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  1. How to get so much bp

    i hear you there, im lv 320 with just over 22 mil bp. i still need 3 pieces to complete my 290 set. that is on s9. i have a toon on s25 and we have a player in clan at lv 196 i think with just under 20 mil bp. i looked earlier at what he did and saw that all his gear is evolved to legendary. now that is a huge bp boost.
  2. In game trade?

    the only way to trade in game is by doing so in the shop. have a clanmate post an item and tell them what price to post for it. that is the only way i know of to trade in game as we do it in clan to trade items. it goes thru the shop so the game gets their cut and our clanmates get the items we mean for them to have.
  3. i've had that same issue before. have you tried clearing your browser cache? also, the game doesn't react well if your behind a vpn. also, how good of a connection do you have. im tethered to my phone for network and if i have 3 bars, it hangs.
  4. We need people

    Hey, i'm in s25 and also s9. s25 really needs some new people to come to the server or possibly a server merge. In the clan list, it shows 3 clans although i know there are more. I'm in TheFirst, the number 1 clan as 2nd in command and it's ridiculous that any event i go to it's mainly just the clan i'm in. We need some new blood on our server or a server merge. You are making new servers and i don't know why. Please at least make an attempt to fix the ones you have now. I know i speak for a lot of people here. Bollo s25
  5. Game suggestions & feedback

    Is there any way we can get a translator in game, like google translate. There are ppl from other countries in my clan and it is hard to understand them when they don't speak english. Other games have it built in, it shouldn't be too hard to have it done here. Thank You in advance