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  1. King's Treasurers

    I think maybe the lvl 10 gems are just randoms you can get when you "participate" just like all the other drops? I don't think I've ever gotten ones so maybe they are super duper rare. Also, I've found if I let the chances reach up to 10, I can click the participate 10X button and it works. After that though, you have to use the individual button unless you are able to buy more chances to make it equal 10 again.
  2. Sudden Damage Immunity in Star Seal?

    Ta and no worries! Thank you for replying any way, Gretta, and loving the new picture. ♥
  3. So one of my clan members and I were in Star Seal today. He can kill me and I can kill him but with a bit more elbow grease and so long as he does not heal himself up right away. I entered seal then went afk as I usually do for that thing. I came back just after it had finished and he was asking me what had I done. Apparently at some point he stopped being able to damage me? I was AFK so I didn't know what was going on. I had the goddess Aphrodite active which puts a shield around you when your HP drops below 30% that consumes damage equal to 30% of your HP but that should only last for 10 seconds. Has anyone else run into the issue of themselves or someone else suddenly becoming immune to damage while in Star Seal? I didn't think I needed to make this a bug report just yet because I have no proof of what happened. I just thought I'd put the question out there first in case someone else has experienced this and might have some insight as to how it could happen. Thanks!
  4. Lost BP?

    Sorry Gretta! Will try to remember that for next time. ♥
  5. Lost BP?

    Except it did not adjust lower to match the BP next to my portrait. What you see on the leader board in the screen shot is what my BP should have been next to my portrait but after the update, my portrait BP had decreased. Later it came back up to reflect the leader board. It had nothing to do with taking an hour to update on the leader board like usual.
  6. Lost BP?

    LMAO Never mind. Apparently it's a bit like the experience the previous player who posted a thread here had, only in reverse lol. Silly game with its silly weird glitches.
  7. Lost BP?

    Hi! I play through the website and not through FB. After the update, I lost nearly 100k BP and one of my clan members also lost nearly 200k BP. No one else is on to ask how much they have lost. Did BP glitch after the update? I've included a screen shot of what the leader board said before it could erase it to reflect the new numbers. I also blacked out everyone else on the list because I don't need someone to guess which server I am on. I can tell an admin or a mod in private if you need to know. Thank you!
  8. Bigtime bug exploiter on s29

    And I am sorry if I sound bitter. I am. I feel he has gotten away with his behaviour and he knows it too. It feels like people think how he acted towards us was a joke.
  9. Bigtime bug exploiter on s29

    Up until you said he was going to be banned, he was up to his games. Now all of a sudden, just before the ban was to go into effect, he's suddenly gained a conscience about what he's done, apologised and he gets a slap on the wrist and sent on his way? Is that all we have to do if we also break the game rules and harass people endlessly in game and in their personal social media accounts? Apologise and all is forgiven? Why is it that every single time he was told by us to stop, we were laughed at and ridiculed and harassed even more by him but then when someone who has ACTUAL power to do something about it comes and tells him to stop or he's banned, he rolls over and decides to play nice? And he is believed? He only decided to be good because he doesn't want to lose his account. It's not because he feels bad for what he's done. But yeah, I'll be polite to him. I'll never speak to him again. I cannot be rude if I don't say anything.
  10. Bigtime bug exploiter on s29

    Thank you so very much Diego and no worries. At least something was done. How long it took does not matter. Thank you again. And thank you so very very much for everything as well Gretta. It has all been greatly appreciated by all of us. ♥
  11. Bigtime bug exploiter on s29

    Thank you both so much. It's made it almost a hostile gaming environment when it should be relaxing. We don't CARE if someone is just better at the game or if someone cashes in. We have a few on the server in our clan and in this persons who have or still do pay big into the game. But when it's clear as day someone is cheating to gain even more than they should, that's when it gets real hairy. It's no longer fair. And then throw a big heaping steamy pile of hostile, stalkery pervy creepiness on top and it becomes even less fun. This kind of stuff is why some people leave these games forever. And she has already blocked him on FB Gretta. I think that's when his in game abuse become more aggressive, because she'd tried to get him to leave her completely alone when telling him no and to stop his behaviour just wasn't enough. And he thinks I am afraid of him too. He taunts me all the time because of my reports here. He tries to get to me through world chat but as I said before, I've stopped replying to his bait. I am sure he'd NEVER have liked to have his female friends or relatives treated the way he has treated people in this game. I am livid. If I was afraid, I'd have stopped reporting because I was afraid of reprisal. I am not afraid of him, I am extremely angry at him for the way he's made everyone feel. I could care less what he says to me.
  12. Bigtime bug exploiter on s29

    The things he has messaged the female player in game and on FB has been downright pervy. She's married in real life and she has an in game partner already. He acts like because she was nice to him, that she owes him something. He's acting so very much like a jilted lover when in reality he's just some creep online. Every time he tries to message her, he tells her to tell her game husband what he's saying. When he's harassed me, he's told me too to tell my clan leader what he's saying. It's like he gets off on trying to make us angry. I've even stopped talking to him but it doesn't stop him from trying to taunt me in game.
  13. Bigtime bug exploiter on s29

    Thank you so much Gretta. I will let the ones who cannot seem to get here to post know what you have suggested. The girl who has been harassed the most by this person is going to be sending screenshots of the harassment to someone who could post them for her if she still cannot access the forum.
  14. Bigtime bug exploiter on s29

    He's now threatening me in game because he knows I reported him here. Is harassment like this allowed? Not only is he a cheater but he harasses people. And it's not only in game he harasses people. He's apparently stalked one of our girls on social media as well. She had to block him on Facebook because of it.
  15. Bigtime bug exploiter on s29

    He followed me to absolute yesterday and waited just out of range then killed me to steal my boss. When confronted he said he would be hunting the ones he CAN kill down. I didn't think to screenshot it but he was laughing the entire time. In all honesty he's just angry because one of our girls keeps turning him down. She's already in an in game marriage and is very happy with her game partner. She doesn't need a stalkery dude who keeps asking her for her skype so he can fall to sleep with her image in his head and dream "fun things" and what not. And he keeps calling me baby girl. It's creepy as heck. And gross. And a bit demeaning.