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  1. Bigtime bug exploiter on s29

    Now this person is threatening everyone that he will follow them around and kill them whenever possible until they quit playing. There are a couple players that are unable to login to the forums.. something wrong with the login when people use Gmail, it doesn't seem to allow you to login to the forums. I will have them send me the screenshots and I will post them. Something needs to be done about this person before he makes the remaining few players move to another server.
  2. Bigtime bug exploiter on s29

    Does this count? And it happened to someone else too but she chose not to exploit it like Iyotiens. Something is definatly wrong in there..
  3. We have a fella on s29 that has found some unreported bugs in Temple of Light and Ancient Cave. His BP suggests he should be nowhere near as far in either of those than he is. He has bragged about it on several occasions but unfortunatly I cannot get a screenshot in time. He seems to know exactly when to brag about his cheating, usually during star seal or other events that scroll your chat windows so fast you cannot scroll back far enough in the chat buffer. The person in question is Iyotiens, he is lvl 151 with a BP of 8mil and he is more than twice as far in Temple of Light as our top BP player is. Please look into this and rectify the situation. I will keep trying to get screenshots when he starts to talk about it. I took these screenshots the other day when he first started bragging. I tried to use the support comment link on the game page but it said failed to deliver message.