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Comprehensively wear the natural phoenix destiny

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As for the two administrators, Abe Qingming and Ma Cang Ye Wang, who called Li Cangyao and his mother, they were also classified as mysterious people. Li Cangyao saw Abe Qingming and Ma Cang Ye Wang's words and chatted with them privately, and asked about their recent situation. It is reassuring to know that they are doing well now. Although she is the group owner of the red envelope group, in fact, she will not pay much attention to this useless red envelope group, so most of the time this magical red envelope group is managed by Abe Qingming and Ma Cang Ye Wang. As for her, she often uses the red packet group to send them something to use or ask them to help Ibaraki Boy. After she sent the red envelope, she dived to watch the people in the group give the newlyweds the rules and uses of the popular science red envelope group, and then quietly watched the people in the group chatting. The red envelope group is very lively, although there are a few people who are cold and don't like to talk, but there are also some people who are particularly talkative, such as the magic dragon, who especially likes to offer sacrifices to the light, and the sacrifice of the light is good, but it is a bit like the Tang monk, who likes to read, especially when it comes to the magic dragon, these two people are endless, and every time they can let her see a mutual drama. But today because there are new people to join, so the magic dragon and the light sacrifice is very rare not to fight each other, but calmly welcome the new people, and also sent a red envelope to the new people. Then came a series of red envelopes, all of which were given to the newlyweds as welcome gifts. The new person's psychological quality is good, although suddenly got this red envelope group a little confused, but after being popular science immediately came to his senses, and quickly received the red envelope, but also said thank you to everyone. Li Cangyao thought about it, and sent a group of red envelopes, wrapped in a few of the nine-turn golden elixirs she had found from the space that had been refined to bring the dead back to life. Sure enough, as soon as the red envelope appeared,hot tub wholesale, even the divers came out to grab it. Li Cangyao looked at less than a minute to be robbed of all the red envelopes could not help but smoke the corners of his mouth, and Ma Cang Ye Wang private chat said something, let him manage the red envelope group under. The time on the plane was boring, so Li Cangyao simply put on a blindfold and went to sleep. When she woke up, the plane was about to arrive in the imperial capital. Li Cangyao didn't know anyone in the imperial capital, so she had to find a place to live first. The hotel was booked online and is a 5 star hotel. Yes, she won't treat herself badly. She just booked the presidential suite in a five-star hotel. Rich, capricious. The last thing she needs is money. Don't say the things in the space, even if you don't take the things in the space, go directly to buy two lottery tickets to win a big prize. After tidying up at the hotel, Li Cangyao had a good sleep and went out to look for a house the next day. She should settle down here in the future, and naturally she has to buy a house, preferably near H University, so that she can go to school conveniently, and she can go to school. Li Cangyao spent a few days looking for a house, the emperor's holiday is very expensive, outdoor whirlpool ,whirlpool hot tub, but it is nothing to her, so she bought a two-storey villa, is in a newly built villa area, although it is far away from H, but fortunately it takes half an hour to drive there, and here is not only a good environment, but also a good security measure. What makes Li Cangyao even more satisfied is that the small villa she bought has a very large courtyard, probably more than 200 square meters. Villa is refined decoration, only need a little modification can be checked in, but Li Cangyao or personally changed the decoration of the villa, this does not need anyone to start, Li Cangyao directly a person to get the villa, thanks to the omnipotent magic. Li Cangyao came to the imperial capital ahead of time. It was nearly a month before she signed up. Before that, she stayed in the hospital for nearly two months because it was inconvenient for her to get better directly. The first thing she did after she came to the imperial capital was to fill herself with Lingquan water, take medicine, cure herself thoroughly, and improve her physical quality to the limit. Today, she not only has a devil-like figure, white as jade skin, but also has a beautiful and delicate face. Li Cangyao looked at herself in the mirror and was quite satisfied. As soon as she was in a good mood, she opened the red envelope and sent several red envelopes in the past. Rich, capricious! Li Cangyao's action made online Abe Qingming a little surprised, but also a private chat with her, but Li Cangyao did not tell him what was going on, only said that he was in a good mood, and these things she did not want. Abe Qingming knew that Li Cangyao had countless treasures. After knowing that Li Cangyao had no impulse, he left it alone. He checked the things he had grabbed, collected the useful ones, and gave the useless ones to others. Then he went offline to find Ma Cang Ye Wang to continue discussing the matter of time travel. In the following days, Li Cangyao visited almost every place in the imperial capital. As an ancient historical and cultural city, there are many cultural relics in the imperial capital that are worth watching. Li Cangyao had a good time every day, during which she also met a very interesting woman named Wang Luping. When he heard the name, Li Cangyao's intuition was very familiar, but because the memory was too long, he could not remember where he had heard it for a while. Until she returned home, she entered the space and looked through the books in the space and remembered, Wang Luping, there is a mother called Shun Juan, is not familiar with it. But obviously, Wang Luping and Shun Juan in this world do not have Wang Ziling and Wang Zhanpeng around them, which is interesting. It seems that the reborn Wang Luping has done a lot of things. But look at Wang Luping now smiling bright appearance is obviously very good, Li Cangyao will not care about anything, everyone has their own fate, and rebirth, is Wang Luping's fate. However, Li Cangyao did not expect that she would see Wang Luping again in H University. Obviously, she was admitted to H University, and Wang Luping obviously knew Li Cangyao, and she was very happy to see him. After all, there was a time when they went to the imperial capital together. Later, because they were assigned to a dormitory by coincidence, they became good friends. Wang Luping never mentioned anything about her family. At most,whirlpool hot tub, she said that her parents had divorced long ago. She followed her mother, while her sister followed her father. She chose dance as her major, while Li Cangyao chose design as her major. monalisa.com

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