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  1. Lore

    There are many worlds in the universe: some are flourishing and the others are like deserts. They appear, grow and die - and give birth to the new ones. Incuria is a child of wonderful magical powers of the Water and the Fire: long-long ago a great meteorite fell in the ocean and their unity led to creation of a new wonderful land. Incuria was soon discovered by people who escaped from other worlds: they were looking for a peaceful place to hide from war and destruction. So they came here and founded the City of Eternity. But the calm period was not long - the Rift between the dimensions which led to Incuria was found by demons - and so they came to conquer the new land and turn all the free peoples inhabiting Incuria into slaves! The war lasted for years. Neither side could take the advantage and win but the demons army found a mighty and ambitious leader - Demon Lord. Inhabitants of Incuria were in despair and almost surrendered when unexpected help finally came. Princess Eirin and her 6 Elders were escaping from their own dying world - Toria. They were trying to save the heart of their world - the Crystal of the Unknown. This mighty artefact also named the Wisdom Stone was created in their native world - Toria - and gave abundance and prosperity to the lands and immortality to the citizens. But happiness was not long: too many evil creatures were eager to steal the Crystal and use turn its powers against the humans. The people of Toria successfully protected the Wisdom Stone but in the end they were betrayed. Princess Eirin managed to escape with the Crystal - but way back to her native Toria was closed for her forever. So wandering through dimensions the Princess and her 6 allies were looking for a better place to live and to hide the Crystal. Finally they stepped into Incuria, learnt its history and decided to help. Thanks to their powers and knowledge the balance tipped to the side of Incuria defenders and the demons army was flung back. Finally the Demon Lord and Princess Eirin faced in final battle. It was fierce and merciless - and with the help of The Wisdom Stone the Princess won and sealed the Demon Lord in the Quiet Ravine. His army was crashed and ran away. But the Princess’s powers were over - and she fell in eternal sleep. The Crystal of the Unknown disappeared. 6 Elders - her devoted guardians - decided to continue the journey looking for a way to return Princess Eirin to life. They knew that the Demon Lord is still alive and sooner or later he will find way to free - and come back. So they founded 6 academies and taught their first apprentices - so that the knowledge of the Wisdom Stone wasn’t lost - and further generations of Incuria were ready for the battle with the army of demons. Years passed and once the people understood that the Elders were right - the prophecy about the return of the Demon Lord was coming true. In the face of danger the 6 academies decided to unite into one. It was called the Eastern Academy - and the Eastern City was founded to protect Incuria from the approaching threat. The Demon Lord was still imprisoned but the power of the seal was vanishing and he managed to call for 6 of his best warriors who started attacks on peaceful lands of Incuria. The Academy knows that freedom of the Demon Lord is only a matter of time. And only Princess Eirin, her Elders and the Crystal of the Unknown will be able to save Incuria. And now all pupils and graduates of all Academies are trying their best to find the Princess, her guardians and the Crystal - so that to have a chance to withstand the incoming army of the Demon Lord. The end of the story depends on you!
  2. Need a Guide

    We'll fill in the guide section for you to find all necessary information
  3. Promocode

    If you play Keepers of the Rift and follow the news and actions in FaceBook and Forum, sooner or later you will get a chance to receive a promocode. It is a set of letters and numbers which can be used only once. To use a code you should open Bonus window in the game and paste copied symbols in the special field and click "Get": Do not tell anyone your code, especially before you use it - it can be used only once!
  4. Black Friday is here! For the weekend we announce special cashback event! Every 1000 gold coins spent in the shop will give you 250 coins as a cashback! So - open the game shop and enjoy! The event lasts during November 23, 24 and 25 - do not hesitate - and get maximum profit! Join us in FB!
  5. Happy Thanksgiving Day! We wish you and your families all the best! A pleasant surprise has been sent to your game mail! Don't miss special promo in our FB group! Yours, KotR Team
  6. Questions

    You can make it using your guild skills and if the level is not high enough, you can buy it in the shop using coupons - Optional Ingredients Gift You'll be able to choose necessary potion.
  7. Pets

    Pets are really useful if you want to compensate weak points of your character and increase the strong ones! You can get your pet in several ways: receive doing tasks and from eggs, capture or buy it at Belle’s in Eastern City. Capturing a pet in the wild means attacking it. Do not use Auto battle – our you will just kill the possible pet. For the same reason it is better to leave Companions behind and do capturing alone. When entering the battle choose option Capture in the right column of actions and choose a target. Your hero will make an attempt of capturing. If it fails you’ll be able to repeat again. The less HP the pet has – the greater your chances for success are. Use Pets Atlas to learn the Battle level of a pet. Remember – you can’t use a pet whose Battle level is higher than your level! In the world map you can see all NPCs and their level – so you can find a proper pet for capturing. Improvement will help you to get new skills and increase characteristics of your pet. Remember that Improvement is random – new parameters can be worse You need Selents for improvement. Improvement is impossible for Personal Pets (indicated with a lock). And you’ll need special items for Keepers (Guards) - Zircon
  8. Dear friends! We are glad to inform you that a new server of Keepers of the Rift is waiting for new players. "Winter Forest" is already opened! Become the best hero of Incuria with events of new server! Join us in Facebook
  9. Guild

    Hello! In the game you cannot change the guild leader without him or her. But if the guild is lvl 4 or higher, and the leader hasn't been online for a long time, you can apply the support and we will change the guild leader manually
  10. Questions

    Hello! The game will develop and some items which you can now receive only via payment will possibly become free or available in everyday game process. It concerns the wings and items of its upgrade.
  11. Dear friends! We are glad to inform you that a new server of Keepers of the Rift opens tomorrow! "Lake of Sun" will be waiting for you at 12a.m.(EST), November, 2. Become the best hero of Incuria with events of new server! Join us in Facebook
  12. The Start!

    Sharpen your weapons, put on your cloak and grab as many bags as you can carry, because it’s time to set off on an epic adventure! The highly anticipated MMORPG Keepers of the Rift is out today. Choose from one of 6 classes, create your character and dive deep into the bustling world of Incuria. Will you become a powerful knight, or an archer that never misses? A cunning bard? A master pet tamer? Join Keepers of the Rift and face the approaching army of demons! The first server is already waiting for you and your friends! Join us in Facebook!
  13. What's your class?

    What class have you chosen in the beginning and why? are you satisfied with the choice? what are the best and the worst traits of your character?
  14. Need a Guide

    If you want us to write a guide about some topic - leave here a message and we'll try to do it as soon as possible!
  15. Coming soon!

    Hey! Brave warriors and mighty magicians! The gate to the beautiful and dangerous world of Incuria will open soon. So hurry up and join Keepers of the Rift! Adventures and battles are waiting for you in sunny valleys and gloomy dungeons of this magical land.