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  1. Badges for promoting orange equipment into a special red set were released some time ago. Mage has Firestorm (changes Dragon Flame into Firestorm) and Sol's Wrath, and knight has Crack (changes Earthquake into Crack) and Shine Blade. On both mage and knight, the promotion tab in blacksmith after selecting a weapon/armor/pendant/helmet it only shows Firestorm/Crack and will not let me change to Sol's Wrath/Shine Blade even when the badges are in my inventory. Today my knight managed to collect enough materials for promotion into either badge set, and it still didn't allow me to select Shine Blade. I upgraded into Crack and the lvl 60 weapon didn't come up in Promotion, and Upgrade simply turns it into its lvl 70 version. I don't know whether this is a bug, an incomplete feature, or if I'm simply doing this wrong. This is a very important matter if you cannot change which badge set your equipment belongs to as it takes several months to get a single equipment to this point.
  2. It's been a while since people could start getting artifact shards from the Exotic Lands. I have cleared the first 4 zones since then, yet despite blitzing for shards every day, I only have 63 Laevatain, 74 Zeus, and 33 Wand shards (trying to get Laevatain). To synthesize one, you need 200 shards, then 100 shards for each promotion. I know it's probably designed for end-game content, the kind of content that single-handedly keeps you busy for months after you run out of ways to improve, but it really feels like it's taking too long to get anything at all out of it. Like, maybe take a month to synthesize, then upgrading takes absurdly long to finish (like astrals). Maybe the ability to convert Divine/Soul Stones into shards would be a good idea. I have just over 1067 of each and promotion just needs 1000 Soul Stones along with 100 shards, so I'll always have a large excess of Soul Stones unless I decide to promote multiple artifacts. I admit that that would be a bit fun to collect everything, but there should be some way to use or dispose of the stones some other way because you can't sell them, meaning they will eventually take up space in your inventory or guild vault if you're still blitzing every day for shards. I'd like to know if others think they take too long or if it's an appropriate time to grind.
  3. max level

    Max promotion is +9 (lvl 80) and max awaken is 6 stars, shown as 1 red star. Awakening requires a total 750 mercenary pieces.
  4. After trying out the world boss after the server merge, I noticed some drastic changes. The max hp was increased from 42 million to 93 million (~2.21x) which sounds reasonable, but the boss dealt about double damage to me and took less than half damage from me. If I didn't know it was only 2 merged servers, I'd think the world boss was adjusted to handle 6 merged servers. If the boss has 2x the hp, it takes 2x as long to kill, balanced to 1x with 2x the players (2 servers merged). If the boss does 2x the damage, players who normally survive will die around 2x as fast, sort of balanced again to 1x with 2x players. If the boss receives 1/2 the damage, it takes 2x as long to kill, balanced with 2x players.... But when you implement all of these adjustments, that's a total of 2x2x2= 8x the time to kill, with 2x players only reducing it to 4x the time. That's a severe reduction of rewards. Yesterday before merge, I (only damager) received 1.3 million gold from the DMG Prize at the end, dealing around 62% hp in damage after those 2 full hours of fighting. Today after merge, I (couple more low damagers joined in) received about 300k gold from the DMG Prize, dealing around 10.6% hp for the same time. That's less than 1/4, and even if it doubled from another equally powerful player participating, that would still be less than 1/2 as rewarding. I greatly request that the world boss's attack and defense be returned to before the adjustment, leaving the hp to remain with its 2.21x or a bit higher adjustment. The number of participants was already terribly low, and this drastic reduction of rewards would only further reduce that number.
  5. wich set?

    I believe the lvl 55 set is only better when you survive for just 1 or 2 rounds. It's especially useful for guild bosses, letting you deal your most powerful, rage-costly attacks with the additional 30 initial rage. However, they can't be promoted to orange/red and the lvl 60 set gives an extra 10 rage every attack. Another thing to consider is the lvl 60 promotion items cost more insignias to buy than the lvl 50 ones. It costs a lot of gold, though, to enchant orange equips, so you're better off getting the lvl 60 set, fully enchanting their purple forms, then spend gold on astrals and guild while you save up insignias to promote your weapon or chest armor. The lvl 50 orange weapon was wanting over 500k gold at +23 and the max is +37.
  6. A problem I've come across is forgetting what stats I assigned my stat points to after promoting each of my mercenaries. I can reset each one for 50 balens and put points where I now want them, but there's no way of seeing whether you already put points into the stats you want. In my case, I want to invest all points into Endurance on all mercenaries, but early on I may have put some into Armor or Strength. If it's really all invested into Endurance, then that would be a complete waste of 50 balens, and in the future I'm sure I will forget and reset again, wasting another 50.
  7. World Boss

    The 30 second cooldown starts as soon as the defeat message appears, so you don't need to click it immediately, and right before reviving I just keep clicking under the world boss. I agree having auto-pilot work for this for the 2 hours would make it a lot more tolerable for many people, but that does also reward players for their perseverence. As someone who fights for most or all of the 2 hours each day, I'd gladly let persistent auto-pilot increase the competition for damage rankings. I used to see over 10 players each day fighting since the start, but now it's only 2 or 3 besides me for the first hour and then a few more put a couple hits in before it ends. The constant attention must've been unbearable after trying it a few times.
  8. As mage, for a while now I've had the skill Casting Mastery for "Rage cost has 6% chance to reduce by 20 on spell cast" and the ring set effect "Certain chance to reduce rage consumption by 50%" but have never actually seen a reduction in rage consumed. Given I most often have used Dragon Flame which consumes 16 rage and I gain 14 rage after each action (idk where the 4 comes from), I lose 2 rage every cast. I think I've watched it go down by 2 far too many times to say it's unlucky failed 6% chances. I've also watched my less frequently cast, more expensive spells many times and haven't seen any difference. Maybe it's dysfunctional, maybe I'm the opposite of someone winning the lottery. If anyone has seen any of these or similar effects work for them, I would appreciate the response. That precious skill point could be put elsewhere if it doesn't work.
  9. daily reset

    According to the info on rewards given for Fearless, midnight is at 12am EDT (GMT -4), or 6am MESZ (GMT +2). However, "daily reset" is all messed up past this time. It takes around 30 minutes to an hour after this midnight time to reset the daily login and the current day of the week for the daily dungeons (doesn't reset chances but changes access to gold/daru attempts). Then around 11am-1pm MESZ the rest of the daily things reset (stamina, chances, activity, etc.). All of these reset times shift around every day but happen around there for me. One time it took until around 5pm MESZ for it all to reset for me.
  10. Merc Transfer

    It'd be pretty complicated keeping balance with that feature. Different ranks (R, SR, SSR) require different amounts of promote stones and awakening stones to upgrade. Additionally, every mercenary costs different amounts of heroic souls to get 50 of their shards which are also needed for awakening. The conversion would let you indirectly buy heroic souls/shards when you should only be able to get them through summoning scrolls, cross server arena store, event chests, and stamina-fueled dungeons. Transfering daru between soldiers, however, I can agree with, even if you lose a percentage in the transfering process. It's as simple as taking the daru from one and putting it in another. The only problem is it conflicting with the daru alchemy daily limit.
  11. After unlocking Talent at lvl 55 as mage, I noticed almost all references to skills use different names. The main issue I had with this was not knowing what skill Harmer changes, since there are several skills that look like they'd be a "lightning blast." Here are the talent skills, their inconsistent name references, and what they should be changed to: Harmer: "Lightning Blast" -> "Thunder Shock" Flame Booster: "Flame" -> "Dragon Flame" Restoration: "Rain of Stones" -> "Meteor Rain" Spell: "Death Curse" -> "Doom" Bless: "Divine Jodie" -> "Divine Hymn" I only know what refers to what because I checked the Chinese descriptions. I don't know whether the other hero classes have similar translation issues, but I believe it's worth checking. Responses from players who got to lvl 55 on other classes would be appreciated.