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In the two men's joint hunting of the red-fronted alien, Lu Xuan himself undertook 80% of the work. Although Yin Quan undertakes 20% of the work, the return can be said to be less than 2%, which is very unbalanced. For Lu Xuan, this is a matter of no way, the opportunity is not that I do not give you this partner, but that you can not grasp your own physical condition. Take a break and wait for them to catch up. Lu Xuan said, sitting cross-legged on a slightly flat rock, because he absorbed too much of the "golden hormone" of the red forehead, he could not be as calm as before. Quickly and completely consume all energy gained during normal activity. It should be said that because the energy obtained now is too huge and crazy, he must concentrate on opening the three cores and efficiency of the True Qi system. Use the maximum power to deal with the unabsorbed golden hormone in the body. But this time. The role of the three True Qi cores is to promote, not to absorb. After repeated calculations by Lu Xuan, the total amount of golden hormone remaining in the body at present, if completely absorbed, will directly break through from the end of congenital level 12 to congenital level 13. The intense change of energy, so that Lu Xuan's breath constantly enlarged, but at this time standing coldly beside Lu Xuan Yin Quan,stainless tile trim, but was attracted by another breath. Compared with the close breath of Lu Xuan, the breath from the depths of the underground palace, although far away, is more intense! A huge biological wave filled the air, which made Yin Quan palpitate. Yin Quan has been accompanied by Sun Bonian, president of the Chinese Ancient Martial Arts Association. It can be said that she has seen countless top players. This experience makes her indifferent even in the face of powerful roles. But at the moment, the powerful biological breath,stainless steel tile trim, but let her have a kind of indescribable discomfort, blood circulation and heart movement, almost uncontrollably out of order. Yin Quan knows very well that this is a biological instinct. When a weak species faces another absolutely powerful species, the instinctive biological reaction will destroy all the defenses of the weak species. This feeling is like the feeling of all creatures facing the dragon in the legend. The pressure of the dragon is enough to make most creatures instinctively fear and escape. Feeling wave after wave of "terror breath", Yin Quan had an illusion in an instant, perhaps deep in the underground palace of this vein, there was really a golden dragon sleeping, not a ferocious alien queen. If you want to retreat, it's not too late. When Yin Quan heard Lu Xuan's indifferent voice, he turned around and found Lu Xuan sitting cross-legged and had already opened his eyes. Lu Xuan, who has completely absorbed the remaining "golden adrenaline" in his body, has become more powerful in the breath emanating from his body. Obviously, aluminium edge trim ,aluminum tile edge trim, he has succeeded in breaking through the physical training level to the congenital level 13. Lu Xuan cast his cold and powerful eyes on Yin Quan, making her very uncomfortable. Lu, I have no intention of running away, and I believe that no matter what the process is, the final victory belongs to me alone. Yin Quan, with a frosty face, said word by word. Chapter 220 of the main text. Black Dragon Novel Net Update Time: 2009-7-17 23:20:42 Words in this chapter: 7111 "Lu, I have no intention of running away, and I believe that no matter what the process is, the final victory belongs to me alone." Yin Quan leaned proudly in front of a rock wall, her eyes were still sharp as before, but her face was pale and could not be concealed. The alien queen's powerful "biological wave" strongly affects all creatures that enter its habitat. In fact, Lu Xuan and Yin Quan have not yet reached the core of the place, Yin Quan's strong reaction, but also with her super-sensitive sense of martial arts, just like some creatures with a particularly developed sense of smell, but easily hurt by some irritating odor. Yin Quan stepped into the edge of the "alien queen" field, because her warrior's "keen touch" withstood the violent impact, she had to adjust her body for a period of time to adapt to this inescapable terrorist impact. As for Lu Xuan, who is as strong as a monster in both his mental system, there is no sign of being affected by the "biological fluctuation of the alien queen". As soon as he enters this small mine, he defuses himself and attracts the "booty" golden adrenaline. In the process of waiting for his companions to catch up, the two men in the mine stopped talking. Lu Xuan is recuperating, he is very clear, before fighting with the alien queen, he still has a barrier to break through. That is the alien queen's most "elite" personal guard, Lu Xuan predicted that the last personal guard should have a number of no less than 40 "red forehead fighting alien.". They are all the most brave and skillful attacking creatures in this nest. Although they will gain a lot of benefits, they will also consume a lot of Lu Xuan's physical strength. Because of this penultimate battle, Lu Xuan is almost certain that Yin Quan is not helpful, not that she lost the ability to attack under the pressure of the "alien queen". But Lu Xuan knew, with Yin Quan's strength. Five minutes later, her body's adjustment should be over. Once adapted to the biological fluctuations of the alien queen, even if it is close, it will not have too much negative impact on Yin Quan. The reason why she did not shoot in the penultimate battle was that she could not get a piece of the cake, and that she would certainly use the strength she had saved from now on to deal with the "alien queen". After all, at the bottom of the vein, everyone's ultimate goal is the "alien queen". The last barrier can only be broken through by Lu Xuan himself. Lu Xuan, who had been sitting cross-legged on the ground, suddenly stood up. Are you ready to go? My body adjustment is not over yet. What can I do? Yin Quan,stainless steel tile edging, leaning against the wall, said coldly. It doesn't matter. You can get there before you encounter the alien queen. Lu Xuan said lightly. Certain Lu Xuan stepped heavily and walked toward the depths of the dark road without looking back. While Lu Xuan was heading for the "hinterland" of the alien queen, a group of uninvited guests also entered the "habitat" of the alien queen. jecatrims.com

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