, Shield, Fairy, Relic, Track, Soul, Mount, Arsenal potions 5 for 360 diamonds. Holiness Potions: Soul and Arsenal potions 1 for 1800 diamonds. Soul Skill Books: Soul Skill Book I 10 items for 360 diamonds, Soul Skill Book II 10 items for 360 diamonds, Soul Skill Book III 10 items for 1800 diamonds. Cards (Europe and East): Blue cards 1 for 450 diamonds, Purple cards 1 for 900 diamonds, Orange cards 1 for 1800 diamonds and Red cards 3600 diamonds per item. Others: Escort Coupon 6 items per 108 diamonds, Evolution Stone Gift (Epic) 10 items for 3600 diamonds, Large Snow Dragon's Star Stone and Diamond Wings Stone both for 18000 diamonds per item, Arsenal Skill Books III 1 item for 4500 and Retribution (Special) 1 per 45000. Best wishes, RoA Team