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Green plum with honey juice

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The car did not turn on the stereo, Cen Man's voice was not loud, but Yu Xiuyuan still heard it. He slowed down a little, and his tone was a little discontented. "Aren't we talking?" Cen Man turned to look at the window, learned the lesson of the last time, she decided to ignore Yu Xiuyuan, as long as she did not open her mouth, he should take his own way. Yu Xiuyuan really can't do anything about her. Think of Zhou Rui not only let their own cousin dead set, but also let Cen Man also spring heart, he could not help but ask: "Zhou Rui in the end where good?" In fact, Cen Man did not feel that Zhou Rui had such a good idea, she just envied him and Yu Shuying that kind of small love in life, simple, is enough for her to yearn for. Instead of explaining, she answered his question: "Everything is very good, gentle, considerate, knowledgeable, tasteful, and even can make desserts and bake cakes, how can I not meet such a good man.." She spoke slowly, but Yu Xiuyuan, who was sitting in the driver's seat,Alumina Ceramic C795, did not say a word until he returned to his apartment. Cen Man is also calm, Yu Xiuyuan does not speak, she does not speak. She drank a cup of cold water and went back to her room. After washing, she turned off the light and went to bed to make up for the night she had stayed up last night. Recently, the weather has gradually become hot, Cen Man changed into a cotton nightdress, even the thin quilt is too lazy to cover. When she was half asleep and half awake, she suddenly felt hot all over, as if she had been burned by a red-hot iron. She twisted her body uncomfortably,3500mg Ozone ceramic Plate, but obviously felt that her waist was being hooped by an overbearing arm. Most of her heavy sleepiness was driven away. She tried to shake off the man who disturbed her sleep. Her voice was vague: "Yu Xiuyuan, what are you doing here again?" Yu Xiuyuan held her in his arms, and his hot lips swam back and forth between her neck, sometimes rubbing and sometimes kissing. His voice was equally vague: "I was so angry with you that I couldn't sleep. Of course, I was looking for you to settle accounts." Cen Man naturally understood what Yu Xiuyuan was referring to, and she firmly refused to admit: "Who made you angry?"? You asked me on your own initiative. Yu Xiuyuan does not pursue this temporarily, he asks again: "How do you say to want to fall in love to return a responsibility?" Rushing to send Cen Man back to work this morning, Yu Xiuyuan didn't even have time to shave off his stubble. It didn't look obvious to the naked eye, but it still stuck on the delicate skin of the back of his neck. Cen Man stretched out his hand to push him and complained delicately, "Don't prick me with your stubble!" Hearing this, Yu Xiuyuan deliberately rubbed his chin against her. She was ticklish. She smiled and shrank her neck to dodge. He refused to let her go easily. He asked again, "Are you in love with me?" After such a movement, Cen Man's nightdress skirt has been rolled up to the root of the thigh, only to cover the small underwear with lace edges. She pulled her nightdress down with difficulty, but Yu Xiuyuan thought she was playing tricks. He pulled her hand back decisively, only to lift the hem to her waist by mistake. The legs exposed to the air were chilly. Cen Man arched his waist to hide the spring scenery. At the same time, Ceramic ferrule for stud welding ,Ceramic Core Immersion Heaters, he scolded: "Hooligan!" As soon as the voice fell, Cen Man heard the man lying behind him breathing a little confused. She turned her back to Yu Xiuyuan, who was supposed to see nothing, but his palm touched something that did not change. She had expected him to withdraw his hand as usual and keep a proper distance from herself, but this time, he did not retreat at all, his hand instinctively moved up the skirt, slipped over the slender waist, flat abdomen, and finally stopped at the soft of her chest. Having known Yu Xiuyuan for so long, Cen Man had never seen him so out of control. She hurriedly stopped his movement, but his attitude was firm, and her strength could not make any change at all. His hands were hot, touching her cool skin, and the huge temperature difference made her gasp. The broad palm had a thin layer of cocoon, and Cen Man was numbed all over by him, and his back was gradually sweating. At a loss, she could only grab his hand and say, "No …" He still clenched his palms and kneaded Cen Man's chest slowly. It felt surprisingly good, and he seemed to be addicted, and the strength was a little out of control. She bit her lip, and he took the opportunity to ask her, "Will you take me home for dinner next month?" Cen Man shook his head first, then nodded vigorously. Yu Xiuyuan was very satisfied and then asked, "Do you dare to break up?" "I dare not." Cen Man was almost mad by him, and even if he asked her to promise something, she would not refuse. Cen Man is not plump, but wins in the chest shape to be beautiful, Yu Xiuyuan is not satisfied to withdraw the hand: "early this is not all happy?" Leaving Yu Xiuyuan's imprisonment, Cen Man, who became angry from embarrassment, immediately shrank to the bedside. Before she could breathe, she said, "Take advantage of the situation!" Yu Xiuyuan is silent. Cen Man says indignantly again: "Still use force to solve a problem!" Still use force to solve a problem! Yu Xiuyuan's mouth sank and he pinched her waist and pulled her to himself. The only distance left between them was gone, and the two bodies, which overlapped intimately, exchanged each other's body temperature: "I'm not serious yet, would you like to try again?" Cen Man shook his head in fear, or spit out the two words: "Don't.." Feeling that she was trembling slightly, his movements stopped, but he still said, "Now I know how to beg for mercy. How can I be so tough when I am angry?" Cen Man did not dare to move, confirmed that Yu Xiuyuan had no further action, and then she opened her mouth: "Are you justified in bullying people?" As soon as Yu Xiuyuan heard this, he opened his mouth and bit down on the back of her neck. She was in pain and said bitterly, "It's bleeding from biting so hard!" "It's good to bleed. How can you remember if you don't bleed?" Yu Xiuyuan said fiercely. She is more hidden bitterness: "If leave scar how to do?" Yu Xiuyuan does not know whether to laugh or cry, he says: "The skin did not bite broken, what scar to leave!" Cen Manwei groveled "Oh," and finally dared not speak out, shrinking his head motionless. After a while, she tentatively moved her body,ceramic bobbin heater core, but before she turned over, Yu Xiuyuan drank low: "Don't move, sleep!" Chapter 29 small days (2). global-ceramics.com

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