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  1. Server Merge

    From what I can tell, they merged S1 - S8 together and then S9 - S23. Seven servers together isn't so bad, they are all old servers with a lot of high lvl players. But 14 serves together is insane. I have played a lot of games that ended up mergeing I have never seen a merge with that many servers. It doesn't matter what your lvl is, we are all finding it very hard to get into the tombs at the correct lvl for the player as well as upgrades, Chaos, Elite, World, and every other boss event. CS is a nightmare since the 1-8 people are in there. They simply walk all over us lvl 320 with 60 million-plus BP. Oh, and let's not forget the 4 million in BP that I personally lose in the merge, including over 600k just tonight. I hate to complain, but this is crazy. All my titles were stripped from me, which accounts for some of the BP lost. I was Sacred City Lord going into the merge, post-merge my clan wasn't even in the running for the finals. How does that happen? The night before we fought and won the right to be in the finals. I could understand if my clan standing had dropped really low but we didn't. Of course, we were no longer the number one clan, we are number two, but still, the number two clan should have been able to attend the event. In a few hours, the "big" Halloween event starts and I am here to tell you that if I don't get my BP back, my wings back, and some compensation, I for one will not be taking part in the event. I truly regret that this has happened, as I really enjoy playing this game. But what is the point of playing to gain BP when it gets taken away? And those of you at 320 and 60 mil plus understand that most everything you can do is already maxed out for you, so there isn't a lot of ways to get that BP back.
  2. Arsenal skills

    I am also having problems with the Arsenal skills. I am at Grade 2 and have a green plus, I can see them, just won't let me use them, no matter what I do.