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Shuixinsha Trilogy Eagle of the Nile, Eye of the Wolf, Pharaoh (1)

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The heart gradually calms down, exhibition Lin this just has the leisure to look at the surrounding environment carefully. This place seems to be far away from the city of Thebes in the wilderness, the continuous valley in the sun refracted a kind of pale light, people can not help but see the throat dry. The valley is not necessarily high and steep, but the extended road is very long, and in some places there will be a sudden passage. If you are not familiar with the terrain, you don't know where you will be taken. Soon, she noticed that the ground under her feet was flashing in front of her eyes through the rocks, and it seemed that it was only a matter of time before she reached her destination. You owe me. Unexpectedly, the voice sounded overhead, which surprised Zhan Lin, who was looking down. Looked up, right in front of a flash of Aurasis. He was still focused on the road ahead, and the line of his lips was straight, as calm as his eyes. I Afraid of the hallucination caused by the wind, she hesitated for a moment, and then Zhan Lin asked. Yes At the same time, the horse's hooves slipped on the edge of the mountain path. A stagger startled Zhan Lin in a cold sweat, and startled Anu to raise his head from Zhan Lin and glance angrily at the less attentive rider. When I get back, I'll ask you to pay me back. Steadily holding the horse's body,heavy duty cantilever racks, Aurasis glanced at Zhan Lin, raised the corners of his mouth slightly, and raised his hand with a whip. The speed remained the same, and there was no relief from the stumble just now. Zhan Lin felt some cramps in her stomach. Just as he was about to slow down a little, he saw his eyes freeze in the distance, and then his face suddenly changed! "Oh.." "Hold on!" Pharaoh (Part III) As soon as his body was stretched, Aurasis suddenly raised his hand to rein the reins back and let out a sharp whistle in his mouth. At the same time, the whole body of his horse suddenly shook,industrial racking systems, as if he had tripped over something, too late to stop, it neighed, slanted its head, and fell straight down the canyon outside the path! Zhan Lin's body swung out at the moment the horse fell down the mountain path, subconsciously hugging Anu in her arms, her back tightened, and the downward trend suddenly stopped. Struggling to look back, it turned out that his clothes had been grabbed in the palm of his hand, while his other hand was clasped tightly on a protruding stone on the side of the path. Because of inertia, the hand had already been cut by the stone, and the blood spread rapidly among the gravel around it. Don't move. Said in a low voice, and at the same time Zhan Lin felt the body of Aurasis exert a little force in the direction of the top. So she took care to stabilize her body so as not to impose a greater burden on him. Anu seemed to have fainted, lying in her arms, heavy duty metal racks ,asrs warehouse, motionless. Aurasis's foot found a fulcrum, his hand clenched on the stone, and he worked up again, with all his strength. The upper part of his body poked out on the mountain path, and he just wanted to take this opportunity to raise his hand and grab the root of an old tree beside the mountain path, but when he looked up and saw several figures waving knives at him, his hands "clicked" a crisp sound. Zhan Lin only felt her whole body sinking rapidly. Although Aurasis was still trying to find anything to climb and catch, the tendency to fall was too fast, and his body kept crashing into the rock wall between pause and fall. Fortunately, because his body was behind him, he had to increase some of the buffer. Finally, after the last impact, not knowing whether it was because of weakness or being knocked unconscious, Aurasis failed to grasp any more fetters, loosened his hand, and fell down a slope with Zhan Lin and Anu. The last point of consciousness is that the body collides with the hard slope. As Zhan Lin's body, entwined with Aurasis, continued to roll down the slope, her eyes darkened and she completely lost all consciousness as she felt the shock of turning over rivers and seas, accompanied by her own weakness. When I woke up, there was almost no feeling in my limbs. Even Zhan Lin did not know whether she was still alive or not. The head is very dizzy, because the yellow sky above the head is waving in front of the eyes. Then she heard a vague moan: "Mmm …" His eyes turned, and soon he caught a glimpse of a black figure on the side, his front legs struggling on the ground, his head shaking slightly, and his half-closed eyes trying to get up from the ground. It's Anu. It probably let go in a coma halfway down the slope, so it fell out of its arms and rolled down to that place. It's quite dangerous, because one step further is the edge of the mountain, hundreds of meters away from the ground. Zhan Lin breathed a sigh of relief. Struggling to sit up, I was caught off guard, and my cheeks were hot and wet. Startled, she looked back and saw Aurasis crouching beside her, bowing her head less than a few millimeters away from her, sticking out her tongue and looking at herself happily with a very strange smile. Seeing Zhan Lin's eyes looking at him, he grinned and licked her face again with his tongue sticking out. Hello Exclaimed, too late to consider how Aurasis suddenly made such a strange move, Zhan Lin's face hurriedly slanted back. The wound in her neck was so painful that the corners of her mouth twitched. At the same time, there was a low curse behind him: "Ihanuru, you damn.." The voice suddenly stopped, and then there was a dead silence. The only thing left in the air was the gasp of Aurasis when he approached Zhan Lin: "Ha ha.." Ha ha ha Ha Always feel.. Something's not right. Exhausting her strength to avoid the sudden inexplicable entanglement of Ourachis, which made her unappetizing, Zhan Lin turned her head and glanced at the place where Anu was lying. Anu had already stood up, not knowing if he had suffered any injuries, and his front legs were shaking slightly, as if he could not grasp the balance. Aware of Zhan Lin's eyes, his eyes slowly turned from his paws to her eyes,warehouse storage racks, and then a strange thing flashed from his green eyes and slowly spread. If Zhan Lin is not wrong, the name of that thing is panic. Nope Shaking his head, he stepped back and looked at Zhan Lin and Olasis behind her in disbelief. "No.." 。 jracking.com

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