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The ancestor of all demons

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Remember, when I heard this idiom, in order to understand its meaning, I went to check some information. For Ran Rong, I still remember clearly. Legend has it that the red character in the tiger represents the red ghost. In ancient times, it was said that people who were eaten by tigers became red ghosts after their death, specially luring people to eat for tigers. Make a ghost for the tiger. Bibi acts as an accomplice to the wicked. Moreover, there is a record in Volume 430 of Taiping Guangji: "According to the ghost, the person who is eaten by the tiger is the ear before the tiger. It is also recorded in Volume 4 of Bei Meng Suo Yan Yi Wen by Sun Guangxian of the Song Dynasty:" The ghost who dies in the tiger and drowns in the water must be replaced by a person. " There is also a legend that when a tiger gnaws a man to death, the deceased does not dare to serve him, so he serves the tiger. It's called Hugh Ghost. Zhang Weihu leads the way. Encounter a secret opportunity to fall on the way, then move to the road. When a man meets a tiger, his belt unties itself, all of which are done by Zhang. The tiger sees a man and then eats him. On the whole, it means that people who are killed by tigers. Or a living thing. After death. The soul will not enter the cycle of reincarnation, but will be bound to the tiger's side, for its drive. I've seen it before, but Emperor Shitian thought it was just an ancient legend. Not true, but now see the sudden mutation of the forehead Wang Wen, faintly, the mind can not help but emerge this idea. Could it be that this is my natural ability to awaken? In the heart secretly thought, to say that the talent ability does not expect,collapsible pallet box, that is a lie before the small, has always seen the red fire has the talent ability, born to spew out the pillar of fire. The power is so strong that it can be tough to cultivate immortals. A weak opponent. Will be burned to death by his fire. Moreover, natural ability is the ability that will accompany you for a lifetime. With the improvement of their own strength, they can continue to improve. It has great potential. It's just envy. It is not up to you to decide whether the talent can awaken or not. It needs chance and time. Perhaps it is natural to awaken, and the process of awakening is not clear to anyone. A thousand, there may be a thousand possibilities. At the time of breaking through into a monster, Emperor Shitian had also carefully explored it. There is no sign that he has awakened his talent at all. Unexpectedly,collapsible bulk containers, his talent should be on the royal lines on his forehead. With Wang Wen's strange ability to devour the soul, he could not help thinking of "taking a rest for the tiger". The allusion goes up. After pondering, Emperor Shitian was eager to know whether he had really awakened his natural ability, and no matter how he collected the storage bags of the five immortals, he stood where he was, closed his eyes, and probed the demon into the purple royal lines on his forehead. Eh! How did this happen? This exploration, the emperor Shitian heart suddenly changed, not surprised. For he saw a strange thing, and thought that all his body was his own. It is very easy for the demon to explore where he wants to go, but when he explores the purple royal lines on his forehead, there is an incredible thing. The purple king pattern does have a mysterious power. Wang Wen, seems to contain a strange space, space is not big, inside also appears to be very empty, collapsible pallet box ,plastic pallet crates, filled with a layer of purple liquid. Fill the whole space, say is the space. It was more like a pool, and in the purple pool, he saw it. Previously, I saw with my own eyes that the five immortals who had been photographed were appearing in the Purple Pool. Constantly struggling, trying to climb out of the purple pool. But no matter how hard they struggled, they could not climb out of the pool. Purple pool seems to be filled with a mysterious force, constantly into the body of the five souls, it seems, as if to assimilate the five souls and purple pool together, very wonderful. But strange is also strange here, he can only drive the forehead purple Wang Wen to capture the soul, other mysterious places, can not be used at all. Strange. I can feel it. Wang Wen's power is far more than work, has great potential, contains more magical ability, but I can get it, but I can't grasp how to use it. Emperor Shitian murmured to himself that although he did not know what his ability to awaken was, the ability to absorb the soul alone was extremely extraordinary, but now was not the time to carefully explore the natural ability, so. After he knew a little about the power of his Wang Wen, he regained his mind. Close your eyes and open them. The two hind legs kicked hard, and the strong tiger body jumped out of the air and landed naturally in front of the bodies of the five immortals. He glanced quickly and found their storage bags first. Put it in your storage bag and look for it carefully. Emperor Shi Tian's eyes suddenly froze, with a trace of coldness. Looking at the five corpses, he secretly said, "The bodies of the immortals all contain much more essence than ordinary animals, which cannot be wasted.". Earlier to eat a person, to do such a thing, has not too much psychological burden, anyway, are dead, but a body, even if he does not eat, will be eaten by other birds and animals, now is to do everything possible. It's time to try to improve your strength. We must not miss any chance of promotion. Thinking in the heart, the tiger body immediately shook, a stream of evil spirit like substance immediately rolled out from the countless pores of the whole body, at the same time, we can see that the normal size of the tiger body is expanding violently. Twenty feet Emperor Shitian's body is becoming bigger with the naked eye. In a twinkling of an eye, it becomes a huge thing with a height of five Zhangs. It spreads around like the tide. The overbearing breath makes the atmosphere around it produce a kind of suffocating depression. It looks ferocious. Whew!! Opening the tiger's mouth, the tiger's mouth at this time was like a huge black hole, sucking in front of him, and in an instant, he saw a violent wind in front of him. The five corpses, swept up in the air by the strong wind, were swallowed one after another under a terrible pulling force. Hum!! Just as Emperor Shitian was swallowing these bodies into his stomach, he had been silently rotating in the demon mansion, refining the spirit of heaven and earth that had been absorbed. Suddenly,collapsible pallet bin, with a shock, jade and light like snow burst out, and a strange devouring force appeared in the tripod. binpallet.com

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