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There are 3 parts to Artifacts, and each will allow you to increase your BP and your in game skills.


Artifact Challenge

This is way you can massively boost your BP. There are 205 levels to this, each one harder than the previous. You have 1 minute in which to complete the challenge.


Through the levels at certain stages you will receive a shard, when you have collected them all you will have a complete Artifact and will continue on to the the next set.


The difficulty increases throughout and you will find yourself wanting to fight hard for the reward.

Once all stages are completed you will have the highest level Artifact, and from then on you will be able to blitz the levels each day gaining rewards of Zirconia and Gem chests.


Artifact Talents

These are a way of boosting your skills in game.

Support: These are your supporting skills and include your health, accuracy and dodge among others, the smaller kills  (No.1) all go up to level 100. Whilst the larger skills (No 2.) All go up to level 10.


Defence: Your defensive skills include main defence and crit reduction, along with others in that category.

Attack: These talent skills cover your main attack as well as Holy damage, Crit and attack boosters.


Artifact Seals.

Artifact Seals come in 3 sets : Fury, Courage and Holiness. So you may choose which best suits your style of play.


Once you have completed a full set you will receive a bonus as an increase in your BP.

You can get these seals either by using your free attempts which reset every 10 minutes, there is a limit on this. After that it will use gold.

You may draw X10 using gold 10 times in one day, You will have one free diamond spin in any 24 hour period.

Or your final option is to use 880 diamonds to draw 10X giving an increase to your chances of pulling a higher star seal.

These seals you will level up over time, you can replace lower star with higher ones once you have received them.


Lastly you can get the points for upgrading your artifact skills from Spirit of Luck. 



Good luck and enjoy the game.

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