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I lack you in the five elements.

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Emotional drama will definitely be there, but the pot is more weak, and the husband is very introverted, emotional development will certainly not play straight ball, can only take it slowly, otherwise it feels a bit of collapse. Chapter 55 dry bones. After checking, several people did not find anything strange in the toilet on the third floor. The library has five floors, the fourth floor is the electronic reading and multimedia area, and the fifth floor is the office area for the staff. Several people went to the fourth floor and turned on the lights on this floor. Where are the other ghosts? Lin Jue said, "I saw the teacher downstairs and helped her cross over with the paper." Lin Zhushui hesitated a little, took a few steps forward, chose a relatively open place, and pulled out the rest of the things in the bag one by one. The items were all found in jars on the playground and have been identified as belonging to the students who were killed. After putting things on the ground, Lin Zhushui waved to Zhou Jiayu. Zhou Jiayu stepped forward to Lin Zhushui's side. His hand hanging by his side was suddenly grasped by Lin Zhushui. Zhou Jiayu's heart tightened. Just as he was about to ask a question, he heard Lin Chushui whisper, "I need a little of your blood." Zhou Jiayu said good, then saw Lin Zhushui did not know where to take out a thin needle, in Zhou Jiayu's index finger pricked a small cut. Blood beads emerged from the index finger,shuttle rack system, and Lin Zhushui dipped his fingertips in Zhou Jiayu's blood and began to draw symbols on the floor. Zhou Jiayu is not the first time to see Lin Chushui draw charms, but his smooth technique is still pleasing to the eye. Fu array looks and complex, Zhou Jiayu was a little worried that a little blood is not enough, but did not expect Lin Zhushui or easily finished a stroke. Diluted blood, showing a faint orange, when the last outline is completed, suddenly a gust of wind outside the window. The windows were rattling,warehousing storage solutions, and even the glass was rattling, as if something was trying to squeeze into the room from the dark night. After the gale, the quiet fourth floor of the library began to ring some strange sounds, which seemed to be squeezed out of people's throats. Zhou Jiayu always felt as if he had heard it somewhere. When he thought about it carefully, he found that the sound effect of a female ghost in a horror movie was almost seven or eight points similar. In the darkness in the distance, something began to move slowly towards here. Zhou Jiayu can only be glad in his heart that this is a reality, not a horror film, at least there is no BGM occasion. Who knows he just thought so, the thing in the darkness suddenly appeared. It was five ferocious spirits, some crawling, some standing, some clinging to the ceiling, Teardrop Pallet Racking ,heavy duty cantilever racks, but without exception, they were all wearing the school uniform. There is no doubt that they are the victims who have lost their lives. Lin Zhushui sighed softly, with a little pity in his tone. "It's over," he said. "Let's leave." The moment his words fell, Zhou Jiayu heard the sound of playing more outside the window. As soon as this sound appeared, Zhou Jiayu immediately remembered that when his soul was out of body, he had heard Yin Cha playing such a tune in that street. What he didn't expect was that Lin Chushui's amulet array could call Yin Cha directly. The rhythm of the voice was very special. The five ferocious spirits in front of them seemed to be attracted by the voice and began to move towards the wall, but when their bodies were about to touch the wall, they seemed to be stopped by something and could not move any further. When Lin Zhushui reached the position against the wall, he had five more nails in his hand, which were half the length of his palm, showing a light golden color, and looked very beautiful. He grasped the nails and plunged them into the wall one by one. The hard wall looked like tofu in front of Lin Zhushui. All five nails were easily inserted, and then Lin Zhushui's hand clapped heavily on the wall. "Roar!" There was a loud scream in the library, which sounded like the roar of a wounded beast, and the next moment, the floor of the library began to shake violently, as if it had been an earthquake. Zhou Jiayu was startled, but he saw that the wall where Lin Zhushui plunged into the nail began to slowly flow black and red blood. "Go," said Lin Chu-shui. The bodies of the five resentful spirits standing in place slowly penetrated the wall and headed outside. Zhou Jiayu looked back and saw that all the objects placed on the ground by Lin Zhushui had turned to ashes. It seemed that the five evil spirits had indeed been freed from the library by Lin Zhushui. But in that case, what was the roar they heard just now, and the vibration under their feet-Zhou Jiayu was thinking so, but suddenly noticed that Li Jinjiang standing beside him had a strange expression. But Li Jinjiang usually has been very afraid of these things, the expression is almost not normal, so he did not think much, but think about whether he is uncomfortable, concerned about the sentence: "Are you all right?"? Li Jinjiang? Li Jinjiang opened his mouth and said a very low voice. "What?" Asked Zhou Jiayu. He stepped forward to hear more clearly, but Li Jinjiang, standing in front of him, suddenly stretched out his hand and grabbed his arm heavily. Then, Li Jinjiang opened his mouth-countless black hair gushed out of his mouth and came towards Zhou Jiayu. Zhou Jiayu could not react, and the whole person was wrapped in black hair. These things only happened in a moment, Zhou Jiayu did not even remember to call out the words of help, he felt his body was quickly lifted, then suddenly fell, the floor under him, collapsed. "What is this?" Zhou Jiayu forced himself to calm down and called out the eight sacrifices in his mind. Sacrifice eight says: "Dirty thing..." Zhou Jiayu: ".." If there is nothing wrong in the world, it will always be nonsense. Okay, I'm kidding. Sacrifice eight doesn't seem to be nervous at all. "Don't be afraid. I've calculated. You have a long life. You can't die. Don't you have a piece of paper in your arms?"? Hold it in your hand, and if that thing dares to touch you, it will rush up and stick to him. Zhou Jiayu: ".." Why does the tone of Ji Ba's voice become more and more social. Wrapped in black hair,warehouse pallet racks, it is not a comfortable thing, especially the smooth touch, which always makes people have some unpleasant associations. jracking.com

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