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  1. As for the two administrators, Abe Qingming and Ma Cang Ye Wang, who called Li Cangyao and his mother, they were also classified as mysterious people. Li Cangyao saw Abe Qingming and Ma Cang Ye Wang's words and chatted with them privately, and asked about their recent situation. It is reassuring to know that they are doing well now. Although she is the group owner of the red envelope group, in fact, she will not pay much attention to this useless red envelope group, so most of the time this magical red envelope group is managed by Abe Qingming and Ma Cang Ye Wang. As for her, she often uses the red packet group to send them something to use or ask them to help Ibaraki Boy. After she sent the red envelope, she dived to watch the people in the group give the newlyweds the rules and uses of the popular science red envelope group, and then quietly watched the people in the group chatting. The red envelope group is very lively, although there are a few people who are cold and don't like to talk, but there are also some people who are particularly talkative, such as the magic dragon, who especially likes to offer sacrifices to the light, and the sacrifice of the light is good, but it is a bit like the Tang monk, who likes to read, especially when it comes to the magic dragon, these two people are endless, and every time they can let her see a mutual drama. But today because there are new people to join, so the magic dragon and the light sacrifice is very rare not to fight each other, but calmly welcome the new people, and also sent a red envelope to the new people. Then came a series of red envelopes, all of which were given to the newlyweds as welcome gifts. The new person's psychological quality is good, although suddenly got this red envelope group a little confused, but after being popular science immediately came to his senses, and quickly received the red envelope, but also said thank you to everyone. Li Cangyao thought about it, and sent a group of red envelopes, wrapped in a few of the nine-turn golden elixirs she had found from the space that had been refined to bring the dead back to life. Sure enough, as soon as the red envelope appeared,hot tub wholesale, even the divers came out to grab it. Li Cangyao looked at less than a minute to be robbed of all the red envelopes could not help but smoke the corners of his mouth, and Ma Cang Ye Wang private chat said something, let him manage the red envelope group under. The time on the plane was boring, so Li Cangyao simply put on a blindfold and went to sleep. When she woke up, the plane was about to arrive in the imperial capital. Li Cangyao didn't know anyone in the imperial capital, so she had to find a place to live first. The hotel was booked online and is a 5 star hotel. Yes, she won't treat herself badly. She just booked the presidential suite in a five-star hotel. Rich, capricious. The last thing she needs is money. Don't say the things in the space, even if you don't take the things in the space, go directly to buy two lottery tickets to win a big prize. After tidying up at the hotel, Li Cangyao had a good sleep and went out to look for a house the next day. She should settle down here in the future, and naturally she has to buy a house, preferably near H University, so that she can go to school conveniently, and she can go to school. Li Cangyao spent a few days looking for a house, the emperor's holiday is very expensive, outdoor whirlpool ,whirlpool hot tub, but it is nothing to her, so she bought a two-storey villa, is in a newly built villa area, although it is far away from H, but fortunately it takes half an hour to drive there, and here is not only a good environment, but also a good security measure. What makes Li Cangyao even more satisfied is that the small villa she bought has a very large courtyard, probably more than 200 square meters. Villa is refined decoration, only need a little modification can be checked in, but Li Cangyao or personally changed the decoration of the villa, this does not need anyone to start, Li Cangyao directly a person to get the villa, thanks to the omnipotent magic. Li Cangyao came to the imperial capital ahead of time. It was nearly a month before she signed up. Before that, she stayed in the hospital for nearly two months because it was inconvenient for her to get better directly. The first thing she did after she came to the imperial capital was to fill herself with Lingquan water, take medicine, cure herself thoroughly, and improve her physical quality to the limit. Today, she not only has a devil-like figure, white as jade skin, but also has a beautiful and delicate face. Li Cangyao looked at herself in the mirror and was quite satisfied. As soon as she was in a good mood, she opened the red envelope and sent several red envelopes in the past. Rich, capricious! Li Cangyao's action made online Abe Qingming a little surprised, but also a private chat with her, but Li Cangyao did not tell him what was going on, only said that he was in a good mood, and these things she did not want. Abe Qingming knew that Li Cangyao had countless treasures. After knowing that Li Cangyao had no impulse, he left it alone. He checked the things he had grabbed, collected the useful ones, and gave the useless ones to others. Then he went offline to find Ma Cang Ye Wang to continue discussing the matter of time travel. In the following days, Li Cangyao visited almost every place in the imperial capital. As an ancient historical and cultural city, there are many cultural relics in the imperial capital that are worth watching. Li Cangyao had a good time every day, during which she also met a very interesting woman named Wang Luping. When he heard the name, Li Cangyao's intuition was very familiar, but because the memory was too long, he could not remember where he had heard it for a while. Until she returned home, she entered the space and looked through the books in the space and remembered, Wang Luping, there is a mother called Shun Juan, is not familiar with it. But obviously, Wang Luping and Shun Juan in this world do not have Wang Ziling and Wang Zhanpeng around them, which is interesting. It seems that the reborn Wang Luping has done a lot of things. But look at Wang Luping now smiling bright appearance is obviously very good, Li Cangyao will not care about anything, everyone has their own fate, and rebirth, is Wang Luping's fate. However, Li Cangyao did not expect that she would see Wang Luping again in H University. Obviously, she was admitted to H University, and Wang Luping obviously knew Li Cangyao, and she was very happy to see him. After all, there was a time when they went to the imperial capital together. Later, because they were assigned to a dormitory by coincidence, they became good friends. Wang Luping never mentioned anything about her family. At most,whirlpool hot tub, she said that her parents had divorced long ago. She followed her mother, while her sister followed her father. She chose dance as her major, while Li Cangyao chose design as her major. monalisa.com
  2. Then I leaned over and put the back of my head in front of the laser spot on her forehead. In an instant, Zhang Haixing moved away at a very fast speed. I looked at it and thought it was funny. I turned around and did a few actions that were all right. Then I pulled Zhang Haike over and did all kinds of good actions. The two of us are exactly the same. That scene must be very funny. The laser spot swam over us and finally went out, and even I breathed a sigh of relief. Zhang Haike says: "Invite your friend to come over!"! He passed the test, and he is really a very powerful person. I laughed and suddenly saw that the strong Tibetan man kneeling on one side had untied the rope by himself and sat on the sofa on one side drinking buttered tea. He said, "What's the matter?"? Fat Master, I haven't had enough fun yet. I watched in amazement as the strong man wiped the paint off his face with his clothes, and his jaw almost fell off. Hai Xing turned to me angrily. "Didn't you say I caught the wrong person?"? The two of you unite against me! The strong man put on all his makeup, tore off his beard and said to me, "tacit understanding, do you know?"? This is the tacit understanding of comrades-in-arms. Sure enough, it's a fat man. I calmed down and said, "The tacit understanding of the comrade-in-arms of the dog [Zhuo Zai I rolled up the imperial concubine] day, how can I recognize you when you dress up like this?"? But he could not show his timidity, so he laughed and patted the fat man on the shoulder. Who is that man outside the window? Zhang Haixing asked. He is the son of the hostess of my hostel. It's not a laser. It's a little toy. It's used as a teaching stick in lectures. The fat man said, "You are too confident.". My little friend is innocent and has no fighting power at all. How can I let him come alone? I've already put a crab-stealing device on him. Then the fat man took out a small thing from my pants pocket,Chinese spa manufacturer, which turned out to be the cigarette I bought in the canteen at that time. He tore off the package under the cigarette to reveal a small instrument. I can hear everything you say. Girl, you are too young to mix in this society. Go back and practice again. Zhang Haixing was so angry that her eyes turned red and she turned away. The fat man tore open the package of the cigarette case, took out the cigarette and lit it. "Women are women," he said. "You can't rely on it without stealing." Suddenly he was stunned, picked up the cigarette case again, looked at it himself,hot tub spa manufacturers, and took out something from it. What's the matter? I asked. And there's a stealer. I didn't put it there. As soon as the voice fell, countless red dots of laser sights came in from various places outside the window, and one was spotted on everyone. Uh-oh, my heart said: really [river crab] *** chaos, yellow sparrow in the back ah! Insurance measures for fat people Things happened so fast that we couldn't react. None of us dared to move. Zhang Haixing asked the fat man softly, "Did you arrange this?" "Bullshit, where can I find so many landlady's sons?" Then it's a big deal, my heart said. After a moment of stalemate, I saw two foreigners coming into the door. Two of the Germans. I didn't notice it at all before, but now when I see them come in, I realize that these two guys are really [river crabs] ***ing strong, endless swimming pool ,whirlpool hot tub spa, like cattle. Both of them were a head taller than me, with silver-gray hair and knife-like stripes on their faces. This is the face of a mountaineer. The two foreigners came in and waved their hands, and all the laser points disappeared in an instant. But I know that this doesn't mean that all the snipers have retreated. It just tells us that they are watching us. Now that the laser point has been cancelled, we don't want to know what they are doing. There must be quite a few snipers still aiming at us. Good snipers use scopes and can lock on to two targets at a time. After the Germans came in, they had been saluting us with Chinese clasped fists. One of them said in very poor Chinese: "Excuse me, excuse me, everyone sit down, everyone sit down." "I've seen too many gweilo swordsman movies." Said the fat man beside me. You two are free to go. A gweilo came up to me and Fatso and said. Ah Surprised, the fat man said, "Can we go now?" "Yes, go quickly.". "Without looking at us, the gweilo said," What's going on here has nothing to do with you, it's between me and them. " The fat man and I took one look at each other, and Zhang Haike said, "Why don't you go quickly?"? We can manage on our own. I find it very strange that I can't understand the logical relationship of this matter. The fat man grinned at me, meaning that he didn't take advantage of the bastard. Don't wait for the gweilo to go back on his word. He can go first. Fatty and I walked out of the room stiffly like a chicken pecking rice. When we came to the yard, I took one look at Fatty and said, "What should I do?"? Where are you going? "Go to your room first. It's all right here. I have communication with these Germans." Said the fat man. Did you really arrange this? I was surprised. The fat man made a gesture of not talking to me: "Don't say, it's not an arrangement, it's my insurance measure.". Fat Ye, I think there are too many risks involved this time, so I pulled the Germans into the water beforehand. It's not convenient to talk here. Go back and say it. I nodded and said that it was like I went to my friend's house to be a guest. As a result, my friend and his wife quarreled. We were very embarrassed and had to come out. When we came out, we thought: Damn it, there will be no killing of wife or husband, right? Not knowing what to do, my friend said, "Don't worry, his wife loves me.". Think about this description seems not quite right, want to listen to the fat man to explain it. The fat man and I went all the way back to the room, went in and closed the door, and I asked the fat man what was going on. The fat man said it was all right. Before he saw me, he pretended to be a shop assistant in the canteen and sold me several cartons of cigarettes with stolen [river crabs] hearing devices. Each pack of cigarettes contained stolen [river crabs] hearing devices. After that, he followed me all the way and learned a lot of my thoughts. When I was designed,outdoor hot tub, he heard all the processes clearly. And at that time he was near the Lama Temple, and as soon as he heard that they were going to try him, he immediately went back to the city and designed the game. monalisa.com
  3. Seeing Yang Zhilin resolutely shaking her head, although unwilling, Lang Yunfan said with a graceful smile: "Thank you to every brother and sister, and thank you to everyone who passed by for leaving a color in tonight's story.." I'll see you in my next funny dream. After the literary and artistic sensationalism, Lang Yunfan suddenly became serious and announced loudly: "Next, I will announce the final place of the competition.". And promulgate a mysterious reward for the first place. "I'll announce later that I'm going to challenge Jiang Lele." At that moment, a youthful figure suddenly stood out. She was Qi Yue who was inspired by Lin Yu. The beauty has finished the game according to the rules, so your challenge is late. Lang Yunfan said with some regret that refusing a beautiful woman's proposal made him very uncomfortable. It was already midnight, and although Heping Road, where the piano shop is located, borders on the bustling city, it is not well-known, so the street lights will not be turned on at midnight, causing the outside world to be dark. The literary and artistic youth gathered in the classic piano shop were disappointed because of Yang Zhilin's unkindness. But hearing that Qi Yue, who had come with him, had vowed to challenge Jiang Lele,outdoor whirlpool tub, he immediately came one by one and thought to himself that today was really wonderful. Yang Zhilin's continued refusal has made everyone extremely disappointed. Jiang Lele, who has a relatively easy-going personality, should not make everyone's heart itch, right? Sure enough! After Lang Yunfan said that the game was over. Jiang Lele walked over to Qi Yue with a smile, looked at the girl carefully, and then looked at Lin Yu again. Pondering said: "You want to find me to play the piano,endless pool swim spa, should not add some gambling?" "Oh, just add what you said you wanted to win?" Qi Yue's small temper was quickly provoked by the other side with three points of superiority, and she immediately stared back and said. It was too easy to be fooled. Lin Yu and Yang Zhilin, who saw everything in their eyes, shook their heads helplessly. All right, I'll tell you what you win. Seeing Qi Yue's innocence or foolishness in his eyes, Jiang Lele gave a light laugh and then went to his side and whispered: "It's very simple. If I win, the buttocks are easy to be cut, and the scabbard is easy to be cut."! ? "You!" Hearing Jiang Lele say this, Qi Yue was even more angry. At the moment, she wanted to kick the other party. But after gazing at her eyebrows and pondering for a moment, she gritted her teeth and said, endless swim pool ,best whirlpool tub, "All right!"! The elder sister promised you to let you lose. You start first! I'll finish it. "Oh, all right." Jiang Lele showed an elegant smile, a pair of still clear eyes intentionally or unintentionally swept Lin Yu, and then turned to walk on the catwalk to the position of the black grand piano. But after sitting on the chair, Jiang Lele suddenly looked back in the direction of several people. She felt that the girl with heavy makeup, who had always been invisible, looked familiar as if she had seen it somewhere before. But after thinking for a while, she felt that she was thinking too much, so she adjusted her breathing and prepared to enter the world of the piano. In fact, what Qi Yue said just now was just a joke made by Jiang Lele. She could see that the other party was Lin Yu's decent girlfriend, so she had a trick in her heart. For the feelings of Jiang Lele is very light, basically as a game to treat, so not to a Lin Yu to die to live. Her favorite is music. When he carefully stroked the piano keys with a sad face and played the piano version of Butterfly Lovers. For a time, the whole hall of the piano shop seemed to fly into a pair of colorful butterflies playing and chasing each other. True art resonates through the soul. There is no doubt that Jiang Lele has achieved the four words of touching people's hearts through the most classic love in ancient China. Chapter 142 only mother is good in the world. When it comes to love legends, Chinese people are probably most fond of talking about the story of Liang Shanbo and Zhu Yingtai. The love story of Butterfly Lovers originated in the Eastern Jin Dynasty and has evolved into the most touching love story in China. Jiang Lele's solo version of "Butterfly Lovers" easily pulled everyone's thoughts into the sad and beautiful love. Far away, Altair, Jiao Jiao River, Han Nu. Yingying is speechless in the water. They all seem to have returned to the age of blue and white clothes and tasted the beauty of defects. After playing the last few scales, the eyes of many girls present had been hung with a faint haze, which was obviously really touching. After playing, Jiang Lele, who put himself into the music world, looked up and took a deep breath before he gradually recovered. Looking back at the challenger Qi Yue with a smile, "My performance is over, and it's your turn to play next.". Let me remind you that everyone here is basically a professional. After she said that, she walked gracefully into the bar and drank a glass of lemonade before she looked at Qi Yue carefully with interest. For Lin Yu's girlfriend, Jiang Lele still likes her very much. She thinks the girl is as pure as crystal. The eyes are so clear that they do not contain a trace of impurities, which is not easy in today's impetuous society. On the other side, Qi Yue was a little strange anyway. She first stared at the piano, then shook her head and frowned at Lin Yu and said timidly, "I'm afraid, little Yuzi.". My heart is beating hard. What are you afraid of? Who are you? How can you be afraid if you are Qi Yue? Lin Yu comforted with a smile. Then he went to the front of the bar and asked Jiang Lele for paper and pen to write carefully on the paper. After a while, the white paper was covered with dense words. After finishing this step, Lin Yu walked slowly up to the girl with a smile on his lips and gave her a big hug. He relaxed and said, "We are just entertaining. Don't be nervous, just like in your own home.". Do what I say and you will win. Are you sure? How do I feel.. It could be humiliating! Qi Yue looked at Lin Yu with an innocent look. Even if it's embarrassing, it's all right. Few people here know us anyway. Lin Yu said indifferently. That won't do! The guy said the condition was to win you. If I lose,Whirlpool bathtub, you'll be taken away. Gap embedded consumption Xian copy P Xin Shu D meter umbrella! Stretch Zhong Huai Zhi Department Nao Straw Cattle Duty Participant Kao Serves Tiao Tiao? After taking the piece of paper, Qi Yue tilted her head and glanced at it, then went to the piano and sat down timidly. monalisa.com
  4. Color all over the world

    Suddenly, someone came. "Mom.." The soft tone sounded, I bit the tendons, stared, suddenly felt a whirl, is really a vivid place for men. The man in red who played the piano, about fifteen or sixteen, should be about the same size as me, and the boy who played Xiao was about eleven or twelve years old. Although they all bowed their heads meekly and spoke softly, the boy in green still stood behind the man in red with a little uneasiness, as if only in this way could he feel safe, and although the man in red was gentle, it was invisible. But all of them played up his apparent desire for protection. It seems that the relationship between the two brothers is really good. When I was absent for a moment, I felt that all the voices had stopped, but there were countless eyes looking straight at us. At the beginning, everyone was attracted by the appearance of Qin and Xiao, but when I looked at them, I stole the first prize. I saw me twisting my nose, staring at my teeth, and grinning my muscles, and this face was looking at Chin and Xiao, forming an absolutely sharp contrast. When I realized that everyone was looking at me, I was so embarrassed that I let go of my hand. As a result, the tendon bounced back and bounced directly into my face. In silence,hot tub manufacturers, I pulled out a line of tears and a nosebleed. I felt the world spinning, my mind was confused, I leaned on my brother limply and raised my head high. My brother was in a hurry to deal with nosebleeds and tears for me, scolding my carelessness. This sudden situation, coupled with the beautiful color of the table, made everyone stupefied, while I waved my hand to show that it was all right, indicating that everyone would continue to play, not to look at me. "Sit down,massage bathtub manufacturers, Chin and Xiao," said the dish with a smile. "These two are my distinguished guests. This is Mr. Kou Xiaoran, and that is.." As if I hadn't introduced myself, I immediately sniffed a nosebleed and muttered, "I'm excited." My surname is Jia "Mr. Kou." The two of them saluted in unison and turned their faces to me. The man in red frowned slightly. The boy in green was still standing behind Chin. He raised his almond eyes and glanced at me quickly. They called out together, "Mr. Jia." "Poof." The elder brother did not give face to the little squirt. I stared back. Don't laugh. My surname is Jia. Let him laugh like this, I seem to deliberately tell others that I am a fake childe, like a real woman, TNND irritating! The elder brother shook his head helplessly, took a glass of wine, and drank it with an evil smile. I felt that the voices of Chin and Xiao were a little bit familiar. I pulled my head back, wiped my nosebleed face, gave them a deep smile, and called out frivolously, "Hello, beauty." Both of their bodies were stiff, and Chin's eyes were pressed again and again, jacuzzi suppliers ,China spa factory, but not as gentle as they had just been. Xiao's eyes were also stained with a look, but it was only a moment, and they immediately recovered as usual. Chin smiled faintly and toasted me. Her docile attitude and the battle of urine were two different people. I got up with a laugh, sat between them with a lewd smile on my face, and winked at my brother for a good show. Because of my sudden squeeze, three people suddenly became meat dumplings, which seemed very crowded. They pulled away from me without any trace. Chin's face began to look bad, and the anger in her eyes gradually burned. I laughed. This is you. I was almost deceived by your submissive appearance just now. Xiao son also because I suddenly joined and seemed a little hurried, do not know what to do, the little hand under the green clothes began to pull the sleeve to play. I stretched out my hand to embrace the slender waists of the two of them and said with a lewd smile, "It's great to feed the young master and serve him. I'll wrap you up tonight. I can't enjoy it myself, so I'll give it to someone else casually. Ha ha.." Let me take a good look. It's still Xiao'er who is loved. As for Chin'er, just do a good deed every day, just take advantage of an old man, or send a beggar woman. It's all up to me to be happy. So, be good. Come on, give me a smile, a standard service smile, oh, only eight teeth are allowed to show. Hey, talking about you, Chin, you can see that Xiao looks good without smiling, and then look at you, smiling is mainly to frighten people, supplemented by appreciation! Why are the corners of your mouth twitching? Do you want to laugh or cry? Don't scare me. Smile is the most basic courtesy in the service industry. There are eight teeth in total, not eight teeth in a row. That's sixteen. Depend on it! Are you going to eat people? I winked and flirted with them. In fact, it was aimed at Chin. He made me throw urine, and I was forced to stop production in the middle of the urine, which made my stomach uncomfortable until now. I couldn't urinate or melt. And Kou Xiaoran, a clever old fox, immediately understood my intention to retaliate, half squinting his good-looking phoenix eyes, raising the corners of his mouth with a strange smile, looking like he was free to watch a good show. Looking at Chin's face changing colors like a merry-go-round, the corners of his mouth twitching, his face beating, his eyes bright, as if he could breathe fire, but to be honest, he really made people feel amazing, like a jumping bonfire, red and hot, as if he would spew out gorgeous flames at any time, burning me to death, Wahaha.. Just as I was proudly shaking my shoulders, Caidie's words came over slowly: "Mr. Jia, Qin'er and Xiao'er are Qing waiters. They don't accompany their bodies. They only buy art." "Huh?" I opened my eyes wide and looked at Chin with a smile of victory at the corners of her mouth. It was hard to calm down in my heart. I stared angrily at Kou Xiaoran, who was watching a good show. My head turned quickly. I'm not going to let you stop! So I took out Ruoxun's signature face, blinking my big eyes innocently, opening my kissing mouth, and suddenly realized, "Oh.." I see. Chin is the kind of person who can't take off his pants when he touches his upper body. Then he pinched him hard on his waist. Sure enough,whirlpool bathtub manufacturers, Chin snorted and immediately changed her face. "Mr. Jia, you are my mother's guest of honor. Chin and Xiao should take care of you.". I also hope Mr. Jia understands that Chin and Xiao have no contract to sell themselves in the Grass Flower Fragrance Pavilion. Please respect yourself! With that, he twisted his body and broke my arm. monalisa.com
  5. Out of the woods, there was a long and wide slope in front of them, and everyone galloped more happily. Suddenly, Ling Xuejun heard a horse's neigh behind her, and heard Luo Yinshuang's "oops" scream, followed by the sound of someone falling to the ground. She hurriedly turned her head to look, only to see Luo Yinshuang originally riding a horse kneeling on the ground, and her whole person has fallen to the ground, a face of pain. Deng Anning had stopped his horse and was looking at Luo Yinshuang with a panicked face. Startled, she cried out, "No, Yin Shuang fell down!" Then he pulled back the reins and stopped the horse. At the same time, Ling Yurou and Zhang Wenyi also stopped the horse. Several people jumped off the horse and hurried to see Luo Yinshuang. At this time, Luo Yinshuang fell to the ground and was lying on the ground. Deng Anning was supporting her and asked anxiously, "Yin Shuang, what's wrong with you?" "My feet hurt!" Luo Yinshuang said painfully. Zhang Wenyi and Deng Anning are also from the family of generals, and they know a little about injuries from falls. The two men looked at Luo Yinshuang's injuries together, then looked at each other and seemed to breathe a sigh of relief. Miss Zhang, how is Yin Shuang? Ling Yurou asked anxiously. Zhang Wenyi said: "Fortunately, only when I landed, my left ankle was sprained.". I'll see if her foot is badly hurt. With these words, he gently pinched the ankle of Luo Yinshuang's left foot. Sister Wenyi,4 person jacuzzi, don't move! It hurts! Cried Luo Yinshuang. Zhang Wenyi quickly released his hand and said, "It seems that Yin Shuang, you can't go on any more. You can only go back." "I'm going back!" Luo Yinshuang, while breathing, said, "I can't say, eldest brother insisted that I come, let me take care of the jade." Speaking of this,whirlpool bathtub, Luo Yinshuang seemed to realize something, looked up at Ling Yurou, and swallowed the words behind him. Although Luo Yinshuang did not finish her words, Ling Xuejun and Ling Yurou both knew that she meant that Luo Lin asked her to help take care of Ling Yurou. When Ling Yurou heard this, a sense of guilt arose spontaneously. Ling Xuejun took a sensitive look at Zhang Wenyi and Deng Anning, and saw that neither of them seemed to recognize the meaning of Luo Yinshuang's words, and then he was relieved. If before Luo Lin and Ling Yurou are engaged, what bad words come out and affect their marriage, it will not be good. At this time, Zhang Wenyi also said: "Now Yin Shuang this situation, her horse is also injured, she certainly can not ride by herself, only I take her back.". One of the two Ling girls went back with me to take care of me on the way. Another man went to Jiulipo with Anning to look for Luo Da's son and told him about Yin Shuang's injury. Speaking of this, Zhang Wenyi looked at Ling Xuejun and Ling Yurou and said, "You can discuss who will go back with me and who will go to find Mr. Luo?" Because Ling Yurou felt guilty about Luo Yinshuang and wanted to take care of her, jacuzzi manufacturers ,garden jacuzzi tub, she said, "Miss Zhang, I'll go back with you to take care of Yinshuang." "Good." Zhang Jiyi nodded and said, "Miss Ling San, you will go with Anning to look for Mr. Luo." Ling Xuejun hesitated for a moment and answered, "Good." Xu Yang called himself to come, for a while if he had something to do to help himself, see himself go back early, perhaps not satisfied, but also do not know how to threaten himself. "Then we'll go back first," said Zhang Wenyi. You find Mr. Luo and tell him to come back to us as soon as possible! "I know." Ling Xuejun and Deng Anning nodded, and then helped Ling Yurou to help Luo Yinshuang to Zhang Wenyi's horse. When Luo Yinshuang and Zhang Wenyi were seated, Ling Yurou also got on the horse. She turned to Ling Xuejun and said, "Xuejun, I'll go back with Yin Shuang first.". You should be more careful on your way to find Mr. Luo. "I'll be careful, second sister." Ling Xuejun nodded. Because Ling Yurou was worried about Luo Yinshuang and did not say much to Ling Xuejun, she hurried back with Zhang Jiyi and Luo Yinshuang. Watching Ling Yurou and others walk away slowly, Ling Xuejun turned around and said to Deng Anning: "Miss Deng, let's go too." "Good." Deng Anning smiled at Ling Xuejun and then turned the horse's head and walked forward. However, Ling Xuejun saw a trace of uneasiness from Deng Anning's smile. She thought Deng Anning was worried about Luo Yinshuang, and without much thought, she followed him. The two men walked on for almost half an hour and came to the edge of a mountain forest. As Deng Anning walked, he looked around and said to himself, "It should be here. Why didn't you see anyone?" Seeing this, Ling Xuejun asked, "Miss Deng, what are you looking for?"? Don't you know the way? "No." Deng Anning looked back at Ling Xuejun and said, "It should be here. If we go further, maybe we can see them." "Then let's go quickly." Ling Xuejun urged. Uh Deng Anning nodded and rode on. Do not know why, Ling Xuejun always felt that Deng Anning's eyes were more restless than before. Just then, there was a sudden rush of hooves in front of him. Deng Anning quickly stopped his horse and looked forward. Slowly, the figure of a woman riding a horse appeared in front of her. Because the woods were too dense, the sun was mostly covered, the woods were a little dark, and the woman's face could not be seen clearly for a moment. When Deng Anning saw the man, he shouted happily, "Yunshan, I'm here!" Ling Xuejun did not expect that Deng Anning and Lu Yunshan were so close that they could recognize her by a figure? The woman galloped on horseback and soon came to Ling Xuejun and Deng Anning. When the woman approached, Ling Xuejun finally saw clearly that she was indeed Lu Yunshan. Seeing Lu Yunshan, Ling Xuejun was a little surprised and asked, Miss Lu, why are you here alone? Mr. Gu, where are Mr. Luo? Lu Yunshan said anxiously, "Miss San, it's great to see you here!"! I was just looking for you! Seeing that Lu Yunshan's tone was not right, Ling Xuejun asked alertly, "Miss Lu is looking for me, but what's the matter?" "Three girls, your eldest brother has had an accident!" Lu Yunshan said in a crying voice. Hearing this,jacuzzi bath spa, Ling Xuejun's head "buzzed" and became a blank. After a while, she asked in a trembling voice, "What happened to my eldest brother?" 。 monalisa.com
  6. And several other kendo masters are also running, they are studying, Bai Chen and the captain of the kendo department are rare masters, they naturally have to learn, they run like this, the basketball department is more dignified. Bao Ze stopped, and he was watching the game lightly. Bai Chen and the captain of the kendo department are constantly fighting, when such a sudden cut up, Bai Chen blocked, suddenly tilted to the left, and then let the gravity of the wooden knife fall to the lower left corner, if the captain of the kendo department does not close the force, it will fall to the ground, therefore, the captain hurriedly closed the knife, while the gap exposed when the knife was closed, Bai Chen began to attack, began to attack his legs, constantly attacked. The captain kept retreating, while retreating and blocking. However, when blocking, Bai Chen flashed directly behind the captain and began to cut the captain directly. Most people pinched a sweat for the captain. When they thought they were going to succeed, they saw that the captain of the Kendo Department seemed to have eyes behind his head. He directly blocked the wooden sword back and blocked it. The captain of the Kendo Department was still smiling. This smile is very different from the usual,5 person hot tub, this is a touch of cold with excited smile, eyes also with a cold light, he did not hesitate to spin the sword, fiercely stabbed Bai Chen with the sword, Bai Chen is blocking the sword after a few steps back, he is obviously a little powerless. But the leader of Jiandu Taoist just continued to walk forward. He said with a smile, "I haven't played so happily for a long time." "I really haven't had such a good time since I was hospitalized." Bai Chen smiled. The last time I lost to you, I felt very unwilling. Kendo captain said,jacuzzi bathtub manufacturers, actually slightly raised his left hand, and then scratched his head, usually simple and honest movements, but at this time, make simple and honest movements, but do not feel simple and honest, on the contrary, only feel that this person has a kind of inexplicable charming handsome, and this picture has a kind of aesthetic feeling, he smiled very brightly, "I have always wanted to compare with you again." "I understand." Bai Chen answered and then stood there, smiling. For the umpteenth time, I've thought.. The kendo captain gripped the wooden sword tightly. He closed his eyes slowly. He murmured, "If it had been a real duel instead of a competition, if it had been a real fight, I would have died in that fight.". I have lived to this day, endless swim spa ,jacuzzi swim spa, and I have earned everything. At this point, the captain of the Kendo Department suddenly opened his eyes. He looked at Bai Chen. His voice was very cold: "I don't regret fighting with you, nor do I feel that I lost. It's a shame. I just don't want to lose. This mood has always existed in my heart." Bai Chen paused slightly. He lowered his head slightly and smiled. "In fact, sometimes you don't understand. Even if you lose in the sword match, it's nothing." "Is it nothing?" The captain of the Kendo Department stood there, chewed this sentence a few times, and subconsciously made a gesture of pushing his glasses. He stood there, showing his sharpness. He looked at Bai Chen. "Why do you say that?" "How can a real duel be fought with a sword alone?" Bai Chen suddenly raised his head and looked at the captain of the Kendo Department. Bai Chen smiled very gently: "If you really gamble your life, you only know how to use the sword, but you don't know how to use your mind, and you don't know how to make use of other things. Isn't it too contemptuous of life and not paying attention to life?"? That's ridiculous. Bai Chen suddenly put the wooden sword on the ground. He walked toward the captain. He stretched out his hand and said to the captain, "Captain, I know you always remember this, but sometimes swordsmanship doesn't mean how far a person can go.". No matter how skilled a swordsman is, if he can't resist the temptation, beauty and wine will still take his life in a second. Therefore, a true duel, in which one's life is at stake, can never be fought only with the sword, but with the head, with the whole body, with the soul, so that even if one loses in the duel of the sword, it is nothing, because it is not a real loss. ” Hearing this, the sword in the captain's hand was "Dong!" Suddenly, it fell to the ground. The captain lowered his head. He did not speak. He just kept lowering his head like this. After a long time, the whole audience was silent. The captain wiped his eyes slightly. He said, "Ah, so it's like this. I've been getting into a dead end all the time. Indeed, these are nothing. How can it be just a child's play to really gamble on his life?" There was still silence around them. Although the two of them stopped the game, no one shouted to play again. They just looked at them like this. The captain of the Kendo Department just picked up the glasses on the ground. Then he put on his coat. He said to his Kendo teammates, "Competition is nothing. Competition is just a basic exercise to hone ourselves. That's all. However, we should cherish every practice. However, I forget it this time. I want to be lazy this time." "Yes!" All the people in the Kendo Department answered. All right, who's next? "I'll do it!" Someone came over. But Bai Chen just looked at the captain of the Kendo Department standing in the crowd, and then Bai Chen said with a smile, "The most important thing in the competition is the feeling. With the feeling, you will really experience the competition, really understand and taste the benefits of the competition." As he spoke, he turned his head slightly sideways and looked at the members of the Kendo Department. "You all have to understand that if this is the Warring States Period, if we lose once, we will be dead, but.." Bai Chen picked up the wooden sword directly and waved it forward. "However, we must always know that we are teammates, so we did not try our best to fight each other, even if we thought we tried our best, but in fact, when you face your friends, and when you face the real enemy, the power you burst out is absolutely different.". Therefore,outdoor endless pool, even if you lose, it doesn't matter. You just need to work hard again. That's enough. Don't waste your studies or even your life for practice. "Yes!" The people of the Kendo Department shouted in a neat way, and they soon began to come forward and fight. monalisa.com
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    One man and one beast returned to the inn in a boring way. Jeong-hong, come with me tonight. Go and ask the more than ten monks in the city. Buqingyun pupil contraction said, blindly waiting is not the way. Jing Hong also understood this meaning and nodded in response. At night. In the city of Xiangping, thousands of families are lit up, and the streets are crowded with people. Bu Qingyun and Jing Hong walked in the crowd and went to the residence of the first monk. When they arrived at the inn, one man and one beast appeared directly in the room of the monk. Who The white-haired monk shouted coldly, but before he turned around, his body could not move, and he immediately knew the strength of the man! His face suddenly changed, and at the same time the tone of his anger disappeared. Trembling way: "Before..". Senior ... I don't know where the younger generation offended you. ?” Some people, the higher the position, the stronger the strength, the more afraid of death, this old man is so. Bu Qingyun asked in a low voice, "Tell me where you come from?" "The younger generation is Kong Wuyue of Kongshan Cave House." The Imperial Friar did not dare to hide anything. Kongshan cave house is a school in Liangzhou. As an upper-middle power, the old man's position in Kongshan Cave House is obviously not generally high. Bu Qingyun and Jing Hong left without a sound. They did not stay much and went on to the next goal. It was not until one man and one beast left for a moment that the old man reflected that he had recovered his action and quickly turned his head. He found no one there,indoor endless pool, but he was already in a cold sweat. It seems that the city of Xiangping is not suitable for a long stay.. More and more strong people are emerging. It seems to go back to the grand occasion of the contention of a hundred saints in ancient times! In ancient times, when the hundred sages were contending, it was the most prosperous time in the real world. The immortal monks no longer only appeared in the legends, and there were countless strong people in Nirvana. At that time, the imperial monks could only be regarded as having just set foot on the road of the strong. Bu Qingyun and Jing Hong'visited 'five Yukong monks one after another, none of whom were from the ancient clan surnamed Ji. They are in the realm of Nirvana, so they don't worry about whether these monks will lie or not. They just need to explore the divine consciousness when they speak,endless pool factory, and they can tell the truth of what they say. Until the sixth person, is in the brothel, at this time in the room is heard the voice of love between men and women. Uh Uh ... Um-hum "The woman's groaning voice rang through, and the sound alone could make people's blood flow faintly.". Bu Qingyun could not help frowning and appeared directly in the room with Jing Hong. I saw a pair of men and women naked on the bed, they found two people at the same time, each sent out exclamations. Who are you? The man should be about forty or fifty years old, with white temples. At this time, he said angrily that if a good thing was disturbed, anyone would be angry. The woman covered her body with a quilt and screamed directly, which was very harsh. Bu Qingyun glared angrily, and the woman suddenly fainted, endless swimming pool ,outdoor spa manufacturers, and her voice returned to calm. Who the hell are you? The man narrowed his eyes, his face was very dignified, and the two men who suddenly appeared were silent, and their strength was definitely not under their own! "Tell me where you came from." Jing Hong said in a bad tone. Where did I come from? Answer me first, who are you? The man said angrily, holding his breath in his heart, and hearing the tone of such a command from the other side, the anger in his heart suddenly burned up. Jing Hong strode forward, and with a bang, he slapped the man heavily on his big face, directly causing his mouth and nose to bleed at the same time. You How dare you The man wanted to say something, but suddenly he felt that the space around him was locked and he could not move. He woke up from a dream and was shocked. I found that the strength of the two people who appeared in front of me was above their own! "Two seniors. I don't know them, and I haven't offended you. I don't know why I want to ask about the origin of the younger generation." "Say!" Bu Qingyun frowned slightly and shouted angrily, scaring the other party to shiver all over, his face pale as snow. The younger generation is the three elders of Kongshan Cave House. The man answered in a trembling voice. Bu Qingyun and Jing Hong looked at each other and saw a trace of joy in each other's eyes. This time they finally met the ancient people surnamed Ji! The first person asked before was the man of Kongshan Cave House, and listening to his story, he came alone. The man claimed that he was the three elders of Kongshan Cave House, which was obviously a lie. At the same time, Bu Qingyun's divinity also felt the fluctuation of this person and confirmed his identity. How many troops did the ancient clan with the surname of Ji send? Bu Qingyun asked in a low voice. The man's face suddenly changed greatly, and then he pretended to be stunned and pretended to be stupid, "Ji surnamed Gu clan?"? Are you from the ancient clan of Ji? This kind of person will not spit out some things if he does not suffer. After Jing Hong got permission, he approached the middle-aged man step by step, then grabbed his right leg and pulled it violently, only to hear a terrible cry, splashing a string of blood beads at the same time. Ah The man screamed, beads of sweat appeared on his forehead, and his cry woke up the naked woman who had just turned over with him. When the woman just woke up and saw that she was covered with blood, she screamed and fainted. Say This time it was Jing Hong who shouted. The man clenched his teeth and endured the pain. He grinned and said, "Are you the ancient people surnamed Ji?"? I have never offended the ancient clan with the surname of Ji. Why should I be tortured like this? What kind of hero is a bully? Step Qingyun pupil contraction, it seems that this person is really not into the coffin without tears, then with the front of Jing Hong made a look. Jing Hong took the hint, threw away the broken leg in his hand, and then stepped forward again. The man was so frightened that he wanted to retreat, but he couldn't move. He could only shout, "The ancient people surnamed Ji are bullying others. You will die a terrible death!" "Still talking hard?"? It seems that you want to die! Jing Hong cold track, quickly stepped forward, just grabbed the man's right hand, was about to pull down,american hot tub, the man suddenly a soft body, the whole body black up, two white eyes lying on the bed. monalisa.com
  8. Start from scratch

    Uncomfortable is uncomfortable, anyway, I do not live here, the purpose of this time is to pick up the purple moon to leave by the way to help the guild to collect people, in the Dragon Island casually catch personal combat effectiveness is much more powerful than outside. In fact, my real purpose is the totem beast. The totem beast of the guild is a very important thing. According to the information we have, there are several guilds with guardian beasts at present, but no one has totem beasts. Generally, the first one always has a special reward, and the first one to get totem beasts should also have a reward. This is the real purpose of my coming to Dragon Island. When I entered the Dragon Temple, I was stunned. There was nothing in the huge building, or there was everything here. Behind the gate is a.. A universe! That's all I can say. Here is an almost dark world, there is no distinction between up and down, left and right, as far as the eye can see is the vast and boundless space. Countless stars, planets, comets and even nebulae are all in this space. They are constantly moving, and it looks like a universe. Sometimes you can see a sudden light somewhere in the distance, and then a planet there disappears. I think it's a supernova explosion,cattle weight tape, but that's weird! "Isn't this a beautiful arrangement?" A voice suddenly appeared in front of us, but I couldn't see anything. But I guess that's the voice of the Dragon King. It's really beautiful. This is true. Although the outside of the building is very disgusting. It's like an upstart, but it's really beautiful inside. This is something designed by Lord Dragon God, and I knew it would be beautiful. Why do I think there's something wrong with that? What did you say? Can't you see? "Yes!" The voice is somewhat helpless and vicissitudes of life. I really can't see, because I have no eyes. In fact, I don't even have a body. "No wonder I can't see you!" The patriarch saluted to the void and said, "My king, I have handed it over to you. I am outside the door.". Call me if you need me. Said he slowly out of the room closed the door, even Lin Yue was pulled out. Only rose and I are left in this huge dream space. Now that you have passed the test, I hope you can help us complete a task. "I..!" Don't answer yet, tape measure clip ,Surveyors tape measure, I have something to say. First of all, I want you to know that this mission is not just about helping the dragons. In fact, he is also a great victory for the great cause of justice. After this task is completed, the European dragons may come back, and even gather the scattered dragons to become a complete and powerful dragon. At that time, justice and mercy will become the main theme, and evil will be driven back to the dark corner. "Stop!" I quickly stopped him from going on. I'm one of the evil ones, and you're going to drive us all into a corner, and you want me to help? Is this guy's brain fried! The Dragon King was very surprised. Didn't you pass the test? "Yes!" "Then how do you call yourself an evil force?" "I am an evil force!" "But didn't you pass the test?" "I passed the test, but what does that have to do with whether I'm evil or not?" Of course it matters. The first test is to distinguish between evil forces and good forces. How can you pass the test since you are evil forces? "You mean the pool?" Yes, that's the purification pool. It contains the purifying power of my people. Didn't you go down to test it? Did I go down, or was I thrown in by your men. But instead of purifying me, your pool blesses the water to evaporate itself! "What?" The Dragon King was a little too frightened. You are an evil force! While the Dragon King was still in a daze, I hastened to say, "Actually, you don't have to care about this. Since you need help, it's the same for me.". Those who claim to be kind can help others unconditionally, but they are never serious and inefficient. We're different! We work for a fee. You give us the benefit of doing things with first-class efficiency and after-sales service. The most important thing is that we will do whatever it takes to get the job done. If you go to those good guys, you will have to wait at least another thousand or eight hundred years. Is that a huge time interval? "You're right. The dragons can't wait any longer." The Dragon King was moved by my words. The dragons have remained neutral over the years, and the main reason we are looking for people from the good camp is that they have a better reputation. "If we talk about credibility.". You can rest assured that our reputation is first-class. "How can I believe your empty words?" "I'm not talking empty words. I have witnesses." "Who?" "For example, the Dark God of Europe, Mother Earth, Atlantis under the sea, and the Asian dragons all have good business relations with me." Moving out this time are big brands, I believe there is a little deterrent! The Dragon King hesitated for a long time and said, "Since even the Asian dragons have dealings with you, that's easy to say!"! Then I believe in your credibility. "Well, that's the wise choice.". Say what you want us to do, and I'll decide the price. "In fact, it is not a troublesome thing, but it needs a certain strength." The Dragon King paused, and the room suddenly changed. We appeared on a green field, and the only problem was that we were floating in the air with our feet in the air. Rose was so frightened that she hugged me tightly. Don't be afraid. These are just images. You're still in the Dragon Temple. I looked at my feet and felt a little familiar. "Isn't this the circular mountain range where the four cities outside you are located?" "There is nothing wrong with that.". You watch your back. I turned my head and looked at the back. There was a large army gathering here. It looked like the undead. What you see is the legion of the undead. They're trying to get in here. There's an army of orcs in the mountains. You don't want us to destroy these two armies,fish measuring tape, do you? It seems to me that they are not as strong as the dragon people? Besides, it's an army! You won't let me go back and send the army to suppress the bandits, will you? 。 tapemeasure.net
  9. The man is a dog.

    The next day, as soon as I opened my eyes, the first thing I did was to play back the video. Both husband and wife looked at the screen with their eyes wide open. Five hours of video recordings were watched at twelve times the speed, and nothing was found. No change! He Jindong sighed and said. To be honest, neither of them felt relaxed. Not sleep will change, they still can not determine under what conditions He Jindong will change! Wife, don't worry, you'll find out sooner or later. I'll get you something to eat first, and I'll go to work later. He Jindong forced a smile and went to the field to wash and cook. During the day only Gu Yuzhou a person at home, she was uneasy, always worried about a person outside of He Jindong, but also can not help but want to call to ask him about the situation. She also knew that this was not the way to go on, and before they could figure things out, she went insane. No matter how hard it is, life will go on. So she had to find something for herself to do to settle down. After walking around the house, she took out the video she had recorded in the evening and started watching it from the beginning at normal speed. Five hours of video, she saw more than three hours without interruption, suddenly felt, it seems that all of a sudden caught something that has been floating in the heart. At this time in the video, He Jindong is sinking in a dream, his body curled up into a defensive state of insecurity, his eyebrows slightly frowning,Wheel tape measure, whenever she turns over or has other movements, his body will unconsciously follow, and his eyebrows will frown more tightly. He Jindong was in this state all night, far from the way he slept on the sofa during the day. When he Jindong came back in the evening, Gu Yuzhou did not tell him his guess, but offered to massage him after dinner. Wife, the sun is coming out in the west today. Why do you want to give me a massage? He Jindong was flattered. Gu Yuzhou pressed him on the bed and took off his clothes. He pressed his hands hard and replied, "You've been working very hard these days. Don't I love you dearly?". Don't think about anything tonight,Fiberglass tape measure, just wait for me to serve you! He Jindong's nerves had been tense before the training, and he had new problems after the training. He slept very restlessly last night, and his spirit was extremely tired. Now he eats and drinks enough, lies on a comfortable bed, and his wife accompanies him. His spirit and body can't help relaxing. After a while, he fell asleep with his head on his arm. Gu Yuzhou quietly withdrew his hand, took out his cell phone, and began to videotape. She held up her cell phone in her hand, and soon her arm was a little sore. When she was hesitating to put her cell phone on the bracket, he Jindong, who was sleeping soundly, turned! Gu Yuzhou was so excited that his hand was unstable and his mobile phone slipped and hit He Jindong. What's wrong? What happened to my wife? He Jindong almost turned into a human form in an instant, jumped up from the bed and asked Gu Yuzhou nervously. Gu Yuzhou could not hide his surprise, picked up his mobile phone and explained to He Jindong while looking for the video, "You just turned into a dog, I really want to know how you can change!" She showed the video to He Jindong, horse weight tape ,Walking measuring wheel, who was sleeping lazily on the bed and turned into a dog without warning. He Jindong did not understand what she meant and looked up at her, waiting for her to give an explanation. "I saw you transform twice in a very relaxed state," Gu Yuzhou explained patiently. "You can compare the video last night. Is what I said reasonable?" Chapter 394 whine ~ He Jindong thought about it carefully, and what his wife said seemed to be really reasonable. That night when he was drunk, he was really in a very relaxed state because he knew the sex of his child, and he had a good chat with the old man and had alcohol on his brain. After the transformation in front of Gu Yuzhou, they all felt relaxed after they were tired and had their daughter-in-law around them. In this way, drinking and sleeping are really not the key to transformation, the key is to relax. He sat cross-legged on the bed, returned his cell phone to Gu Yuzhou, and exhaled a long breath, "Wife, you see, I'm going to relax now!" Go out of your way to relax, but you can't relax. The heart has been saying to relax, to relax, but he is in a state of mental and physical tension, want to change simply can not. Gu Yuzhou couldn't bear to look at it and said, "This is definitely not going to work. Why don't we lie in bed and chat? Let's relax and maybe you can change.". Also have to be such, husband and wife two lie on the bed side by side, pick up a few relaxed and happy topics to say unexpectedly. All of a sudden, laughter filled the small bedroom, He Jindong also gradually relaxed down. Gu Yuzhou said funny things in his mouth, but he has been observing the state of He Jindong, feeling that the heat is almost the same, reminding him, "You can try to change one now?" He Jindong was stunned at first, then closed his eyes, and the next moment, he really turned into a dog! Gu Yuzhou was ecstatic, and He Jindong, who had become a dog, jumped up from the bed excitedly and wagged his tail desperately. It turns out that the change of dogs can really be controlled. As long as he relaxes and gives himself a hint in his mind, whether he is sleeping or awake, he can become a dog freely. But the excitement of the two men did not last long, and new problems surfaced. Now that he can control himself from a man to a dog, how can he control himself from a dog to a man? He still tried to relax himself, hinting at his transformation, but he didn't change back at all. The dejected dog lay on the bed, his chin resting on his front paws, and looked at Gu Yuzhou bitterly. Gu Yuzhou also felt headache, this change and change is not a routine, it is really annoying. Jindong, let's go to sleep first, maybe you will come back when you wake up early tomorrow morning, "Gu Yuzhou can only comfort him like this.". Pulling the quilt to cover He Jindong, Gu Yuzhou turned off the light and prepared to go to bed. He Jindong, who had become a dog, was not honest at all. Maomao gathered around Gu Yuzhou,Horse weight lbs, and the dog's paws had to be put on Gu Yuzhou's chest before he stopped. Gu Yuzhou looked at him pitifully, unwilling to talk to him, and let his paws run amok. tapemeasure.net
  10. Ace Dharma God

    Irina and Hades watched twelve hands fly across the table, black lines on their foreheads, and the heads of two ladylike goddesses were about to explode. Hades stared at Laikali discontentedly and said, "Laikali,Diameter tape measure, you are also a God. Don't be like a hungry wolf." 。“ Wait till I finish eating. "Don't grab it, don't grab it. That fried fish kebab is mine." Layne used wind magic to catch a plate of fried fish skewers in front of him. The roast is mine. In order not to be robbed,Pi tape measure, Geary simply deformed, slender arms, and more accurate to grab. Boom. The owner of the restaurant rolled down the stairs and ran into the back kitchen with his head broken and bleeding. "God, Walking tape measure ,Fish measuring board, oh, no, my God, are these still gods?"? You can fight for a meal. Plates of dishes were brought up, and then empty plates were brought down. The boss who had been fat looked like he had lost a lot of weight after a while. The battle upstairs is still going on, chicken legs are flying around in midair, a basin of soup is still floating in midair, two green vegetables are directly turned into two ice and then into someone's mouth, knocking someone back a fist. Irina and Hades are sitting. Endure. Endure.. It's just a bunch of assholes fighting. Hades thought so. A chicken leg happened to fall on Hades' long silky hair. Laikali smirked and grabbed the drumstick with one hand. "Fight with me," he said with a laugh. "You're a little young." Hades gritted his teeth and said, "Laikali." "Well, what for?" Laikali saw that there was still a little oil and a little chicken on Hades'long hair, and his scalp tingled. Go to hell,Adhesive fish ruler, all of you. Hades gritted his teeth and stood up. Downstairs, I heard screams from upstairs, and then everything was calm. tapemeasure.net
  11. System Vendor [bookben. Net]

    "Silver Shark King?"? One of the eight demon kings? The champion Hou turned to look at Chan Yinsha, looking a little malicious. The Marquis calmed down! At this time, Chan Yinsha burst out a brilliant streamer, endless brilliance, Hong Yi's figure out of thin air. Hong Yi? When the champion Hou saw Hong Yi's figure, he looked a little surprised. "Did you separate the incarnation of the soul to protect her?"? It seems that you have a close relationship. "Let the Marquis laugh!" The incarnation of Hong Yi's spirit gave a salute to the champion Hou, "Hou Ye, Yinsha is my Taoist companion. If you offend me, please forgive me!" The champion Hou is famous and his strength is unfathomable. Hong Yi has only one soul incarnation at the moment. He is not the opponent of the champion Hou. Once there is a conflict, he will definitely suffer losses. Of course, he can only take harmony as the most precious thing. What's offensive? Brother Hong worries too much. The champion Hou turned a few thoughts in his mind, smiled at the moment, and waved his hand with indifference. After the Sanhualou incident, Hong Yi's strength grew so fast in just over two years. Give him some more time to grow up, and he will definitely be Hong Xuanji's sworn enemy in the future. The enemy of my enemy is my friend. The champion Hou, who is determined to turn over Emperor Gan, is naturally not a fool. There is no need to become an enemy even if the object that can obviously be used can not be roped in. Did these two meet again? When Li Yu saw this scene, there was a smile on his face. "Fang yuan was killed by the champion Hou, but Kirin still had to be summoned." Li Yu smiled and asked the system to extract the method of summoning Kirin from Fang yuan's memory and send it to the champion Hou. In ancient times, the emperor "Ji" once subdued a unicorn. Before the emperor "Ji" returned to silence, he sealed the Kirin with great magic power and slept in the small world of Wuji Mountain. Fang yuan obtained the inheritance of the emperor's "extreme" and naturally knew how to summon the Kirin. In addition, the holy emperor's "extreme" skill, the magic of commanding the vitality of heaven and earth and scattering beans into soldiers, is still of great reference value. When combined with the magic of speech and spirit, it must be even more powerful. As for the "Wuji Dragon Ring", 20% of the energy was paid proportionally as a reward to the champion Hou. In the wilderness. Receiving the method of summoning Kirin from Taotie, the champion Hou felt a burst of ecstasy. Kirin? Kirin? It's a unicorn? No wonder Taotie has such a big reaction. No wonder you have to come so far. This is a unicorn! The surprise in the heart of the champion Hou is beyond words. Kirin, the holy beast of heaven and earth! The most auspicious sign! Of course, the champion doesn't care about that. What he cares about is the huge Qi and blood of Kirin! Dragons,stainless steel welded pipe, phoenixes and unicorns, these natural gods and beasts, are born with the blood of immortals. As long as you devour this Kirin, the champion Hou's cultivation will surely make greater progress, and the martial arts cultivation will go further. What's more, the kylin can also practice the power of the spirit, and the spirit of this kylin must be even more terrible. If you swallow this unicorn, he will probably be promoted to the Creator! The champion Hou's eyes were shining, and he didn't pay any attention to the thoughts of Hong Yi and Chan Yinsha. Recalling the method of summoning Kirin in his mind, the champion Hou stretched his neck and raised his head to the sky with a long roar. Ang.. This long roar, like a dragon is not a dragon, like a tiger is not a tiger, the sound is very strange, but with a solemn and sacred meaning. Rumble.. There was a violent shock on the top of the towering mountain in front of us. The light explodes and the space collapses. A huge beast rushed out of the light, Stainless Steel Decorative Sheet ,Stainless Steel Industrial Sheet, stepped on the auspicious clouds, and stood in the air. The beast was huge, several times larger than an Archaean mammoth. Dragon head, antlers, lion's eyes, tiger's back, bear's waist, with divine patterns on the back, colorful auspicious clouds on the feet, blooming with brilliant brilliance, majestic and sacred. Qi. Kirin? At this moment, Hong Yi and Chan Yinsha were stunned. This is a sacred beast! The virtue of the emperor is accompanied by the unicorn! Champion Hou.. What virtue and what ability? Summoning a unicorn? "Ang.." In the multicolored auspicious clouds, the huge unicorn holy beast raised its head to the sky with a long roar. The wind and clouds are surging and the earth is shaking. Since ancient times, the sacred beast of Kirin, which has disappeared for countless years, has once again appeared between heaven and earth. Ha ha ha ha! The champion Hou burst out laughing, rose into the air, and flew toward the unicorn. Teenager, are you calling me? The emperor said that someone would wake me up from my deep sleep in the future. Kirin opened a pair of golden giant eyes, glanced at the champion Hou, the champion Hou body that kind of violent and overbearing, full of the breath of plunder and possession, very disgusted. But you.. Kirin shook his head, how can not believe the emperor "extremely" said that the person is such a guy without virtue. There is nothing but! The champion raised his eyebrows, shook his figure, and rushed to the Kirin. Just then, there was a sudden explosion in the void. Boom! A figure, like a golden lightning, roared through the air. The speed of the figure was so fast that only a golden light flashed in the air and appeared beside the Kirin in an instant. The wheel of life and death in the heavens! With a loud shout, the golden light manifested itself, a dragon's head and body, shining with brilliant golden figures, shook his fist and smashed the champion Hou severely. Hong Xuanji! As soon as this move came out, the champions Hou, Hong Yi and Chan Yinsha all exclaimed. m.。 Chapter two hundred and sixty first dragon armor, blood call ,。 Hong Xuanji is the best martial artist in the world. Official in a surname, sitting in the court, all over the world, a strength is unfathomable. See Hong Xuanji appear, even if the champion Hou this kind of lawless guy, also can not help but heart one Rin. The Infernal Hell! With a loud roar, the champion Hou suddenly opened his blood-colored eyes between his eyebrows, and the blood-colored brilliance spread, enveloping his whole body in an instant. The magic gun came out of his hand, and the champion Hou burst out with a shout, and the pike roared up, facing Hong Xuanji's "wheel of life and death in the heavens,304 Stainless Steel Coil," and shot him in the past. Boom! With a violent explosion, the roaring wind rushed up like a raging tide, and the space shook violently. Damn 。 sxthsteel.com
  12. Chasing for a few months? Never stop dying? A line of more than ten people looked back at the overwhelming number of man-eating ants, and their faces were completely distorted. Blue infatuation 1 Silent back, without saying a word, speed up, a slip of smoke toward the front of the rush. I was shocked. If the wind passes through, it will fly over. There are mountains crossing mountains and rivers crossing rivers. A group of people fled to the depths of the jungle. The stars twinkle like fire instead of the sun. In a twinkling of an eye, the laurel falls in the west, and the golden crow rises in the east again. No, no, take a break. Jumping over the river in front of him, Li Mu and Liu Cheng, under the lonely night, threw themselves on the ground and could not get up. Running for a day and a night is really killing me. Liu Yue, who had always been the first to lead the way, saw this and looked back slightly behind him, but Qiu Hen and others, whose faces were not very good, stood still in the local area after congealing their eyebrows. Take a rest for a stick of incense. Coldly dropped a sentence, Liu Yue sat cross-legged on the spot. Followed by the lonely night to listen to words, without saying a word, holding the hands of the woman sat down, unexpectedly listen to the moon. Along the way, other people are running alone, he also carried a person in his hand, but did not fall a step, we can see the strength of the strong. Xuanyuan Che did not show any fatigue,Mirror Stainless Steel Sheet, glanced at the lonely night, saw that he was just sweating, his face was slightly pale, not from the dark praise of a fierce, directly sitting beside the moon. Murong invincible and others see this immediately followed by Liu Yue and Xuanyuan Che sat down beside, quickly adjust the breath up. His face was a little pale. Running day and night without stopping was already so tiring. This lonely night had been chased for ten days, but his face was just a little haggard. My God, it's not going to catch up, is it? It's already crossed three rivers. A fall to sit on the ground, the boundless under the lonely night,304 Stainless Steel Bar, while panting sharply, while taking a deep look at the face without the slightest waves of the moon. This day and night, it seems that there is no road direction to run. However, it was not long before there was a river in the way. At first, they just thought it was a coincidence and accident. Later, when they saw the man-eating ants chasing after them, they were slightly slower in the river. Blue Enchantment 2 Ants cross the river, which is their nemesis. This Murong Liuyue is picking their weak points to run geographically. Running all the way, they did not have that idle reaction, at this time to stop, this brain suddenly a little turn over. Qingshui and Wuya looked at each other with a deep look in their eyes. How did Murong Liuyue know that there were rivers in these directions? Why are you so familiar? It seemed that their prince had already noticed this, so he ran along without saying a word and did not make any decisions. The river is too small to stop them. Just as he was thinking about it, Liu Yue coldly dropped a word, suddenly got up and went to the bushes beside him. With a wave of his dagger, he cut a few green plants like bamboo poles, turned around and walked back to shake his hands and throw them to Xuanyuan Che and others. After running for a day and a night, I didn't eat anything. If I went on like this, I would die of exhaustion before I was caught up by the man-eating ants. Xuanyuan Che, Brushed Stainless Steel Sheet ,brushed stainless steel sheet, Qiuhen, Yanhu, Murong invincible, listen to the words immediately Qiqi howl, reach out to take over, check not to check, eat directly, hungry panic. Relative to hear the words of Liu Yue howl out of Yanhu and others, Ao Yun's four commanders, direct gas is gone, spread out on the ground, speechless to ask heaven. How did they put the Lord on the stand? Click, click. Chew the sea crazily, regard the green plants as man-eating ants, chew crazily to vent their anger, and the autumn marks and so on are clicking. Climbing on the ground Liu Cheng and others see this, Qi Qi swallowed a mouthful of saliva, they have not dared to eat here for many days. Wait for half ring, see Xuanyuan Che only throw over a contemptuous eyes, these people are not even a little poisoning symptoms. Duguye's four commanders moved at the same time and pounced on the green plants. Waving and slashing, several people came over with a big plant in an instant. Prince. He reached out his hand and handed it to Dugu Ye. Light water and others sat down on the ground and began to eat. So sweet. 。“ Not bad, not bad. ” Blue infatuation 3 In a flash, I heard a sound of chewing, and the crazy appearance showed that they were the four leaders of the largest Aoyun country in the world, and that the supreme position under one person and above tens of thousands of people was worse than the beggar who had not asked for food for seven days on the street. Despise, Qiuhen and others throw a look in the past. Compared with these hungry wolves, they are simply gentle masters who can't be gentle. Light water, the end of the world, such as the four leaders see this, silent, despised by contempt, have the opportunity to return, at this time it is important to fill the stomach. This place, but they ate a big loss, followed them to hundreds of QinBing, all died here, by the poison is part of the poison, by those seemingly non-toxic vegetation poison, but is most of them, harm to now, has been easily afraid to eat, hungry is chest stick back. They gobbled it up like a pack of hungry wolves. Only the lonely night is still slow, not slow, that light breath, as if any environment can not be broken. Liu Yue glanced at a few people, like ignoring, slowly eating the things in his hands, but his eyes kept looking around. I haven't seen you for three years, and the prince's style is even better than that of that year. Xuanyuan Che gnawed the plant in his hand and looked at the lonely night and suddenly said. As soon as Yan Hu heard this, he gave a muffled laugh. Elegance. At this time, the white robe of the lonely night had already become a black robe. His face was haggard, and he was in a mess. Elegance, where did the elegance come from? Their family's prince was deliberately irritating. The same goes for the King of Wings. Duguye chewed the food in his mouth and replied coldly. Out of the muddy water, sweat and mud, Xuanyuan Che at this time also can not go there. Two people, half a catty. Two people, at this time who is not better than the other. When Xuanyuan Che heard this,mirror stainless steel sheet, he did not get angry. He answered lightly, "What does the prince mean by running all the way to this wild place?" That's a direct question. I didn't want to be alone, but I didn't avoid it: "What you want is what I want." Blue infatuation 4. sxthsteel.com
  13. Snake Bone 2

    Ten days later, the pain in my heart intensified, but my body began to sink. The white water that hugged me tightly naturally noticed it and hugged me tightly, but my body seemed to be slippery and fell down his body. Next to the cracks in the ground, the devils and ghost mothers of the Hungry Ghost Road were all smiling, waiting for the corpse woman to fall down. One day the corpse woman body, forever falls the hungry ghost way. Meng Po's figure was already inside the corpse cave, but she still said to me in a deep voice, "Yunshe, it's not too late for you to regret now.". The human race starts from us. We just make all the decisions for them. How many mothers in this world make decisions on behalf of their children? As long as you receive the memory of wandering, receive the three souls and return to the body, and return to the heart, you will not fall into the hungry ghost way! Baishui's face was so anxious that he turned into a snake and wrapped around me, but no matter how he stopped it, as if Xiaobai's body was completely trapped at the beginning, I would still fall. Meng Po has a soul but no body. Ten days later, she came out together. I'm afraid the body of the corpse of You Mei has already been exposed to the sun. But after all, those who do evil will be punished. The three souls are one, and naturally they fall on me, an unlucky person. Bai Shui pursed his lips tightly and put his arms around me, but I fell through his arms like water. Take care of Xiao Bai. I stretched out my hand to touch his face, but found that my hand was too heavy to lift, so I had to say to Baishui with a wry smile, "Thank you." If I hadn't met him, I might have seen a lot of people's hearts like Meng Po, thinking about controlling people's hearts and letting everyone do what they want, which should be very comfortable. Yunshe! Baishuishuang tried to turn into a snake body to entangle me, but no matter how huge the snake body was, it still could not entangle me,304 stainless steel wire, and I still fell down. Baishui held his breath tightly and kept trying to catch me in different ways. He tried again and again and tore his heart fiercely. Although Jianmu was destroyed, there was still something black wriggling slowly, as if it was the same as the dark heart of Baishui in my dream. It seemed that it was the soul of Jianmu. Bright red sprinkled on my face, white water but know can not embrace me, directly tear the heart to the maximum, with the black paint hole to cover me, want to put me into the heart, but how can not cover in. Both of them have no heart, and he wants to put me in his heart. I raised my eyes and looked at him heavily, but I saw that his face was tense. It seemed that he did not feel the pain of tearing his heart. Instead,Stainless Steel Seamless Pipe, he turned into a snake body. With a roar, his claws almost pulled the whole snake belly apart, and the tail of the snake rolled back, trying to put me in it. The body of the snake was huge, and the white water wrapped me in the body with all its strength. It is said that the snake's heart is cold, but when I look at the bright red everywhere in the white water, the warmth I feel seems to be the same as the temperature he changes from time to time. The origin of evil is born, because of the destruction of love. After all, this love is empty here. My body is still sinking, through the flesh and blood of the white water, through his tightly wrapped snake body, through the outer ice of the snake body. It seemed that there was no time to make a sound, but the white water was silent but still holding the almost peeled snake body to cover me, as if it could block it for a while. Don't toss about. I looked at the white water, he did not say a word, just to cover me, but this time can not even cover. The sunlight in the distance slowly dissipated, but the speed of my fall accelerated again, even if the white water wrapped me in my heart, protected by the remaining spirit of Jianmu, 304 Stainless Steel Sheet ,304 Stainless Steel Pipe, it still fell downward. Wuluo they also tried to stop, but how can not stop, Miaoxu take Qingxu mirror to cover, also can not cover. Baishui suddenly seemed to understand, and no longer persistently wrapped me, but fell down with me, looking at me and whispering: "I have more meat than you, feeding the hungry ghosts, I still have more than you.". Even if he turned into a human form, his chest was still wide open and blood was flowing, but he didn't care a little. He slowly triggered the white robe on my body and went in by himself. This was originally his skin, and he was one, this time he got into my clothes, the clothes that changed out of the body were gone, two people wrapped in a piece of skin, skin close, very warm. The sunlight slowly weakened, and the figure of Xiao Bai appeared over our heads, crying loudly, and Wu Luo hugged him tightly. But he himself is unable to hold, Wu Luo and Miaoxu at the same time, but still can not trap him. Baishui hugged me tightly and buried his head in my neck, not wanting to look again: "After all, we are heartless." "Ah Niang, Dad." Xiaobai was stopped by Wuluo again and again, the tail of the snake swung, Jinwu flew around, crying and rushing down. Wa Xiaolongzhong also joined in the fun. The underground handsome boy and Chiyou came out as if they were brothers and sisters. They watched me and Baishui fall into the gap. They were all stunned. The handsome boy wanted to rush over, but he was knocked unconscious by Chiyou's fist. After all, he still can't beat Chiyou. Baishui and I fell into the crack, and the world was desolate. We watched the devils and their mothers laughing and rushing towards us, with their mouths wide open and full of nail teeth. The white water turned into a snake body and roared, protecting me in the torn chest, trying to soar into the air, but found that I could not stand the force. White water! I wanted to push away the white water, but I only felt the flesh and blood outside my body twitching because of the pain. Obviously, the soul of Nuwa appeared in exchange for my heart, but I didn't know why I still felt heartache. Even through the body of the snake in the white water, you can still hear the sound of the hungry ghost devouring outside, a little bit of being devoured, obviously the pain is not good, but the snake body in the white water is more and more tightly wrapped, I will be tightly protected inside. I slowly relieved, behind the snake tail gently stroked the flesh and blood of the white water, he went first, I followed. The body slowly curls up, because extinguishes the sentiment to be absolutely the sentiment, with the hungry ghost way, buries the hungry ghost belly together, also calculates the life and death same cave. Outside, hungry ghosts laughed and cheered, but Baishui refused to let go of me. But in the confusion, it seemed that I heard a faint song, which was very vague at first, but then it seemed to be in my mind. Not hungry, not hungry, eat my flesh. Blood Jade Blood Jade, turn my blood. Ao Ao Lang, Xu Zhi does not forget. Love, love, share the same fate. As the song slowly came, the snake body,304 Stainless Steel Flat Steel, which had been tightly curled up, slowly loosened. White water turns into a human body, but it still holds me tightly in its arms. sxthsteel.com
  14. Thriller Paradise

    His body was dyed gray, and his whole body was covered with dead air. His five senses are all there, but they seem to be absent. This is what a ghost feels like.. Everything in life seems to be an illusion, but now "death". Is the truth. If they don't accept the truth, they will disappear. And because they are afraid of forgetting the "illusion", they are eager to devour life. You feel it, don't you? How interesting This is death! The dean's face came over. This It is your destination and the destination of all living beings. It's just. Even in the underworld, you scum will be trampled under my feet! "Death.." But it's also part of chaos. "Everything begins with chaos and ends with chaos," Feng said feebly. What is life, what is death.. It doesn't matter at all. Only when you know life and death can you know life and death. If you don't know, there is no life and no death. What is real and what is illusory is boundless. Everything is just a thought. He murmured, but his body moved again and crawled slowly towards the door. "What's the matter?" The dean looked shocked. "It's impossible!" He controlled the black fog and continued to rush to the seal on the ground, but the faint rays of the sun at the door were like an indestructible barrier, blocking it from the "line" of light. I have to thank you. Feng unconsciously climbed and said, "There is a part of the knowledge that Zero taught me." I couldn't understand it. At the moment,Stainless Steel Welded Pipe, thanks to the feeling of'death ', I seem to have figured it out. As soon as the words fell to the ground, Brother Jue turned over and rolled out of the gate. Nope There was a rumbling roar in the black fog, as if it could shake people's souls away. But the roar was soon replaced by another voice. Oh, my God! Look, is that a dress? "Hey!"! Get over here! I think we got something! "Get him out of there!" Watch out! He's frozen. Don't break his limbs. Some of the conversation came to Feng's ears,304 Stainless Steel Wire, and his body temperature dropped to freezing point in an instant; the harsh light suddenly flashed twice in front of his eyes, making him realize.. I was actually closing my eyes at this time. Then he gradually lost consciousness. ………… When Feng came to his senses, a voice prompt sounded directly in his ear: [The current task has been completed, and the main task has been completed] [After watching the ending, it will be automatically transmitted]. At this time, his control over the body also disappeared, and he became a state of seeing CG from the perspective of God. In the picture, the covers of many newspapers and magazines flashed through. [Night security guard who miraculously survived] [Escaped after being buried for nearly 30 hours] [Miracle of the rescue team's perseverance] Similar headlines flashed in succession, followed by several TV news clips, with various monster hosts holding microphones in front of the camera: "The Cedar County Public Hospital accident led to a major corruption case, and local officials fell one after another.". A spokesman for the kingdom said it would thoroughly investigate the case and hoped that current officials across the country would take it as a warning. "The special plan for building inspection standards for public institutions has been launched and is expected to be implemented within the year." Is the rumor of the curse true or false? Is it the evil of the hospital director? Or is it a loophole in the system? "Today, Stainless Steel Industrial Pipe ,Stainless Steel Decorative Pipe, the only survivor of the accident at Cedar County Public Hospital has been discharged.". During his hospitalization, the gentleman refused all media interviews. After a series of endless editing shots flashed past, the picture in front of me finally returned to static. Spring is in the air and the snow is melting. On a green hill, a figure came slowly. It was Lester, dressed in civilian clothes, who went to a stone tablet above the hill. In front of the stone tablet, there is a marble square brick, cut by knife and axe, with a slope to the outside, on which there is a line of words: In memory of the 125 people who died in the accident at Cedar County Public Hospital. Lester stood silently in front of the monument. He closed his eyes and seemed to be remembering something, but there were some things he couldn't remember. Standing for a long time, he opened his eyes and presented the bouquet in his hand. In the end, he was relieved. With a sigh of relief, he turned and strode away. His eyes are no longer frivolous, among them. More than a gratitude for life. Thriller Paradise Chapter 480 Free Exploration Mode [Playbook is complete and rewards are being settled.] [Gain experience points: 340000, play money: 50000] [Obtain items/equipment: Must break the defensive blade, flashlight, small mirror.] [Task completed/accepted: 6/6] [Special, Hidden Tasks Completed: 0, World View Cracked: None] [Scare Surge: 0, Max: 0%, Average: 0%] [Your fear rating is Full of Guts. You will receive an additional bonus. Please select later.] [Get Skill: 1224] [Skill Bonus Experience: 12240, Game Currency: 100000] [Script Clearance Reward: Puzzle Card 2] [Settlement completed, please continue.] After returning to the landing space, the settlement information quickly appeared on the touch screen. Ah It's really good to muddle through a hundred or so words. Feng unconsciously said something inexplicable, and we can ignore him. Fine Go and see the reward first. After watching the settlement screen, Feng unconsciously turned into the storeroom. The two glass pillars were already in place, just waiting for him to come forward and receive the reward. Brother Jue first went to get the rewards of the script, which were [Jigsaw Card-Banana] and [Jigsaw Card-Toilet]. He tried it, but he couldn't form a deck with the original [Jigsee Card-Strawberry], so he temporarily put the two cards into the warehouse. Then, he came to the second glass column, the familiar interface emerged in front of us: [Please choose your additional rewards: 1. Randomly select a piece of equipment corresponding to the level. Two, 50000 point game currency (upper limit), three, 17200000 point experience value] "More than 17 million." Feng looked at the menu in front of him and said thoughtfully,Stainless Steel Square Pipe, "At level 30, this experience is enough for players to go up four or five levels in a row.." As he spoke, he had chosen the equipment reward. White light condensation. The object gradually congealed. sxthsteel.com