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wich set?

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I believe the lvl 55 set is only better when you survive for just 1 or 2 rounds. It's especially useful for guild bosses, letting you deal your most powerful, rage-costly attacks with the additional 30 initial rage. However, they can't be promoted to orange/red and the lvl 60 set gives an extra 10 rage every attack.

Another thing to consider is the lvl 60 promotion items cost more insignias to buy than the lvl 50 ones. It costs a lot of gold, though, to enchant orange equips, so you're better off getting the lvl 60 set, fully enchanting their purple forms, then spend gold on astrals and guild while you save up insignias to promote your weapon or chest armor. The lvl 50 orange weapon was wanting over 500k gold at +23 and the max is +37.

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