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  1. ETA on the server issues???

    Im thinking there will be some future compensation A friend sent me a message on FB, 6hrs ago....... and its still not working.
  2. Suggestion

    Im pretty sure that you can open up new spaces in your inventory and storage with Zirconia? ...which i generally get around 1000-1500 per day.
  3. 310 set?

    .................................so hows that lvl 310 set coming along?
  4. Thanks for the compensation

    Yeah, that Odin compensation was really nice. Can we have the same problem again, and then the same compensation again? lol
  5. Gold and synthesis

    Im in the same situation. The only thing I can put gold into is artifact seals.
  6. Cant log in..

    Ever since the update of Rise of Angels, i cant seem to log into the game. I get as far as the screen in the attached image... and nothing....
  7. Stamina not refilling...

    So does Stamina only refill when you click on the option? Or does it refill slowly over the course of several hours. Im new to the game... and refreshing, loging off and back in.. doesnt seem to make a difference.
  8. More Things to do.

    .......... new features? where? that link takes you to a page where the html is all messed up. i saw nothing new in game. even after refreshing several times.
  9. The Amazon

    Seems that its a pretty useless Goddess. Sure you get 88k to your BP. But then what? You cant upgrade her. And attacks are useless outside of various dungeons. Why is the Amazon so... pointless? People work and work to get her... and for what? Just to say........... look at me, i have the Amazon. A major letdown.
  10. skill for a boss

    Maybe its from an goddess then.
  11. Id kindly suggest that the creation of new servers comes to a grinding stop, until that is... other issues with the games are fixed. One cant even get to the Forums via one clicking of the link. I have to click on support... and then forums before Im at the forums logged in. That method only works about 30% of the time. Because once im at the forums, and im not logged in... clicking on the log in link does nothing but open a new forums window. Thats one issue. Another is Sacred City is having the same issue that Star Seal was having. Figure that out, please, and get it working. We have missed Sacred City three times now. And please consider changing the times for it, so people in the UK part of the world can take part. As it stands Sacred City happens around 930 EST .. in the usa, for me. For the UK? past 2am in the morning. Then there is the censorship issue. I fail to see why the word 'god' is censored in clan chat. Not that im religious, but is 'god' really an offensive word here? Especially in a game where Goddesses exist. Then there was the issue i brought up last week or so, with Goddesses dealing no damage to monsters. Fix that please. Fix the various problems in game, before creating new servers.
  12. Censorship in game

    The censorship issue is crazy. If you type "but its" ..... thats censored. I know why, because the game thinks there is a naughty word in there. But really. Its nothing but annoying.
  13. Various Events Still Not Working

    I cant get into Star Seal. Again. World Boss is working ... but its beaten rather quickly. So thats still off. I have my doubts if Turf War will be working in less than 30min. I got a reply a day ago or so, saying that everything should be fixed. But it isnt. Arent there people that check the various game events to actually make sure they are working right? With the amount of events not working I'd say no, and that should change.