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  1. Evolution stones in Synthesis

    i got this,..
  2. Evolution stones in Synthesis

    I think evolution stones were created by scientists in order to facilitate evolution in pokemon who required specific circumstances humans were unable to replicate. Additionally, they were used to force evolution on some pokemon who may of never had a natural evolution in nature. The result of man-made evolution stones was things such as pokemon suddenly becoming unable to develop their own abilities as they grew in power.
  3. This common talisman obtained near the beginning of the game is so OP. It grants a significant rage burst on use (much larger than rage bursts from talisman procs), and extends the duration of spartan rage, and has a pretty short cooldown. With the amount of time spent running around from place to place, I just use the talisman whenever it comes off cooldown and I'm almost always on full rage whenever I met a difficult encounter. Combine that with the ridiculous amount of damage the L2 boulder throw does during spartan rage, and I just don't see any reason to use any other talisman, including the epic ones.