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  1. Suggestions et souhaits

    on attends, on attends.
  2. question

    ils sont partis avec votre argent.
  3. Labyrinth Part 1.

    how long, i am bored.
  4. Labyrinth Part 1.

    S8: server started on 20 March 2019, now i am 300 and can't progress on lvl. 24M of BP.
  5. Labyrinth Part 1.

    Too bad we Don't have this in french servers. neither ODIN or temple of light.
  6. Quand va t'on avoir comme

    les usa ? ASSEMBLY https://forum.creagames.com/topic/282-assembly/ ODIN: https://forum.creagames.com/topic/333-gifts-of-odin-part-one/ DREAMWORLD: https://forum.creagames.com/topic/289-dreamworld/
  7. Inter serveur

    toujours rien
  8. Inter serveur

    les pierres bleues ; elles dropent plus, depuis la dernière maj. en plus c'est la foule maintenait en 210.
  9. Suggestions

    ADD a 230, 250, 270 and more maps for Inter server. Every body is on 210 now.

    Now that you remove 5 minutes(some times its 10 minutes) after Killing one boss, i think you messed up the blue water stones drop rate. did some one observe this ?
  11. Gretta a question

    All my sacred damage are only in yellow color but i when do arena people do on me red damage (critical) what item should i pump up to make crictical sacred damage ? i looked everywhere and i Don't see what i miss. i have already 12M of BR and i put when i can critical on all i can.
  12. Star Oracle and Celestial Altar Guide.

    at what lvl its unlocked ?