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"Ha ha.." Wang Tianwu laughed, and the security guard, as if he had been hammered by a giant, immediately squatted down with his head in his arms and cried loudly. Who? What a strong momentum! A figure shot out of the hall in an instant, and then a pistol was aimed at Wang Tianwu, a wandering old man who was laughing wildly. Wang Tianwu did not seem to see the gun, still laughing. There was a kind of shocking evil in the laughter. Wu Zhuofei, don't you know the name of your predecessor? The big fellow with a gun looked at the old man who looked very old outside without blinking, and big bore pistols in his hands were loaded directly, as long as he had a change, then his bullets would never recognize people. As if feeling Wu Zhuofei's anger, the old man slowly put away his laughter and looked at Wu Zhuofei without saying a word. And the security guard lying beside him immediately took the opportunity to roll away, because he was afraid, just laughter can make him feel too painful to resist the guy, that is how can not be beaten. So what are you standing here for? "Mr. Wu, do you need to call the police?" The security guard took out his walkie-talkie and asked nervously. Wait, you go down! Wu Zhuofei did not feel the old man's murderous look, so he did not want to make things bigger. Yes The security guard ran away quickly. Why don't the seniors speak? Wu Zhuofei put down his pistol and looked at the old man with a smile. Did your boss practice Qigong? The old man asked strangely. Yes! Better than me. Wu Zhuofei did not hide it, because he felt a kind of breath that made him palpitate on the old man, which was the absolute breath of the strong. Ha ha, good, good. "The old man laughed loudly, but this time he didn't have the uncomfortable feeling of laughing just now." Ask the senior to speak out. Wu Zhuofei couldn't figure out what was good about Tang Xiao practicing Qigong for the old man, so he asked. Have you practiced, too? The old man stopped laughing and looked at Wu Zhuofei and nodded. When I was a soldier,car radiator cap, I practiced with the chief for a few days. Wu Zhuofei also did not conceal his own affairs, said bluntly: "This is just a kind of hard Qigong, in addition to the strength of the big point, thick skin, there is no other role." "How old did you practice?" The old man asked with a smile, touching the gray beard on his chin. 17 years old! Wu Zhuofei's scarred smelly face flashed a trace of sadness. It's a pity, really a pity! The old man shook his head and said, "Well, go and ask your boss to come down. I have something for him." " "This..?" Wu Zhuofei didn't know what to do. He thought, "This old man knows at a glance that he is a real martial arts master in the legend. I'm afraid he can't beat him with a gun. If he kills Ah Xiao.." "Think about what?"? If I were to kill your boss, would I have no chance? The old man looked very angry, and a terrible momentum made Wu Zhuofei step back continuously. "Genuine address: http://dushi./book/30210.html, CNC machining parts ,car radiator cap, welcome your support." Also, if he is really the killer sent by someone, I'm afraid 10 of me, Wu Zhuofei, are no match. As soon as he thought about it, Wu Zhuofei quickly became respectful and said sincerely, "In such a cold day, you should go in and have a rest first. I'll go up and look for him." "No, I don't care about such a little cold!" The old man flatly refused Wu Zhuofei's ingratiation and said directly, "Hurry up, I don't have much time." "Oh, that's all right. I wanted to invite you to drink a few cups of authentic Erguotou." Wu Zhuofei said and shook his head ready to go up. But he only heard the wind in his ear, and his hand was caught. Looking back, it was the old man of unknown origin. Hey hey, since there is good wine to entertain Lao Tzu, then I will give you a face, go in! The old man was not embarrassed at all, as if he was going home. He strode in. Several security guards wanted to stop him, but when they saw Wu Zhuofei nodding, they all dispersed and pretended not to see him. Are you from the northeast? The old man stood in the elevator and looked around and asked unconsciously. "Yes, my hometown is Changchun." Wu Zhuofei is now more respectful to the old man, almost all questions are answered. Because he knew just now that the old man's skill was really unfathomable. Haha, I'm from Xinjiang. The old man touched his dirty beard subconsciously and said, "Look, you are also a knowledgeable person. I'll just tell you something strange." Wu Zhuofei nodded quickly, and the old man began to say: "Many people think that martial arts do not exist, ha ha, I used to think so, but when I was 14 years old, that is, the year the War of Resistance Against Japan broke out, when I met my master, everything changed." After a pause, the old man said in a tone of reverence, "You can't believe that people can fly around like sparrows, and you can't believe that a person can smash a piece of marble weighing thousands of pounds with only one fist. Hehe, it's scarier than a grenade.." "The senior elevator is here!" Wu Zhuofei reminded the old man. It's all right. I'll go on. The old man went out and said, "At that time, I had been with Shifu for more than a month. I walked from Xinjiang to Henan. Although I walked, it was faster than riding a horse. Alas, after staying there for half a month,Investment casting parts, we went to Hebei. Finally, we passed Shanhaiguan and went to the northeast. Haha, where is the real treasure land to kill the enemy?" 。 autoparts-dx.com

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