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  1. bugs

    We are also experiencing this on S24, I sent in a ticket to them with video proof and it has been escalated... the new update with level increase etc. seems to have messed up a few bits.
  2. Suggestion

    May I suggest an item which is used to expand the storage, towards the "end game" space starts becoming a problem when you are saving thousands of enhance stones, gems, charoites, assembly cores etc. as Diamonds are not a viable solution especially when considering the price for the space, perhaps this could be implemented into events such as Game Mania, I am sure others would also find this useful, not only myself.
  3. Huge Content Update!

    What screenshots would you like? I heard something about an attack bonus being given for milestones of goddess equipment quality (green, blue, orange etc.) it is difficult to get screenshots of new stuff with a low level, most functions are not unlocked.
  4. Huge Content Update!

    https://game.37.com/play.php?game_id=519 It will redirect you to a login/registration page first, it may be difficult trying to register as Chinese require a national ID number. Although, the Chinese version isn't too far ahead of us.
  5. Huge Content Update!

    This game is based around the Chinese version, on the loading screen it states the current update; this being the 11th May 2018. I know on the Chinese version there are people of over 200m BP, so hopefully we will get a more up to date version soon.
  6. Game Tabs

    I have same issue, I just refresh the game, it works as a temporary fix.
  7. Ranking Boss

    Ranking Boss has disappeared on Server 24 (not sure about anywhere else) no players can access it as the icon has disappeared. https://ibb.co/yRZ0S6S I am also unable to send a support ticket as it says there has been an error when sending the message...