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  1. Moderation - from Player to staff

    Sorry that you feel that way but I am currently the only Moderator available and I only read and speak English. I do not understand German or French or any other language. Best thing would be to get someone that speak and understands German to be a Moderator for that section.
  2. Very soon...

    Very soon you will see an announcement here on the forums and it will be announced on the Facebook page. Keep an eye out for it.
  3. Arsenal skills

    I did not mean stack as in putting multiples of the same skill in the SAME SPOT. I meant putting multiples of the same skill each in it's own socket.
  4. Arsenal skills

    You get the higher level skills from special events. But you can also have more than one of the same type socketed and I think the effects stack. But I am not sure on the stacking part.
  5. Please keep all replies constructive. I am sincere in trying to help make these forums better and more inviting. Let's have some ideas on what can be done to accomplish this. I can not promise that the ideas will be implemented but I can pass them up the chain to the people that can possibly work on them.
  6. S47 MySQL error

  7. S47 MySQL error

    Please submit a support ticket here https://www.creagames.com/en/support/11 as the Support Team does not visit the forums often. It is much quicker to submit the ticket.
  8. King's Treasurers

    Also once we are at level 320 what do we use the points for? All the armor pieces are lowers than what we can use. And again how do we get the level 10 gems?
  9. King's Treasurers

    I would like to know this also and I know a few other people that would.
  10. ETA on the server issues???

    Tonight is also Sacred City event which happens to be a major event.
  11. I was able to log into server 3 and 11 this morning and finish the dailies and also fight some bosses but then lost connection. I have not been able to log onto server 19 at all. Also the forums seem to be intermittent.
  12. Flame Elementals

    Thank you for letting us know. That explains why I see it at cross server events. Those high dollar cashers on Server 1 probably have them.
  13. Flame Elementals

    I have seen them at some of the events. They seem to spawn kind of like the skeletons do but I am not sure how we get them. Can anyone elaborate on the process of getting them?
  14. Moderation - from Player to staff

    As Moderators we do not have any "power" at all in game. All we can do is suggest what you have already done which is post about the issue and suggestions on how to make it better and then hopefully one of the Community Managers will see it and read it and take it to their group to discuss. As Moderators will try to deal with the issues on the forums like helping to make guides that explain what skills do and such and moderating issues between different people that post.
  15. Moderation - from Player to staff

    Let me talk a little about myself and my experience as a Forum Moderator. I was a Moderator many years ago on s site called Stratics for a game called Ultima Online. Worked my way up to eventually being an Administrator. During that time I was also made an Administrator for some forums for one of the largest YouTube gaming networks and worked my way up to the position of Senior Forum Admin. My duties as a Mod on those forums are very much the same as here. Try to be an ear for players and to also offer advice and help to other players. As an Administrator for those forums I ad the same duties but I also managed the actual software and plugins that the forums were run off of. I helped design two completely different sets of forums. I enjoy helping and giving advice to other players the most.