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The realm of longevity

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Magnificent breath, overwhelming Kyushu! At the same time, at the mouth of the sea, the sound of Zulong roared and shook the sky. Three Zulong were entangled with each other and circled against the Yellow River, dancing their huge bodies in the air. Kailong clan has never been prosperous, three Zulong came to the world at the same time, and rushed to Honghuang Zulong Village! Sorry, update tomorrow afternoon. Sorry, I can't update tonight. I will update tomorrow afternoon. Chapter 666 Primogenitor Dragon. The three ancestral dragons fought for the front and roared in the sky, which was a grand occasion that the Kailong clan had never seen before. The whole body is black, as thick as a mountain, churning, like an ancient black magic mountain. At the other end, the whole body was red, as if stained with blood, and the huge scales were like pools of blood embedded in the body, which was awe-inspiring. The third head is silver-gray, like molten iron, and the huge dragon eyes are like two open lakes dotted on the huge dragon head. Three ancestral dragons, each of whose horns are sharp and hard, shining with brilliance, not to mention the sharp claws of the dragon, which have a cold metallic luster shining, making people suspect that they can directly grasp the sun, moon and stars. Xiao Chen recognized at a glance that it was the Black Dragon King, the Red Dragon King, and the Inverse Dragon King who were promoted to the ultimate holy dragon of the ancestral dragon! In the past year,shuttle rack system, there were more than a dozen little dragon kings fighting for the front. Until today, it was really revealed who was the real king. After thirty thousand years of grinding, the mysterious veil was finally revealed. -,,,,,” A roar of the dragon shook the rivers and mountains, the Black Dragon King's back sent out bursts of clangorous sound, a huge sword slowly pulled out from its spine, shining with dazzling light, the sun in the sky was completely eclipsed. At that time, the Black Dragon King once followed Niu Ren, and got the most precious sword of the Dragon Clan in the forest clan and the barbarian clan. Its power is beyond doubt. It is one of the best in the Little Dragon King, and it is natural to be promoted to Zulong. As for the Red Dragon King,cantilever racking system, it is an alternative, born bloodthirsty and warlike, red as blood, as if it foreshadowed its life full of blood and killing. As a matter of fact, this is indeed the case. After the Red Dragon King was separated from the Dugu Sword Demon in the past year, he experienced many bloody battles, fought with hundreds of clans, and fought fiercely with the pursuers of the other world. The dragon's body was broken by no less than dozens of cuts. It can be said that it is a miracle that it can survive. This is a red blood ancestor dragon breaking through in a desperate situation! As for the inverse dragon king, there is no need to elaborate, he is a natural dragon in the dragon clan, step by step, is growing up from adversity, very practical. Born, do not compare with other small dragon king, is a fierce battle with the general dragon, each time scarred, very weak, but it has an indomitable fighting spirit, mobile racking systems ,industrial racking systems, struggling to survive and grow up. An ordinary little dragon perseveres in the pursuit of transformation, eventually grows into a war ancestor, and then sublimates into a ancestor dragon. Its success is related to its own efforts. It is congenitally deficient and makes up for it the day after tomorrow. Xiao Chen has witnessed the miracle of the little stubborn dragon's growth. The three-headed ancestral dragon was born and came to the sky over the village of Zulong, hovering over the solidified Yellow River. Naturally, this kind of different appearance of gods and demons has aroused great concern in the unknown science and technology, and they carefully and carefully monitor everything here. I had daggers, and 113 archosaurs roared. They fought with each other, and their huge bodies occupied the whole sky. The essence left by the first ancestor dragon was sensed by the three-headed ancestor dragon at the moment of opening, and even the same clan could not give way to each other at the moment. The purple jade bracelet is sealed with a trace of the spirit of the ancestor dragon. The moment it returns to the Yellow River itself, it activates the huge vitality of the ancestor dragon. This is a fatal temptation for the Dragon Clan, which is as powerful as the Black Dragon King, the Red Dragon King and the Inverse Dragon King. Boom. The three-headed ancestor dragon swooped down and circled above the solidified Yellow River, fighting for the orthodoxy of the ancestor dragon and inheriting everything of the ancestor dragon. The three-headed ancestor dragon did not give way to each other. It's not that they don't want to make progress, but the message left by the ancestor dragon, let them compete, inherit, the strong are respected, the ancestor dragon wants to build a higher foundation for the winner. With a flash of light, the tall buildings standing on the original site of Zulong Village in the distance were blown up by the wind like gauze and fell lightly in the distance. "Boom!" The rest of the open space suddenly moved, and the village of Zulong, which had disappeared for more than 30,000 years, appeared. However, it seems very far away, as if it is at another end of the universe, separated by endless stars, separated by infinite time, and separated by an unbridgeable gap. Xiao Chen was so excited that his body almost trembled. For thirty thousand years, he has always been a wanderer away from home, unable to return home, unable to meet relatives, that kind of feeling is very unbearable. At present, Zulong Village suddenly reappeared, which was really beyond his preparatory course. Vaguely, Xiao Chen understood that the appearance of the rented dragon boat had a great connection with the purple jade bracelet. In the past year, the old man in the village once told him that strange things had happened many times in the ancient village of Honghuang since ancient times, such as the whole village sleeping and the disappearance of the ancient village, but every thousand years later, the ancient village would appear automatically. The purple jade bracelet has a long history and has been preserved in the ancient village of Honghuang. Thirty thousand years ago, he lost the jade bracelet carelessly, which led to the failure of Zulong Village to reappear. Long Yin shook for nine days, and the three ancestral dragons rushed to the village of Zulong after complaining. Xiao Chen suddenly woke up and stepped forward, but before he left, he put away the broken purple jade bracelet on the ground. Four shadows have disappeared into the time and space of that piece of nothingness. Like a landscape painting, plain waist dim, fog surging, seemingly very close, endless distance. After entering this special area, I did not really step into Zulong Village, but I could not see it, which gave people a vague feeling that it was really very far away, like a universe. Roar.. A deafening dragon song shook all the heavens and all the worlds, and the ancestor dragon struggled! The petrified Yellow River, slowly spiraling up, also flew towards Zulong Village, slowly sinking into it. This time, even alarmed the heaven, there is a powerful stone king to explore the terrible mind, toward here scanning. The ancient prehistoric antiques have been alarmed,wire mesh decking, which is enough to show that things are unusual. As for the technological civilization of Kyushu, they are scanning quickly and recording all kinds of data for analysis. They are rational and restrained, and have not taken any radical actions. jracking.com

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