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Zhang Juzheng

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Enjoy the leisure, go out to have the Zen guest book boy, enter the house to have the delicacies beautiful concubine. Playing the piano to the moon, sweeping the snow and cooking tea, dividing the rhyme of celebrities, and drinking with beautiful women should be said to be the first pleasure in the world. But the officialdom, in addition to the white hair urges people to have no hope of promotion, or the disease is depressed, ordinary people, who do not want to rush to the future. In the spare time of official business, you can play as much as you like. On the other hand, if an official doesn't get a fat job, how can he have the capital to have fun. For this reason, most of the officials in the Nanking government sharpened their heads and tried their best to curry favor with the powerful ministers in the Beijing government in order to have someone to speak for them during the examination. As the saying goes, it is good to be an official in the court, and if there is someone behind the chair, there will be no time to worry about the change of fortune and promotion. Hu Zigao, who now walks into the Yicui Building, is just such a person. Tonight, he is going to invite a man named Xu Jue from the capital to eat flower wine here. Hu Zigao is currently the head of the Ministry of Works in Nanjing. He was a Jinshi in the thirty-fifth year of Jiajing. He was lucky enough to be appointed ambassador of the Ministry of the Interior as soon as he entered the official career. Don't look down upon this Fucang ambassador, although the rank is only nine grades,coltan ore processing, it is a big fat job. Generally speaking, all national expenses, such as silver goods in Yongan Nanyi and other States, amber, Baoyu and ivory in Yunnan Dadian and other States, Linglingxiang in Yongzhou, Chenxiang and Huoxiang in Guangzhou Prefecture, Shilu in Runliu Eheng and other prefectures,chrome washing machine, cinnabar in Chenxi Prefecture, white powder in Nanzhou, realgar in Yanzhou, yellow and white hemp paper in Yizhou, Xuan paper in Xuanqu and other prefectures, 100-day oil thin white paper in Puzhou, rabbit skin Beaver skins from Jinfen and other prefectures, bamboo tubes from Yuezhou, candles from Jingzhou, felts from Zhengzhou, glue from Dengzhou, mats from Guozhou, hemp from the prefecture, and all the precious things of gold, jade, gold heap leaching ,coltan ore processing, pearls and shellfish offered by the four sides had to be checked and accepted by him, the ambassador of the carrier warehouse. He said that if the goods paid by various places were qualified, nothing would happen. If he is choosy and wants to find the smell in the eggs, you will not be able to deliver the goods. It should be noted that the head of a state, in addition to the duty of defending the land and pacifying the people, the first heavy responsibility is to pay the local treasures to the court every year according to the regulations. Once these goods can not be paid in full according to the quality, it is tantamount to disobeying the king's orders, do you still wear the black gauze cap on your head? Therefore, in order to hand over the goods for smooth acceptance, when the state capital comes to deliver the goods, it is necessary to prepare a generous gift in advance for the ambassador of the government warehouse. Hu Zigao worked in this fat job for several years, which was equivalent to opening a bank at home, and even the chamber pot for the solution was replaced by a silver one. If you have money on hand, you can take care of others. He spent a lot of money to greet the heads of the Ministry of the Interior and the Ministry of Civil Affairs. In the first year of the reign of Emperor Longqing, he was promoted to the post of judge of the Salt Transport Department, which was another fat job. But the weather is unpredictable, just when Hu Zigao's official fortune is prosperous, he did not expect his mother to die of illness. According to the law laid down by Emperor Taizu of the Ming Dynasty, when his parents died, officials had to leave their posts and return to their hometown for three years. Hu Zigao returned to the countryside to defend the system. After three years, he returned to the capital and went to the Ministry of Civil Affairs to wait for his reinstatement. Unexpectedly, at this time, the county magistrate of his hometown played a book for him, saying that he had violated the law of heaven when he kept the system, and that he had drunk with the children of the clan and had a concubine. If you don't observe filial piety like this, how can you be reinstated? This is really a disaster from heaven, but the responsibility is still on Hu Zigao himself. Relying on the fact that he was an official in the capital and had plenty of money, he returned to his hometown to guard the system, completely ignoring the county magistrate. He did not take the initiative to visit the county government office, not to mention, the county master came to see him, he actually scolded the county master in front of the clansmen. Not afraid of the enemy, but afraid of the enemy. Therefore, when he returned to the capital, the county magistrate played such a book. In the Ming Dynasty, which ruled the world with filial piety, this was a heinous thing. With such a disaster in the air, Hu Zigao had no choice but to admit his bad luck. At the time of the accident, the head of the cabinet was Gao Gong. At the same time, Gao Gong was also the minister of the Ministry of Personnel, and his power had reached the point of covering up the sky. Hu Zigao was also a master who was very good at making money. He was entrusted by others, and he was entrusted by others. He actually met a person called Shao Daxia. Master Shao is neither an official nor a scholar, neither a scholar nor a businessman. I don't know why, but he has a deep friendship with Gao Beard. He gave Master Shao a generous gift of ten thousand taels of silver, and Master Shao did it for him. Not only as usual, but also from the sixth grade to the sixth grade. Only the position was moved, from the judge of the Salt Transport Department to the head of the Ministry of Works in Nanjing. Although the official has been promoted,portable gold wash plant, he is an idle official who is clear to the end. Where can Hu Zigao eat this? In the first year of his term of office, he went to the Ministry to handle affairs only as a point, and devoted himself to fawning on the powerful officials in the capital. ore-magnetic-mining.com

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