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I became a grandfather at the age of seven.

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I had only heard some rumors about the Kongkong Sect before, and I knew that this unknown small sect was not simple. But I didn't expect that even the strong people in the imperial realm had suffered losses in their hands! It's chilling. Taotie swooped down from high altitude. The five strong men of the Demon Sect suddenly felt a strong breath of oppression, which made them hold their breath. The shadow of death hangs over us. The hearts of the five men suddenly sank. Up to now, we have to fight! The magic flame on Wu Tian's body beats. Then turned to the ghost emperor, "ghost emperor!"! How long can the ghost fire hold out? "One stick of incense at most.". That's the limit. The ghost emperor answered. Hearing this, the five of them looked at each other and said, "a wick of incense is a little short, but it's enough." "Ghost Emperor!"! Next, you try your best to maintain the ghost fire and resist the golden flame of the Great Sun. We'll take care of that guy. Although I don't want to use that trick, there is no way. Only by destroying Taotie can we survive. "Otherwise, it would be too unfair to fall here." Wudao said and looked at Wutian. Wu Tian immediately understood. Almost at the same time, Wu Dao and Wu Tian formed a strange seal. The black flame on Wu Dao disappeared in an instant, the black gas converged, and the whole person's skin became pale as powder. Wu Tian's figure became thicker and more illusory, and his whole body was as dark as ink. From a distance, two people seem to be black and white impermanence. It's just that the two have just changed, and then they start to melt like ice and snow. Melting at the same time, the two black and white gas entanglement, unexpectedly fast fusion together. Not long after, The two brothers merged into one and became a strange existence with a pale left body and a dark right body! "Yakuza devils!" The ghost emperor exclaimed. For a time, the five people who had been desperate rekindled hope in their hearts. Yakuza Tianmo,steatite c221, the supreme state of Tianmo clan. When performing, two people are required to perform at the same time, merge into one, and achieve the Yakuza Demon. The power crosses the peak of the imperial realm. Reach the divine realm. Two people who perform the Yakuza Demon, one practices the Yakuza, one practices the Demon, the two must work together,ceramic bobbin element, one is fast and one is slow, which will eventually lead to failure. It is extremely difficult to practice. Now the fusion of heaven and Tao is not complete, it can only be regarded as a semi-finished product. So for them, there is a great risk to use it now, and a little carelessness will be beyond redemption. They would not have taken such a risk if it had not been a matter of life and death. The stiff ancestor looked at the Yakuza devils. His face changed. "In that case," he said, "I have nothing to hide." Words fall, a pair of general armor, a broadsword in hand, stiff ancestor unexpectedly turned into a ten thousand stiff general! Magnificent! Blood Emperor's whole body blood gas surges, suddenly that body blood which is composed of blood gas boils crazily. Then, my blood emperor, lay down his life to accompany the gentleman! "Boiling Demon Body!" A magic roar soared into the sky. Suddenly thousands of blood gushed out under the ground, toward the blood emperor, strengthening his body strength, ceramic sandblasting nozzles ,Ozone generator ceramic plate, momentum climbing, and finally approaching the divine realm. At the moment of life and death, the top five of the Demon Sect all used their strongest means to save their lives and fought with their backs to the wall. The ghost emperor looked awestruck. "Don't worry!"! Even if it burns the soul, I will maintain the ghost fire and help you fight! For a time, the five people were surprisingly United. War!! Kill!!! Yakuza devils, ten thousand stiff general, boiling blood emperor, at the same time burst out monstrous war! At the same time, they attacked and killed Taotie. Thousands of troops, only I have no boundaries! Ten thousand stiff general broadsword cut, the whole world was torn in half in an instant! A space crack that runs straight through the sky expands rapidly, and thousands of powerful zombies surge out, like a majestic army, flooding gluttony like the tide, attacking and killing crazily. Roar! Gluttonous roars, big sun golden flame towering, instantly burning thousands of zombies to ashes. And at this time the stiff general broadsword cut down! Chop on the hard skull of Taotie with a bang. At that moment, the broadsword was broken into pieces, and the stiff general was shaken upside down and flew out, while the gluttonous head was also cracked with a scratch. For the first time, Taotie is injured. Seeing this scene, the confidence of the Yakuza Tianmo and the Boiling Blood Emperor was doubled. The Yakuza Tianmo held the sword in his right hand and the battle halberd in his left hand. Yakuza Demon Kill! The Yakuza Demon threw the Demon Heaven War Halberd in an instant, and immediately the Demon Heaven War Halberd exploded like a sharp arrow at Taotie. At the same time, the Yakuza devils suddenly disappeared in place. When it reappears, Has reached the top of Taotie's head. He looked at Yang Nian with a ferocious smile, "kid!"! Go to hell With a wave of his big hand, a force beyond the realm of the emperor burst in. Yang Nian almost saw death at that moment! But at the critical moment, a golden light enveloped Yang Nian. Boom! Even with the protection of the golden light, Yang Nian was still blown away by the fierce force, like a cannonball, away from the gluttonous, crashing to the ground. He smashed a huge pit on the ground and vomited blood. The Yakuza devils paid no more attention to Yang Nian, but thrust down with a big sword. Boom! A black and white beam of light burst out of the sword and hit the hard skull of Taotie. Card wipe. Just listen to a crisp sound, gluttonous skull broken, the sword is submerged in the bloody skeleton. Roar! Taotie roared angrily, the huge dragon body moved restlessly, and the head went on a rampage, trying to throw down the Yakuza devils. However, the Yakuza devils clung to him. I can't get rid of it. The big sword slashes down in a mad rage. With each collision, a crack appeared in Taotie's skeleton. Taotie urged the golden flame of the Great Sun to the extreme. Although it can erode the extremely dark ghost fire, but the speed is extremely slow, can not quickly break the protection of the ghost fire to the five people of the Demon Sect. So Taotie transferred the flames of war and decided to take the lead in solving the ghost emperor! The dragon swooped down, At this time, however, the boiling blood emperor suddenly stood in front of the ghost emperor. Big guy! You can't hurt her! "The tide of blood!" The Emperor of Boiling Blood opened his arms and danced wildly. Suddenly, endless blood gushed out between heaven and earth,alumina c799, just like the sea, which drowned the gluttony. The blood is boiling. The golden flame of the Great Sun quickly evaporated it, and for a time the world was covered with blood. global-ceramics.com

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