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Ao Shi Yan Tian

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I didn't expect to be promoted to two realms, but I didn't go up and kiss Aofang passionately to express my gratitude. When my strength improves, I will help you improve again. I believe it won't be long before another prince will be born in the blood clan, that is, Prince Nicholas! "The prince." The prince's voice echoed in Nicholas's ears. You go back to England now and find a chance to arrange for me to meet Prince Hamill! "Yes!" Nicholas was extremely deferential to Ao Fang. Also, now that your strength has improved, I believe your status in your clan should be improved a lot, and you should be able to manage part of the blood clan, right? "Well, dukes above generally ignore the affairs of the clan, unless it is very important,tile profile factory, there are many members of the blood clan, all over the world, each Marquis can rule a lot of people!" "Well, is there a race like yours in this world?" "The wolves of America!" "Wolf Clan?"? What does it have to do with your blood? "It doesn't matter. It's just a competitor in business. Both of our races believe in demons!" "Do you know what rare birds and beasts there are in the world?" "What does the master want to do with rare birds and beasts?" "The inner elixir of the beast is the best material for refining elixirs. If it is only refined with ordinary materials, the effect will not be so good,aluminum tile trim, and the success rate will not be so high!" "I'll go back and find out about my father. He's been with Prince Hamill all day. He should have heard of it!" "Well, this is my cell phone number. Call me directly if you have something to do!" Ao Fang gave his private number to Nicholas. OK …… When Aofang returned to the hotel, he was thinking about the next plan of Tianlong Club when his cell phone rang in his pocket. Hello "I'm Li Ying. Are you free now?" "Yes!" "Then please come to my office and I have arranged your position for you!" "All right, I'll come at once!" …… The re-arrival of Aofang undoubtedly caused quite a stir in the office of the Personnel Department of King Group. Walking through the'crowded 'corridor, Aofang came to the door of Li Ying's office. Knock! "" Come in! " "General Manager Li!" "Ao Fang, please sit down!" Li Ying is very enthusiastic about Aofang, and she doesn't know what she is thinking. After they sat down on the sofa, Li Ying took out a list of names. Our King of England is one of the largest entertainment groups in Hong Kong. We often go to various places to discover potential new people. Of course, tile trim manufacturers ,aluminium tile trim profiles, the old ones will not give up. It just depends on the popularity to decide how to deal with them. Whether they are new or old, if they are not exposed for a long time, their popularity will decline sharply. I believe you know this. Ao Fang nodded. That's why I have a career as a broker. Brokers not only help artists sign entertainment companies, but also try to improve their popularity and exposure from time to time. As for how to do it, they have their own tricks! Li Ying took the list to Ao Fang. Didn't you say you wanted to work behind the scenes? In fact, I think it's more suitable to go to the front of the stage! "Oh, General Manager Li doesn't seem to give up!" "Yes, your condition is so good that I really don't want you to miss such a good opportunity!" "Too bad I'm not interested in being a star!" "Don't be so sure, the world is not absolute, or I'll make a bet with you!" "Bet?" "What's the bet?" Asked Ao Fang with a smile. "Since you think you are more suitable to be behind the scenes, and I think you are more suitable to be in front of the stage, the list in your hand is full of singers whose popularity has declined sharply. They have been almost forgotten. They have released one or two albums before, but the sales are very poor. Let's bet on whether you can bring one of them back to life. How about that?"? Do you dare to bet with me? Chapter 6 Broker "Oh, General Manager Li seems to have the victory in hand!" "That's not true, but I think you are more suitable to be a singer than an unknown manager, that's all!" "What is the bet?" "If I win, you will be the contract singer of our company. If you win, I recommend you to the company as the ace manager. This bet is only good for you in any way!" "Ace Broker?"? General Manager Li, don't you think I'm a little too young? "If you can really make these people the focus of the media again, the title of the ace broker belongs to you!" "So these people are difficult?" "Oh, yes, if they didn't have a contract with the company first, the company would have ignored them long ago. The company hasn't arranged any plans for them now. It's very challenging. If you admit defeat now, it's not too late!" "I don't have the word to admit defeat in my heart. Well, I promise you that I will choose myself!" Lao Tzu is a half-immortal. Isn't it easy to make a has-been singer popular? This job is too easy. That's all right Ao Fang opened the list, and there were photos and profiles of the singers and stars under the King of England. Sure enough, they are all has-beens! "No wonder Li Ying said that these people are very difficult to operate.". Yes, I choose him! Ao Fang said,tile trim factory, pointing to a photo of a singer on the list. Are you sure? Ao Fang nodded affirmatively. This man has been almost forgotten in the past two years! "So it shows my strength better, doesn't it?" Ao Fang said with a confident face. Ha ha, pretty self-conscious. jecatrims.com

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