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  1. Game is Dead

    No updates!..lvl max and nothing to do. Everything is getting bored, without an update and events. Feel like I'm going to quit in a couple day...
  2. Arsenal skills

    I think you can get them from the events.
  3. artifact problem

    Artifacts challenge is bug sometimes, cause it's happpen to me before and i send them a tickets on support and they fixed it. Send them the pictures on the support and they will fix it for you and it take like 2-3 days till you get the last missing parts.
  4. Elemental Weapon "Water crystals"

    Same, I still not getting the drop also, this must be fix asap..
  5. Class Card Change

    ok thanks
  6. Class Card Change

    Can you guys added the Class Card Change in the future, that would be great!!.......
  7. Evolution stones in Synthesis

    I agree with you...
  8. no last artifact activation

    screenshots and report to the Gm so they can fix it cause you got bugs..
  9. Artifact Talents

    I hope in the future they will addd...
  10. Artifact Talents

    Hi Gm, I have a question. Is there a way to reset the (artifact talents)?..
  11. server

    we nneed a merge or more CS events thank you
  12. Mores Cross Server Events

    I hope later on we will have a cross server events for all servers. Example Guilds War Cross Server Events and Mores.. Cause we don't have enough players to join a server events and it's really less players and it's boring.
  13. Server 4 dead server

    I hope soon server will merge so don't worry about that