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  1. Making Roads Safer In Nigeria

    Just a year and only a couple of days ago, at the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) conference, held in London (4th of July, 2008) in which participants were Nigeria principal marshals from the FRSC, Osita Chidoka made an observation in his opening address that "There are estimated to be 161 deaths in every 10000 vehicles in an accident on the roads of Nigeria ..." As of this point, the number continues to rise despite all efforts of the corps, and not due to human causes and the poor condition of roads, particularly due to inattention and maintenance culture. Many of the roads in the federal and state government are thought of as dangerous to life because they lack safety infrastructures. As per FIA Foundation Organisation, "Every six seconds, someone dies or is injured on the streets of the world". Most of these deaths, approximately 70 percent, are in the developing world. The mortality rate for road traffic injuries prevalence in Africa stands at 28.3 per 100,000 people. Numerous people are injured or crippled each day on Nigerian roads. The number of deaths keeps exceeding our imaginations with an increasing number of Nigerians being killed each day, and consequently suffering the trauma of their families. Road accidents and deaths are violent, sudden traumatizing circumstances that need to be treated with care by everyone and everyone. One of the biggest dangers for travelers in Nigeria is the safety of the road. Recently. I made a call to the former chief executive officer of a prominent publishing house located in Ibadan, (the publisher of my first book) to inform him and discuss my latest Fwd Test road safety initiatives. It was just as I was about to end my conversation with him when he shared with me the story of a terrible motor accident that took place on the Lagos-Ibadan expressway less than an hour earlier on his return to Ibadan. He told me that a lot of deaths were attributed to the lack of emergency medical personnel or even traffic police who are supposed to be present every minute on highways. They have no other duties other than to protect lives while driving. This tragic news reminds me of what transpired in November of 2007 on one of my frequent trips to Nigeria. A few hours after arriving I set out to drive myself from the Ikeja region to Ibadan. The steering wheel that I was using along the highway was a huge battle, with no talk of large pot-holes that were gaping or black spots, and debris that was spotted on both sides of the road. I wondered what government officials or representatives are on these same roads. In the end, they were elected to represent us, and help us be safe to live and work. Just forty minutes on the road, I was witness to two horrendous road accidents in only a few kilometers of the hour-long journey on the Lagos-Ibadan expressway. The most shocking aspect of the tragic scene was that I didn't even spot a single traffic policeman nor an emergency ambulance, or a doctor or nurse attending to victims who were groaning with pain, for over 20 minutes. However, I did count eight checkpoints for police ("road-block") placed in the area between Lagos and Ibadan expressway that very same day. What is their purpose? These checkpoints at the police ought to be converted into SOS emergency centers that have paraded traffic police officers, and standby ambulances with nurses and doctors. Every Nigerian is entitled to live and work in peace. Every Nigerian is entitled to walk, bike, and drive on safe roadways that are safe and secure. This generation must not be lost in the midst of increasing traffic accidents. In less than 15 weeks, Nigeria will be celebrating its 50th anniversary as a nation. (Golden anniversary, as it will be referred to). (Golden anniversary as it will be called). Nigeria is required to come out with a fresh National Safety Action Plan or Road Safety Improvement Action Plan that will run for 10 years (2010-2010). This plan should consist of a comprehensive, unified strategy that includes the federal road safety police force, all federal and states ministries of transport and road education, health road engineers as well as policymakers insurers, auto businesses, motoring associations, industrial representatives, psychologists and researchers in road safety and driver training (driving school) mass media as well as youth organizations, community leaders and other stakeholders with an interest for road safety. The purpose of the Road Safety Improvement Action Plan committee is to meet, debate and formulate a blue-print recommendation to improve safety measures which will form the basis of the road safety plan over the coming 10 years (2010-2020) or within the coming five years as determined by the authority. The goal of this highly-rated strategic road safety program should be focused on what is known as the "4Es" in safety which comprises the contribution to Engineering, Education, Enforcement, and Emergency Medical Services. This is a further explanation of how to create an efficient roads-network, create and sustain the mindset of road safety and ensure that road safety becomes everyone's responsibility. The committee will focus on the most important issues related to road safety including children's road safety education, and road accident issues with solutions. Other issues include roadside environments and infrastructures, driver education as well as testing and licensing all-encompassing ambulance services (SOS) rehabilitation of victims of accidents in the aftermath of a crash, crash data and research roads safety information systems, up-to-date equipment, programs for public awareness traffic laws enforcement and sanctions, the role of non-governmental groups (NGO) as well as standards for the safety of vehicles, inspection and design road fund for the safety plan, regulation of public transport and conformity. Another area in which the committee needs to take a holistic approach is looking at the human factors that account for most road accidents in Nigeria. This includes drivers of all ages pedestrians, motorcyclists, the safety of the occupant, and countermeasures to behavioral issues such as speed, seat belts drunk drivers, and impaired drivers. The same type of road safety program has proven to be an enormous success in other countries, such as Malaysia and Malaysia with Road Safety of Malaysia (2006-2010), National Road Safety Plan in Kenya (2005-2010), South Africa, and more recently road construction projects. In the UK, the United Kingdom government has recently unveiled a decade-long action to make roads safer. The plan will be in place between 2010 and 2020. Road security is an issue that is shared by and is a concern of all. Road traffic systems are among the most complicated problems that people must face every day. We must all work to ensure the successful use of this safety strategy which will outline the steps needed to address Nigeria's most significant traffic safety concerns. Road users' education awareness, awareness, positive attitude, and defensive driving methods must be developed to prevent accidental accidents. We could save more lives, and remain safe and accountable road users when they can help to ensure road safety by observing traffic rules and laws and road signs, speed limits, and never driving or riding while under the effects of alcohol or banned substances. Road Safety Improvement Action Plan is regarded as very important and admirable to Nigeria at this point in its development. It will provide the basis of information against which better resource allocation and policy decisions can be taken in order to maximize the effective use of our plentiful human and natural resources. This needs to be addressed immediately. The government should invest in road safety improvements and think of road safety spending as an investment, not as an expense. The development and improvement of road safety can be a benefit to all citizens.
  2. Home Based Business

    The possibility of working from home differs in a significant way from that of an employee. Businesses that operate from home typically started to pursue individual interests, and innovative ideas, and work from home. The majority of owners do not start a small-scale business while they're still working full-time. Entrepreneurial ventures require lots of work and effort in order to turn a profit. A business owner who owns an entrepreneurial business may need to forgo the guarantee of regular pay. Self-employment requires courage and strength, as well as access to vital resources. The advantages of a regular job such as retirement and insurance have to be cut off. Changes in your career from employee to employer may create significant difficulties. Certain traits can be utilized by business transformation consulting owners who operate from home to make the transition easier and achieve their full potential. Make Knowledgeable Decisions: The potential owner of an entrepreneurial venture of a small size should know the requirements and expectations of the type of work required. A careful analysis of business strategies could be required for companies that operate on a service basis. Regular education sessions and programs must be conducted to keep up-to-date the skills that are needed. Proper research in product and marketing is required to be aware of crucial market trends. Plan Ahead: Long- and short-term logistical planning is crucial to the success of a home-based business. The business plan needs to be written and reviewed frequently in order to adjust to changes in business requirements. Strong Dedication: Business owners who own a business have to be able to deliver consistent and reliable results to clients or clients. Face Ambiguity: The financial uncertainty that comes with self-working can be extremely difficult for business owners who are employees who have been fired. Ability to Seize Opportunities: The owners of a business have to constantly seek out opportunities. It's a lot harder to pursue expansion than to finish tasks that are performed in the capacity of an employee. Opportunities are available on a variety of levels, including the development of products, marketing strategies as well as customer support. Small-scale businesses must make themselves stand out by being flexible. Self Motivated: The owner of the business venture should be self-motivated to set goals and goals. This isn't easy for people who have been spending a lot spent working on another. The business activities must be solely controlled by the business owner. These beneficial qualities are attainable and can be developed for self-employment. Entrepreneurs should create a detailed business plan that allows for diversification. A backup plan can be used to deal with issues that are likely to affect profitability. Discipline, hard work, and determination will go a long way in managing the home-based business.
  3. Business Transformation Consulting

    When you make the decision that you'd like to contract out certain of your less important business processes, you usually have to place a large amount of trust in the Business Process Outsourcing business (BPO) you choose to utilize. An effective way to eliminate some of the uncertainty is to get a better comprehension of what differentiates an effective business process outsourcing firm from one that is not. The main factor that will make your outsourcing company for business processes performs well is their comprehension of your requirements. As the customer pays them to supply you with a service. With them, you'll benefit from an improvement in the services you offer and a decrease in the cost. Furthermore, the business process outsourcing company should provide its services in line with your company's values and principles. Companies that are good at outsourcing business processes need to have both the experience and resources to produce results in very short time frames. Perhaps more important is their ability to comprehend the requirements of your business. If you want to feel confident that you've chosen the most suitable outsourcing firm for your needs, they need to be able to provide a thorough and extensive business transformation consulting process that will be the basis for any decision on your behalf of you. To allow a BPO firm to understand your requirements and offer services in line with your requirements, they have to operate in exactly the same way you do. It's not worth using an organization that is likely to provide you with the options open to them, and then let the decision for you to choose among them. To achieve the greatest results for your company, the selected BPO company must collaborate with you to discover the most effective solution for your needs. That means the BPO you select must get a complete understanding of the goals of your company and also the desired results of outsourcing. This kind of consulting on business transformation is more likely to be more time-consuming than other consulting procedures however, it's worthwhile in the end.
  4. A Tale of Two Companies and Their Banks

    "It was the best of times, it was the worst of times, it was... " Well, you can see the whole picture. In the last few months, I've worked on behalf of two companies as an outsourcing CFO. Both businesses require financial assistance from banks to ensure their operations and growth Both companies have been through difficult economic times. Both companies recognize that they must invest in procedures, processes, and staff to expand and earn the desired return for their shareholders. I would like to tell you how two firms have worked to organize bank loans, bringing on staff as well as investing in internal processes to build businesses that will deliver the desired shareholder profits. First, some background facts. Company A is around for just a little over 4 years. The company purchased its assets from an established business and over the course of the first three years, it expanded its operations to over 15% per year. In conjunction with a major acquisition Company, A is now almost double the size of the company it purchased. The margins have been excellent and the business has been in a position to pay money to its owner at the end of each year. As the company grew rapidly, the business, company was pushing its internal systems and staff to the limits. Furthermore, existing equipment and systems needed to be upgraded to accommodate future growth. In the middle of year 4, the clouds of storms began developing in company A. The company was required to recruit more employees to manage the exponential growth that it had witnessed and to accommodate constant growth in revenues. However, the rapid growth of the company meant that the system and staff were overloaded. This caused quality problems that caused a large number of customers to leave the company to join rivals. In addition two of the team members left the company and launched an alternative company. They also took on customers by offering lower costs on similar products. A rush to invest in capital equipment which was intended to cut the cost of labor was being used poorly and led to massive increases in the expense of supplies. Company A was losing money and was required to change its procedures quickly to correct the ship. Furthermore, the company's current credit card debt had to be refinanced to ease cash flow issues. Business B was operating for less than 5 years. It was a new company that its owner was able to bootstrap to reach recurring revenue levels which enabled the company to reach profit quickly. The flow of cash was the main focus and the business was capable of remitting cash back to the owner every year. The business was established with the owner in charge of the strategic direction of the company and overseeing every aspect of the company. As the company expanded, its operations were no longer effectively controlled by a single person. In year 5, CEO Company B's owner Company B realized that experienced employees were required to come in to manage the company. Prior growth was financed by customer advance payments, and the business was free of credit card debt. As the recurring revenue started to grow, it was the right time to invest in systems and people to help take the business to the next stage. Personnel recruitment would be closely controlled and synchronized with the incoming cash flow to ensure that the company could control the new expenses on a cash-positive basis. New opportunities for customers were increasing and were partially funded through bank loans and advances from customers. The company was beginning to demonstrate profitable operations and was required to invest the appropriate amount to help manage the growing demand. Both businesses needed help to navigate the tough times they faced. Which would do better with discussions with the bank in light of the circumstances? The outlook was grim for company A. Numerous mistakes resulted in the company losing customers and permitting some former members of the management team to establish a rival business. The staff was hired late to address quality concerns and the company now had too many employees to sustain the business as it was. Capital equipment investment that was intended to cut costs for labor has dramatically increased the cost of supply and was taking cash away from the business. The current terms of banks had placed this company into a situation in which the credit line continued to grow because of losses from operations. The company was required to consolidate existing bank contracts to avoid an eventual situation that could sever the company. To understand the way Company A managed through this difficult period, we need to examine the past to see how the company first began. At the time, the new owner recognized that there was a chance to expand the company quickly, based on the current economic context. This meant it was essential from the start to establish a solid management team led by an experienced CEO. The CEO was aware that it was essential to establish strong relationships with banks and establish procedures to manage the finances of the company. The new owner placed cash into the business to pay for a large portion of the acquisition. In addition, the CEO was able to negotiate the bank partnership. The bank offered term debt to fund the purchase as well as a credit line to help finance the working capital requirements. The new owner has provided sufficient cash to the company, the bank did not need personal guarantees in relation to loans. Additionally, financial covenants were set to reasonable levels. Company A was required to perform annual audits as part of the bank's financing, but this was something that the new CEO and owner viewed as essential for the company even though it wasn't required by banks. When the economic downturn hit, Company A had an excellent relationship with the bank and paid a significant amount of principal on existing term loans. The CEO regularly met with the bank in order to talk about how the business was experiencing and what the company did to resolve the problems, which included bringing in an experienced CFO advisory who could assist in addressing the tight liquidity issue. The CEO and CFO demonstrated to the bank that they had enough resources in the business to refinance its existing line of credit and debt in order to increase cash flow. The staffing levels were cut mostly through attrition, but by this method, the company was able to improve the overall quality of its workforce. The company worked with the company that made the equipment in order to address the issues that led to higher costs for supply and were able to address those problems over the course of a few months. Marketing Measurement
  5. Being among the oldest industries is the construction sector, it has a standing high and contributes a significant amount to the advancement of society. It doesn't matter if it's the construction of dams or building high-rises civil engineers have developed periodically to showcase their full potential. In addition to being integral to the advancement of our nation, This field also offers a lucrative career path and a lucrative career path. Civil Engineering engages in planning, developing, and implementing construction work. The field of engineering encompasses a wide variety of tasks in engineering including designing, supervising, and structural work for the public service like construction of bridges, roads, structures, roads dams, airports tunnels (for water and sewage systems, etc.) and offers a wide range of challenging career possibilities. The recruitment agencies that specialize in Manufacturing or construction are aware of the intensity of work required to achieve the process. Civil engineers form the brains of all developments in business, and that is why businesses pay particular attention when selecting civil engineers or specialists in this sector. Engineering recruitment consultants apply their knowledge and expertise to bring up highly skilled, knowledgeable, and creative professionals who can deliver their highest potential and propel the nation and the company to new heights of achievement. Starting Your Engineering Consultancy Scope The construction industry is divided into three main segments: General contractors heavy/ civil engineering contractors and contractors in the area trade. Over the past couple of years, the number of firms has increased in this field leading to the rapid development of industries and more lucrative job opportunities available to civil engineers. Civil Engineering Construction companies and professionals play a crucial part in the private, public as well as industrial fields. Construction projects are a range of defense, government, and private projects on a national as well as an international scale. Experts in this area offer innovative and cost-effective solutions for various construction-related problems. Every year, the construction sector employs an enormous amount, Civil engineers. Employment Patterns Consultants in civil engineering recruitment are well-versed in water resource, structural, transportation, environmental, construction, and Geotechnical engineering. Therefore, they hire those who are suitable for any job opening within this field. The fields of these are highly dynamic and varied, which is why it's difficult to find a skilled professional within this particular field. Construction companies know the effort and hard work needed to recruit candidates, therefore they contract experienced engineer consultancy services to complete the task. A significant portion of civil engineers works in different geographic areas other as opposed to their central headquarters. Thus, bringing in experts who meet the requirements for this field without compromising their skills is a daunting task to be completed by expert Engineering consultants. Therefore, regardless of whether you're looking for an exciting job or are looking for talented engineers to join your business, seek out professional engineering consultants to provide you with high-quality service and help you to grow your business.
  6. Software Development - Life Cycle

    It is now so simple to get access to complex things in a matter of seconds. With the advent of the internet-based business, we are able to process many transactions in only an hour or so with just a single click. Relax and you'll see everything done with no waiting. Well! It's all due to the brilliant masterminds working day and night to create the latest technology in software. The team of professionals works as a team of software developers to develop various types of software that make life easier for us. Software development can be described as the process in the process by which a particular software is created. The entire procedure followed in order to produce the software that you desire can be described as the software lifecycle. There are some fundamental procedures that must be followed by every software development company in india. After having a brief overview of these steps, we have developed the below steps to help you become aware of the development of software. Analyze Examine the software What kind of technology does it use? Are the programs similar to the previous version or is it an entirely new program that has been included? Check for specifications and try to comprehend the meaning. The application's scope from a futuristic perspective should be defined and is known as the"scope document. Designing The next step is looking at the architecture of the program. The design of the program is clearly established and this design ensures that the program meets the specifications of the product as well as making sure that it meets the requirements of the future. Implementation This is the part in which the most skilled software engineers are brought to the forefront. These experts begin writing code. Testing: The most critical step in which quality control of the development of software is carried out to make sure that bugs are caught early enough and solved them. 5 Tips to Diminish Risk Elements in a Software Development Lifecycle DEPLOYMENT: After the code has been tested, it is put to use, or made available for release. MAINTENANCE Monitoring the software is vital since sometimes issues that are not expected can occur. In this stage, ensure that the software functions effectively or fixes any problems or demands.
  7. I've noticed that a lot of new traders are a little confused about the process of setting up and opening a trading account through an agent. It's not a problem if you have the ability to manage your banking online setting up and running an account with a brokerage trading company is an easy task. It is the first thing to do: locate your broker. If you are a trader then you need an effective electronic platform that can help you manage your account and trade online in an interactive manner. The most important aspects to consider include: The cost of execution is very low on the contract you want to trade. Prices are quoted either as"per side" "round trip" or "per side". Since a future trade requires two distinct transactions that are Buy to Open and Sell to close or reverse the "round trip" price covers both sides. If you come across ads with a price of $5, you are aware that trading could cost you $10. Speedy execution of the orders you make. When I say "fast" I mean virtually instant execution of market orders. The trading platform should offer an immediate electronic interface with the marketplace. Don't consider a two-stage process whereby orders are sent to brokers, who then forward them to exchanges. Click Here and get the best trading company in INDIA. Support for all the common kinds of orders. At a minimum, you must be able to market order, stop, and limit orders. If you do not want to be dependent on the screen for the entire session, make sure you be able to have orders like "one cancels other" or "one triggers other" available in order that your strategy can be automatized. A chart is a trading analyst's primary tool and well-established brokers provide high-quality charts in their offerings. It should be able to show market data in a variety of formats and timeframes. The software must allow for the display of standard indicators and chart studies. Real-time data feeds are crucial for traders on a day-to-day basis. You must be able to see your charts changing on your monitor in real-time. It is also possible to view "market depth" information. (This indicates the number of transactions that are on the market at different bid/ask rates.) In general, there's an annual fee for this service. This charge is usually waived when you complete a certain amount of transactions. Access to markets across the world. Electronic markets have made it possible for brokers to offer direct interfaces with exchanges across the globe. Alongside being able to trade in the US Markets, you want to be able to trade in European or Asian markets. This is crucial for investors from countries other than the US. 24/7 support is vital. In most cases, you won't need to reach your broker via telephone, and you can conduct all of your trading transactions on the internet. If something goes off, you should be assured that someone is ready to resolve the issue promptly. In a market that is constantly changing the speed of action can be crucial. Last, but certainly not least, it's helpful when your trading platform permits the trading of futures options in addition to pure contracts for futures. As your trading progresses you might want to use option strategies, and it can be a hassle when you need to change brokers. Over the course of my career, I've employed two futures brokers: Xpresstrade as well as Interactive Brokers. Both offered excellent service. Xpresstrade utilizes a browser-based trading platform, which means there is no need to download any particular software on your PC. I found it easy to use, and with strong features, and the assistance was excellent. Interactive Brokers (IB) is my current broker, and I am very pleased with their service. All of their processes are automated and there is a myriad of services that are available through their platform for trading. For instance, you can enter orders via a standard screen for entering orders, or directly from the "book trader" screen, or through graphic tools directly on charts. IB offers excellent support. They are however geared towards traders with experience and know-how and don't offer "hand-holding" support. Those who are new to trading may find their interface to be more difficult than others like Xpresstrade. For a rough idea of the pricing you can expect, Xpresstrade charges $5 per side for the most common electronic contracts; IB charges $2.40. Both offer discount structures for volume traders. As I write this, I am watching the Corn market on the Chicago Board of Trade. You can click this link to view my basic trading screen. Two windows are open. On the right side is the charting window that is set to follow the session with 2-minute candlestick bars. There is the volume displayed at the bottom. It is simple to display your studies or draw trends across the charts. To the left of the screen on the left side is to the left is the "book trader" window which shows market depth at different prices, and allows the entry of one click for the most common types of orders. For instance, left-clicking on a specific price level will trigger an order called a Limit, while the right click triggers the stop order. The Buy/Sell buttons located at right at the very top will open market orders that are immediate. This is an excellent setup for Stock Trading on a daily basis. Screens are simple to modify and each trader is able to set up their own system in accordance with their personal preferences as well as the instruments they prefer to employ. I've noticed that traders from other countries are often uneasy about opening accounts with US brokerage companies. Naturally, they feel more secure in and "connected" working with a brokerage that is based in their country. But I suggest you consider international perspectives in this industry. The US futures markets are huge and the industry that manages these markets is well-established and well-developed. Choose your "best" brokerage, not necessarily one with a local presence. Keep in mind that your interactions are entirely online which means it does not matter where their office is located. Another concern I've been hearing from new traders from offshore is that their funds are not secure and could become difficult to get access to. The only thing we can tell you is over more than ten years of experience in trading, I have found the process of depositing and withdrawing funds to be simple as well as completely reliable. US Futures brokers are highly controlled, and perhaps more so than brokers from your country.
  8. Python is now more well-known than any other programming language of the present. The object-oriented, interpreted programming language also is extremely loved by developers all over the globe as a powerful server-side scripting language. Because Python lets developers express concepts with less accessible code, it is more simple for programmers to cut the time needed to develop. In addition developers also have the choice to utilize popular web frameworks such as Django to build high-performance and complicated Python web applications quickly. But, developers must evaluate the appearance and feel of their Python web application carefully to increase its visibility and increase its profitability. When testing web-based applications, developers can pick from a range of browser automation tools such as PAMIE, PyXPCOM, windmill, SST and Selenium. The majority of developers choose Selenium in comparison to other frameworks in order for testing their Python web applications with ease. In contrast to other tool for automation of browsers, Selenium permits testing specialists to create test scripts in various languages, including Python, C#, Java, PHP, Ruby and Python. Thus, testers can choose of testing this Python web application by writing test scripts using Python. There are plenty of reasons that developers around the globe use Selenium to test Python web-based applications. Why do QA professionals prefer using Selenium to Test Python Web Applications? is compatible with all major Operating Systems and Web Browsers Presently, Selenium supports all major operating systems as well as web browsers. Selenium currently supports Microsoft Windows and Linux. It is also compatible with the most popular browsers for web browsing including Firefox, Chrome, Internet Explorer, Safari and Opera. This makes it simpler to QA professionals to evaluate the Python internet application software on various platforms and web browsers without writing separate code or using additional automated test tools. Selenium is further equipped with features to create and run tests automatically across various web browsers and operating systems at the same time. allows users to create a the complete Testing Automation Software Selenium IDE and Selenium testing experts can design an entire test automation suite by using Selenium WebDriver with Selenium IDE. They can make use of Selenium WebDriver to quickly create web-based regression automation systems and tests. Furthermore, they can expand and spread test scripts over multiple environments. The Selenium IDE in turn allows testers to write rapid bug-reproduction scripts. This means that QA professionals can mix different elements of Selenium to make an automated test tool that is complete that does not require any licenses and third party APIs. Performs Tests More Faster To find the performance and bugs in web-based applications QA professionals are required to run tests on a regular basis and often. However, testers must also be able to finish all tests in a an allotted time. Selenium allows testers to make use of cloud-based test grids to increase the speed of their tests. Apart from improving the testing infrastructure, these tools allow testers to run tests in parallel. This makes it easier for testers to run tests efficiently and often. They also have the choice of a variety of open and free functional testing grids that are cloud-based to cut down on project costs. Basic HTML Concepts are required Selenium can be used with many contemporary programming languages. However, when testing the functionality of a Python web-based application, it is only required to understand the most basic HTML concepts. HTML is used to describe the web page, while the individual HTML tags define the content of the document. Therefore, HTML tags determine how document's content will appear on web browsers. Selenium separates HTML components or attribute into 3 distinct groups, i.e. one or group, and custom. It identifies single elements based on their ID, link or link text. The groups are identified by their the index property or values that are combined. It makes it more straightforward for test engineers to figure where to find the bug or defect. This feature makes it simpler for them to pinpoint the exact bug and performance issues swiftly. Helps Testers Address Maintainability Problems Alongside developing and running tests quickly, QA professionals are also needed to keep track of test cases efficiently. Selenium aids testers in overcoming problems with maintainability by structuring the automated test code with the pattern known as page objects. The page objects concentrate on the structure of the HTML code for a specific webpage instead of looking at how the services are used. Therefore, testers can use page objects to find the code with ease, and navigate through various pages quickly and only make changes once. Since the majority of Selenium code will be stored in page objects, testers can quickly increase the base of code without having to add new Selenium code. Offers Selenium Python Course in Delhi API As mentioned earlier, Python supports several programming languages, including Python. Thus, testers have the option for writing scripts using Python. They can also use the Selenium Python API to write functional and acceptance tests by connecting to Selenium WebDrivers, such as common support chrome, support, Firefox, ie, remote and Phantomjs. The most current release of this API includes different variations of Python including 3.2, 3.3, 3.4 and 2.7. Additionally, it can be used by downloading then installing Selenium Python bindings. This means that an organization could benefit from the expertise of its existing Python programmers to conduct functional and acceptance testing in a timely manner. is compatible with many Testing Frameworks When trying to test using the Python web application using Selenium, QA professionals have the option of using several test frameworks. The Web browser Automation Framework, a portable framework for testing integrates together with Pytest, PyUnit, unittest and robot framework. As a component of Python 2.1 Standard Library, PyUnit lets testers write test programs quickly and to run multiple tests using either text or GUI mode. Additionally, pytest has several tools that aid testers in learning create better programming. Therefore, you as a QA professional can make use from these frameworks for testing in order to make sure you that your Python web application provides a flawless user experience across all web browsers. Python is an open-source programming language while Selenium is an open-source Web browser Automation Tool. This means that organizations can use the programming language as well as the web testing tool to reduce cost of the project. The combination can further help users to test the application in the most popular web browsers in an agreed-upon time. Where to Find the Best Free Web Design Software?
  9. Multitasking Job of a Data Scientist

    Companies make use of data science in a way to become market leaders. Data streams into different places like social media, web customer review internal databases, as well as government databases. But having the information stored won't help companies in any way. to make use of the data, it is necessary to study it. Data analysis isn't an easy task as the trends can be hidden. Data science is earning profits from all industries, domestic as well as international. A total of Rs1.27 billion was earned in the past year and is expected to surpass Rs20 billion in 2025. The sudden increase is due to big data showing to be extremely valuable to businesses. The most common uses include: Helping you understand the market demand. Contributes to the creation of new products and services. Aids in retention of customers and satisfaction. Aids in communicating the brand's message to customers. Supports marketing via social media and digital channels. Aids in real-time experiments and helps keep a watchful eye on the business's performance. ROLES OF DATA SCIENTISTS: They are the data analysts that look for the meaning of the data that is collected. Data professionals have multiple roles in their data everyday tasks. Since the whole data process is a chain of steps an expert in data science could complete them all at once or assign separate experts to finish the process. The roles that are that they play include: Visit BookMyShiksha because they providing the Best Data Scientist Course in Delhi. Do some research and formulate the problem in terms that are relevant to the market. Find information from many external and internal sources, such as websites and internal databases, data sets accessible on the internet, or customer reviews from social media platforms. Cleanse and scrub your data to remove all irregularities, such as gaps, incorrectly entered figures, differences in time zones, and more. Analyze the data from every direction to discover any type of pattern or patterns hidden within it. To do this, a variety of tools are utilized that are designed for the exploration of data. Utilize mathematical and statistical techniques and models to study the data, and prepare it for the use of predictive decision-making. Develop new algorithms, which can also be referred to as machine learning in which data is used to automatize the process. Make the inferences you've learned using tools for data visualization and present them in a manner that is comprehended by management. An understanding of the situation will lead to effective decision-making and solutions that can be used in a way that is practical. Different companies have their own assignments for data analysis, but the majority of the tasks are identical. Data Science: The Pinnacle of All Careers SKILLS OF A DATA SCIENTIST: Data scientists require many skills to draw from. The most crucial one is an open mind and an analytical outlook. Looking for a solution and then acting like a detective sifting for the answers within a vast volume of data is no joke. Essential traits such as the ability to be patient, curious and understanding of the context make a person successful. The rest of the information is technical and is attainable to learn and apply. The skills required include: Statistics, mathematics, and probabilities. Programming and Coding. Cloud Computing (Amazon S3) Modeling and machine learning Management of databases. Tools such as Python, Apache Spark, and Flink, Hadoop, Pig & Hive. SQL, Java, C/C++ Knowledge of the industry. Communication and presentation abilities. Decision-making skills. Industries of all sizes and influence demand these skills from their specialists. In order to be successful as a data scientist, these are essential prerequisites.