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  1. Lost BP?

    Maybe you're describing something completely different than what I and practically everyone else had happen to them immediately after the update...
  2. Lost BP?

    Can't have people being misled by incorrect statements. You're welcome.
  3. Lost BP?

    Those who believe "it fixed itself" aren't paying close enough attention. What actually happened is that the Ranking BP adjusted downward to match the lower BP next to your portrait after you logged in.
  4. Lost BP?

    The problem has been acknowledged and they are looking into it.
  5. Lost BP?

    Wrong. The Ranking takes time to update. It will adjust lower to match the BP next to your portrait. This is a huge fail update. I lost around 500k BP.
  6. Flame Elementals

    A few hundred dollars is required to obtain 2 of the Gifts of Death. You need at least 3rd place in an Expense Rating contest twice. 5k diamonds for 3rd place. 250 bucks for 5k diamonds. So yeah, if you want a flame elemental you need to spend 500 dollars minimum, and then you need to spend Garnets in Dwarven Treasury exchange to either buy the remaining 2 outright, or piece them together with fragments. Of course that will take a long time. Or just spend another 500 and get the other 2.
  7. Flame Elementals

    The Skeleton Mage is obtained by reaching a level 100 Siphius in Gifts of the Gods - Grimoire. The Flame Elemental is obtained by owning all 4 pieces of the Gifts of Death: Athena's Sword, Arthur's Grail, Sun Crest, and Gorgon's Shield.
  8. Huge Content Update!

    Thanks for checking it out. Level 350 gear and character level is cool.
  9. Huge Content Update!

    Ah gotcha. I won't ask you to play and unlock all the features, but cool if you do haha! I'm really just interested in new gameplay mechanics like new forms of cross server action, more chapters/levels in everything; things that bring people together to compete and have fun.
  10. Huge Content Update!

    Looks like you have a working account? Perhaps you can grab some screen shots in game to see the differences and give us an idea of what's coming? I'm still looking for the translate page option lol.
  11. Huge Content Update!

    The version number explanation is enough, thanks. Do you have a link to the Chinese version? I won't be able to play it as I can't read or speak any Asian languages, but at least I can take a look around...
  12. Huge Content Update!

    The version number on the loading screen contradicts your statement, as does Xairn's assertion that the Chinese version has players over 200m BP. The first part of the version number is the date, which is 20180511 - May 5, 2018; over a year ago. Perhaps you have a link to the Chinese version of the game so I can go take a look for myself?
  13. Huge Content Update!

    and WOW our version is over 1 year out of date.... That's a very long time with no update pushed to us.
  14. Huge Content Update!

    Thanks for the information. Do you have a link to the Chinese version?
  15. Huge Content Update!

    Any idea when we might get a huge content update? I'm only into month 2 of playing and I've maxed artifact, ancient cave, and story and other things are thinning out. The way servers are opened combined with the lack of marketing to push new players in makes ridiculously empty servers within the first month of each, max. Combine that with events that say cross server, but it's only our server, and it's even more a ghost town. What's the original, non-localized version of this game called? Got a link? I assume it's Chinese based on some of the characters I see. I would like to see it's current state of development to get an idea of where this is going.