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  1. Crit Hit

    Was just wondering what Talent ups Crit Hit Chance? Because i spent allot in Crit Hit section without my Crit Hit "Chance" moved a bit.
  2. Events

    Hello. I was thinking why cant ya start up the Dice Game event soon ?? People are starting to stack pretty high on Dices/shards and it would been nice to be able to use them other than only Holiday events... Just a tought i have had for a while = )
  3. Cant Get into Game

    Ah ok thx. i just found some info on FB page 2 min ago myself = ) just happy its not only me = )
  4. Cant Get into Game

    Hi there. I been playing this game for months. I allways stay afk grinding while im asleep or away and it allways gone perfectly. Now when today i woke up only to find a red text in middle of screen saying some kinda network error plz reload. i had that before and all i had to do then was to reload page but now it wont let me back in on any of my accs. it loads a litl while then it just stays there without anything happening. i was thinking maybe its some kinda Maintenance? but i havent really experienced that once yet since i started playing so thats less likely. plz anyone have any answers to why this is? after so many months with no issues.